Guide To Write A Winning Commonwealth Scholarship Essay With Samples

Guide on how to write a winning commonwealth scholarship essay with free samples to aid your understanding#

Winning a CSC scholarship is not a miracle, there are things you need to learn to make that happen. The most important of them all is learning how to pen down a winning essay for the scholarship.

If you are a graduate in any of the commonwealth countries seeking to do your post graduate studies in any of the top UK universities for free, then commonwealth shared scholarship could be your best option.

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Commonwealth shared scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships schemes that any scholar will be proud to win at least once in their lifetime.

It’s a scholarship that is awarded to extremely talented students from the list of commonwealth countries, who have shown through their scholarship essays the ability to effect developmental changes in their home countries should they win the scholarship.

There are many benefits of commonwealth shared scholarship, with the most important being the ability to be trained in one of the finest UK universities in the world, all for free.

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Because of this, its naturally expected that the competition for the available slots in this scholarship should be fierce in the academic sense of it.

Each year, thousands of students from all the commonwealth countries apply for this scholarship. However, only about 5% of the entire population actually gets shortlisted for the award.

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The above awareness implies that getting shortlisted for the commonwealth scholarship is quite hard, giving the available slots in relation to the total number of yearly applicants, but not impossible. You can be among the 5% that can get shortlisted this time.

What differentiates the persons who get shortlisted for commonwealth scholarship from those who didn’t mostly lies in the uniqueness and quality of their CSC essays.

Hence, investing as much time as possible in learning what the commonwealth nominating body in the UK is looking for in your CSC essay can make the whole difference in being shortlisted.

Since your ability to win the commonwealth scholarship largely depends on your essay, this article will therefore concentrate on how to write a winning commonwealth scholarship essay, from start to finish.

You may want to question my authority to write on such sensitive subject, and you will be right about that.

In 2018, I was shortlisted for the commonwealth shared scholarship (MA Poverty and Development – University of Sussex), how I started and finished that essay that got me shortlisted is what I will be sharing with you presently, so do well to read till the end.

How To Write A Winning Commonwealth Scholarship Essay: A Guide

We will be looking at the things you need to know to write a convincing commonwealth scholarship essay that will get you shortlisted for the award, plus free samples of every step along the way.

commonwealth scholarship essay samples

While writing your essay, you may adopt the STAR or SAR methods in presenting your argument to the essay assessor, and make sure to avoid using complicated grammers and terminologies all through the essay.

Commonwealth essay is divided into 11 different but interdependent subtopics that all links back to your chosen CSC theme.

The CSC essay subtopics includes:

  1. Development Impact Part 1
  2. Development Impact Part 2
  3. Development Impact Part 3
  4. Development Impact Part 4
  5. Study Outline
  6. Detailed Plan of Study
  7. Objective During The Award
  8. Career Plan In The 5 Years Following The Award
  9. Long Term Career Plan
  10. Personal Statement
  11. Voluntary And Leadership Experience

I will explain each of these subtopics in details, providing you with free samples of each, so you know exactly how to proceed in writing your own and winning that CSC scholarship with ease.

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Note: Each of these CSC subtopic is as important as the other, hence you need to write each of them with all amount of seriousness and dedication.

However, because the commonwealth scholarship focuses on the development of their formal colonies, development impact statements and leadership experiences might be the most important in my own view.

Still, you must see all the steps as important as the two most important once above because they were all intensionally placed there for specific reasons.

Below is everything you need to know about writing an engaging commonwealth shared scholarship essay.

Development impact in commonwealth shared scholarship comes in 4 part. In each, you are expected to write about how your study in the UK will contribute to the development of your home country upon the completion of the program.

Since countries have specific aspect of development they require most, you must discover the one that your country prioritize most and demonstrate how the scholarship will empower you to address such concern.

While writing your development impact statements, you must identify what the Department For International Development DFID is doing in your country, and also demonstrate how your study can aide in making that a reality.

With these quick tips in writing a strong development impact statement in commonwealth scholarship, let’s see how all these plays out.

NOTE: The except I will be sharing with you here was got from the very essay that won me the scholarship in 2018, and they constitute about 30% of the entire essay.

The goal is to guide you in writing even a better one. Copying it is a sure way of getting disqualified for the award since they already exist in commonwealth database.

How To Write Development Impact Part 1

development impact statement 1

Your development impact statement part 1 has to start with the perceived development challenge you have seen in your country, and end with how solving those issues motivated your interest in undertaking the study in view.

