How To Block Someone on Facebook 2021

This is a quick guide on how to block someone on Facebook.

The act of blocking someone on Facebook is an efficient way of cutting off certain individuals who pose as nuisance or threat to you on Facebook.

It is basically a tool for keeping yourself safe from certain persons accessing your profile or reaching you via Facebook.

The process of blocking someone on Facebook is actually quite easy and would only take a few seconds.

Below is how to block someone on Facebook.

1. Launch your internet browser on your mobile device or computer

2. Type in the URL and send(You can also go directly to your Facebook app on your mobile device)

3. Go to the Facebook profile of the individual you want to block

4. Click on the three dots(…) beside the message button

5. A menu containing various options would appear. Click BLOCK

6. An option to confirm the block or cancel will pop up. Click BLOCK

That person is now officially blocked.

Blocking someone on Facebook basically prevents the person from seeing your profile, contacting you or viewing any of your posts on Facebook and at the same time keeping their profile and posts from you.

This can be done by anyone on Facebook provided they are both Facebook users.

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The reasons why people block on Facebook include:


A lot of people experience stalking every day and this can pose a threat to the life or privacy of the individual.

So also, people can get stalked on Facebook, and in order to put a stop to it, they block such users that stalk them on Facebook.


On Facebook, people get picked on or harassed by certain users either because of their race, religion or looks. They get direct messages or posts on their comment sections that are threatening and sometimes insulting.

This can force the user to block such people on Facebook in an attempt to put a stop to the harassment or bullying.


Certain users on Facebook may get caught up in conflicts or disagreements that would lead to one blocking the other.

These conflicts may arise on Facebook or carry over from an external situation between both users on the ground, thereby causing one to cut the other off on Facebook.


People are different with diverse preferences that may include self-isolation or strict selection of Facebook friends.

These individuals tend to keep a certain distance or boundary between them and certain Facebook users and this may cause them to enforce the block option on those individuals.

Others may be a strict selection of friends on Facebook and who they choose to interact with.


This is the key purpose of Facebook creating the BLOCK option. Ensuring the safety of users can never be overemphasized and so, users enforce the block option to protect their identity, posts or details from the view of certain individuals.

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When people get blocked on Facebook, they are not notified or informed by Facebook. Instead, they would discover that they can no longer find you on Facebook along with been unable to view your posts or send you a direct message, and in most cases, they may not have a clue that it might be as a result of been blocked.

You can also choose to unblock a person u have blocked initially may be accidentally or a change of mind by going through your list of blocked users in settings and clicking UNBLOCK beside the name.

Note that having the person as a friend again on Facebook after unblocking the person would require you to send a friend request to the person.

That’s all on how to block someone on Facebook. Check out how to unblock someone on Facebook.

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