How To Boost Jiji Ads Free 2021(Tips And Tricks)

In this article, I will attempt to show you the tips and tricks on how to boost jiji ads free in Nigeria 2020. If you desire to know more about this in details, then continue reading.

E-commerce is rapidly growing in Nigeria at a pace that many people thought impossible in the past. In these days, we have come to see a lot of ecommerce websites in Nigeria, each having its own unique feature that separates it from the others.

One of such amazing ecommerce website which has become a household name in Nigeria is Jiji. Jiji has become so popular that almost every Nigerian knows about it, and has actually used it at least ones to either check the price of goods and services or to buy a couple of items.

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One feature that makes Jiji stand out among other competing ecommerce websites in Nigeria is the fact that items (both new and old) are sold at very cheap prices.

This is so because second handed items that sells for N100,000 elsewhere can go for as low as N50,000 on Jiji. Just like you know, Nigerians love cheap things to the core. But then, what is jiji?

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What Is Jiji All About?

Jiji is a Nigerian based e-commerce website that facilitates the buying and selling of used and new products. There are many categories of products and services that you can buy or sell on jiji, such as phones, laptops, houses, freelancing, etc.

It functions just like Amazon, Jumia, Konga etc. However, like its contemporaries, Jiji has some cool features that makes it stand out among its fierce competitors.

Unlike other e-commerce websites in Nigeria, jiji serves as an avenue whereby private individuals can easily connect with local people who are interested in buying or selling their items or services at little to no cost.

Usually, your adverts on jiji are completely free. However, if you need to get more traffic to your products, then you may opt in for their paid ad booster services which gives you more than %50 more traffic to your ads.

However, because we are Nigerians and most of us cannot afford to pay for the jiji ads which are quite expensive, that is why this article was written, in order to show us the tips and tricks on how we can actually boost our jiji ads free.

But before going into the details of how to boost your jiji ads free in 2020, its pertinent we first know the cost of boosting jiji ads, so that we can better appreciate what we stand to gain when we have these ad boosts free.

Jiji Premium Services And Prices

Jiji has 2 major ad booster packages that a person can choose from if he wishes to promote his ad for more visibility. These packages include: The top of the page packages and the Boost packages.

However, on these 2 jiji packages, the most popular that many Nigerians go for is the Top of the page packages, which comes in two forms. They are:

 1 Top 7days : This ad booster allows your ad to appear on top of the search result for the giving keyword that you want to be found on.

Example, if you want to boost your advert on Samsung Galaxy S10, choosing this boost package will bring up your advert once a person types Samsung Galaxy S10 on jiji as shown below.

boost jiji ads free

This ad remains on this top position for 7 days with increased visibility. One advantage of this is that your ad ranks higher than that of those with no boosted plan.

And the cost of this ad booster is N2,499

1 Top 30 days: This ad booster package is almost the same thing with the other one we discoursed above, only that it keeps your ad on the top position for 30 good days.

During these period, your chances of selling it equally skyrockets, even when you place the ad on a slightly higher price, people will still buy it, because it features on first page.

The price of this jiji ad booster is N8,999 and it’s valid for 1 month. People with more ad unit ends up buying this package because it comes with more value than the other one.

However, learning how to boost jiji ads free would have saved you a lot of money. This is exactly the issue that this article seeks to address.

How To Boost Jiji Ads Free In 2020

Have you ever thought about the possibility of promoting jiji ads for free? That would be so amazing right? Well, we shall show you how to do that presently. But before going into the details of how to promote Jiji ads free, lets consider another important thing first.

How To Run Effective Ad On Jiji

Competition is growing everyday on jiji as more sellers are competing for the existing space in the ad industry. If you really want your jiji ads to stand out, then there are certain things you should do aside paying for ad promotion. These are all free.

In no particular order, let’s look at some of them and how you can benefit from them.

  1. The title of your ad on jiji must be clear and precise. Do not attempt to use big grammar to distort the simple meaning of your jiji ad.
  2. Even when you have paid to boost your ad, do not be greedy about the whole stuff. Always ensure that your price is within a reasonable range, so that people can really buy it. Remember, people come to jiji to buy affordable stuffs, so give them one.
  3. Create unique pictures of the products that you want to sell on jiji. Do not attempt to use internet pictures as the don’t always convert well. Also, try to upload at least 3 different pictures on different angles so that the prospective buyers can see it all.
  4. Make sure that your phone number and email address are properly displaying on your jiji profile, as these are the only ways in which your potential customers can get to you for purchase.
  5. Finally, but not the least, write a very comprehensive and honest review about the product that you want to sell on jiji. Do not attempt to add things that your product don’t have, as this will only reduce your seller rating on jiji. Believe me, no seller wants to have a bad rating on any ecommerce website.

These are a few tips on how to run an effective jiji advert without spending a dime on ad boosting. If you properly make use of the above techniques and tricks, you really don’t need to buy any booster pack for jiji again.

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