In between this, you can demonstrate your knowledge over what Britain through DFID is currently doing to address the identified issue, and how you can support them in making their objective a reality

Sample Of Development Impact Part 1 For Commonwealth Scholarship

Despite Nigeria’s significant natural resources,
an estimated 87 million Nigerians are living on
less than $1.90 a day (Brookings institute
findings in 2018). This report calls for serious
concern regarding the state of Nigeria’s
economy and the number of vulnerable
Nigerians wallowing in abject poverty…

You can end the section with the reason you have decided to embark on the study – to address the development issue. It should look this way:

The above disheartening awareness motivates
my interest for postgraduate studies in Poverty
and Development in University of Sussex, to
unravel the root causes of poverty with a view
to providing solutions that will benefit the
vulnerable people…

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How To Write Development Impact Part 2

development impact statement 2

In the development impact 2, you can start by telling them the specific things you plan to do once you return to your home country, including the target group that will your planned development project will benefit the most.

Try not to be ambiguous in articulating these proposed development plans.

Sample Of Development Impact Part 2 For Commonwealth Scholarship

Upon my return from the UK, I will collaborate
with the government and other organizations
to establish a non-governmental organization
(New Hope Foundation) that will work towards
poverty reduction by training young persons in
soft skills, hard skills and vocational skills…

Go ahead to discuss the things you plan to achieve upon your arrival and the persons expected to benefit from it. Ensure you do not write above the maximum word count.

How To Write A Development Impact Part 3

development impact statement 3

Go ahead to explain in more details how the outcome of your development projects will help solve specific issues in the society, show them the expected number of persons that will benefit from the project and the timeframe in view.

Some of your write-ups in the development impact might appear repetitive, don’t feel bad about it as its simply a normal stuff.

Sample Of Development Impact Part 3 For Commonwealth Scholarship

I plan to establish “New Hope Foundation” in
year 2022 to train young persons in soft, hard
and vocational skills. At least 6,000 young
persons are expected to be empowered
through this project from 2022-2027 (5 years)
when the next general election will be
conducted in Nigeria.

Establish strong reasons in line with your CSC theme and your chosen course of study. Remember, the above are simply samples to help you get started in writing your own winning essay.

How To Write A Development Impact Part 4

Development impact 4 is about the end product of your development projects and how it can be measured to know if it was a success or not.

The sample below will serve as a guide.

Sample Of Development Impact Part 4 For Commonwealth Scholarship

The impact of my work shall be measured by
an improvement in the standard of living of the
vulnerable people and Nigeria’s economic
status. This will be captured by the World
assessing bodies like the World Bank, United
Nations and Brookings Institution…

How To Write Study Outline For Commonwealth Scholarship

Under study outline for CSC, you are not expected to go into the details of what you are going to do or how you intend to study your course. You are required to paint the general picture of the problem at hand, and how your chosen course can contribute to its solution.

It has to be sketchy as a more detailed analysis will be made in the next section

Study Outline Sample For Commonwealth Scholarship

The effect of unemployment is not only seen in
the lives of the citizens of Nigeria, but also in
the national economy. Despite her vast natural
resources, a greater percentage of the
population lives on less than $1.90 a day. This
is worrisome and requires

You can end it with something like this below

This study is significant because it will help me
to unravel the root cause of poverty and
acquire the necessary skills for job creation
that will benefit the most vulnerable in the

One thing you should note is the way in which everything above are so interlinked. While writing your CSC essay, make sure that everything flows logically into the next subtopic as i have demonstrated through the numerous samples given so far.

How To Write Detailed Plan Of Study For Commonwealth Scholarship Essay

In writing your detailed plan of study, 3 things are expected of you, they are:

  1. Your knowledge about the university that you have chosen for your study in the UK
  2. Your knowledge about the department and the course syllabus of the proposed UK university
  3. And then your proposed research topic

The first 2 above shows how much time you have invested in knowing about the reputation of your chosen institution and the course content, while the last one shows if your proposed topic has the potential of preferring solutions to the problem you seek to solve back home.

Sample Of Detailed Plan Of Study For CSC

Here I will highlight a few samples that will show you exactly all the things you need to do while writing your detailed plan of study.

Studying in the University of Sussex will help
me achieve my career goals. Sussex is at the
forefront of change, which is what I really
desire to see in Nigeria after this study. The
University is globally recognized as the best
university for development studies…

Here you are demonstrating your knowledge over the university you plan to attain if awarded the scholarship, and how the qualities you have identified can fit into your goals of solving the identified problem.

Sample of detailed study of plan ii

Modules such as Poverty and Inequality,
Debating Poverty and Vulnerability, Policy and
Programming, Research Design, Public
Financial Management, The Politics Of
Gender, etc are structured to suit my career
goals and objectives…

Here, you are demonstrating your knowledge of the course content in your chosen university, and how it fits into your objectives. All these means that you have taken out time to research about different things, and believe me, CSC loves it a lot.

End by writing out your proposed research topic, which most of related to your study objective.

Here, mine was The Impact of Job Creation On National Economic Development. Notice the relevance of this research topic to all I have been writing about since.

How To Write Objective During The Award In Commonwealth Scholarship Essay

Objective during the award in commonwealth essay seeks to know what you intend to achieve in the course of studying your proposed course.

Be free to discuss all that you intend to do while studying the course, and how those will help empower you to achieve your general objective.

Sample Of Objective During The Award In Commonwealth Scholarship Essay

Below is how to start a good objective during the award essay:

Studying poverty and development at
University of Sussex will empower me with the
required knowledge to achieve my future
goals. During the course of the programme, I
intend to acquire the requisite knowledge of
poverty reduction and development and gain
expertise especially in the area of economic
policy formulation. Also, by participating in
students’ societies and union, I will establish…

How To Write Career Plan In The 5 Years Following The Award Essay In CSC

Before writing your career plan in CSC essay, ask yourself the following questions:

What projects do i need to accomplish upon my return from the UK? Who am i intending to partner with to make these projects a reality? Which other related stuff do i need to engage myself in during the course of this 5 years period? These questions will help you prepare a good career plan for commonwealth essay.

Sample of Career Plan In The 5 Years Following The Award Essay

Upon my return from the UK, the MA
qualification will help me to establish “New
Hope Foundation” an NGO that will work
diligently to reduce poverty by training young
persons in soft skills, hard skills and vocational
skills. I will collaborate with government and
stakeholders to create employment for the

vulnerable people to help them become self-
reliant and productive. I will also start my…

How To Write Long Term Career Plans Essay For Commonwealth Scholarship Essay

Long term career plan doesn’t have to be too long, provided you present in clear terms what exactly where you expect to be in the future, and how that position will help in actualizing your CSC grand objectives.

Sample Of Career Plans Essay In CSC

I will run for a seat in Nigeria’s Parliament to
help deliver policies that will promote
vocational and leadership centred education
for young people. I will also advocate for
government collaboration with NGOs to…

How To Write Personal Statement For CSC Scholarship Essay

You will capture the entirety of your scholarship ambition and essence in your CSC personal statement, so make it comprehensive.

You can start by stating the identified problem, what motivated you to chose the proposed course, why you chosed your proposed university, and how all of this will help prepare you to address the identified problem.

Sample Of Personal statement Commonwealth Scholarship Essay

The need for economic recovery in Nigeria
calls for concerted effort to provide solutions to
the twin issues of unemployment and poverty.
I chose to study MA-Poverty and Development
in University of Sussex to acquire the requisite
knowledge necessary to create jobs and
contribute to the development and prosperity
of my country. Having been born into a low
income family, I have had the terrible
experience of poverty which is a motivating
factor to embark on this study in order to help…

How To Write Voluntary And Leadership Experience Essay For Commonwealth Scholarship

In this section, you are expected to write cupiously on all the relevant voluntary and leadership experiences you’ve had in the past, and how all these has made you better prepared you to be the best candidate for the scholarship.

Ensure that your work experiences and voluntary services are all related to your chosen topic.

Sample Of Voluntary And Leadership Experience Essay For Commonwealth Scholarship

My desire to influence change and contribute
to the development of my country informed my
decision to study political Science and Public
Administration, which served as an eye opener
to the development challenges facing the
Nigerian state. During my undergraduate days,
I started participating in a national program…

If you have followed this guide closely, you can see through the samples that though i wrote the essays on different subheadings, all of them had the same theme, which was the proposal to address the first identified problem

The need to address the identified problem in my Developement Impact Part 1 was carried all the way till the very end of the article. that level of coherence is actually the best tips of writing a winning commonwealth essay and win the scholarship easily.

That is it for this article. If you enjoyed reading it, kindly use the share button to share it on your Facebook timeline so your friends can see it too. If ou have any question, please use the comment section below, and we shall get back to you ASAP.

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