Gotv Nigeria Guide: Channel List, Bouquets And Current Prices 2021

In this article, I will show you the current price of Gotv decoders and subscription plans in Nigeria as at April 2020. Hence, if you already own a gotv decoder, or you are still planning on getting one, this article will guide you on everthing you need to know about Gotv Nigeria.

Some of the things we shall cover in great details in this guide includes: gotv decoder price in Nigeria 2020, gotv subscription plans and prices, how to clear gotv error codes, and much more. All that is required of you is to read till the end.

Gotv is the sister product of DSTV, the leading African satellite television provider. They are both owned by the same company- Multichoice.

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Gotv Nigeria is among the leading home entertainment companies which provides quality TV channels to African families in general, and Nigerians in particular.

Depending on your subscription plans, you will instantly have access to tons of interesting TV channels, both from local to international stations.

With Gotv, you are sure of keeping yourself constantly entertained with all the major news, sports, games and films across the globe, even in this of stay-at-home period in Nigeria.

Just like we said earlier, gotv operates in many other African countries like in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia and a few other African countries.

However, their mode of operation in each of these countries is slightly different. Hence, we shall concentrate on the Nigerian experience of Gotv in this article.

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Prices Of Gotv Decoders In Nigeria 2020

How much is Gotv decoder 2020?

The Gotv decoder price in Nigeria 2020 is 8100 Naira

This price includes all the packages that Gotv Nigeria naturally comes with from out of the box, which includes: Gotv decoder, Gotenna (Gotv antenna) Gotv remote control and a free one month gotv subscription.

However, the cost of Gotv decoder in Nigeria from Jumia or Konga can be a little more expensive as they don’t sell at official prices there. However, it saves you the stress of going to look for them yourself.

To buy from Jumia, click here

To buy from Konga, click here

Gotv Packages And Prices In Nigeria 2020

Gotv Nigeria’s got you covered, irrespective of your financial capabilities, as it comes with 6 different packages to suit the needs of all category of viewers.

How to change Gotv subscription packages in Nigeria and also how to downgrade Gotv package in Nigeria will be treated in this guide later on. So read on.

Before now, Gotv used to have only 2 packages which were not quite good. However, as more Nigerians joined the Gotv, it became pertinent to expand the subscription packages to cover more grounds and provide more services to as many Nigerians as possible.

Below is the updated list of all the Gotv packages and prices 2020.

  1. Gotv Max ( N3200 per month)
  2. Gotv Jolli (N2400 per month)
  3. Gotv Jinja (N1600 per month)
  4. Gotv Plus (N1900 per month)
  5. Gotv Value (N1250 per month)
  6. Gotv Lite (N400)

From the packages listed above, it becomes glaringly clear that Gotv max is the most expensive option, while Gotv lite is the cheapest.

The difference in price comes with a difference in the quality of stations to be enjoyed anyways.

Gotv Bouquets And Channels List 2020

Now that you have seen all the 6 Gotv packages and their prices, including the current price of Gotv decoders in Nigeria in 2020, its pertinent that you know exactly the kind of channels (films, sports, news) that you will be receiving when you purchase any of the above listed packages and bouquets.

GOTV Max: (3200 per month)

pics of gotv max

The price of Gotv max in 2020 is 3200 naira per month.

Gotv Max has 91 quality channels from all the genes of television entertainments.

The full list of gotv max channels includes:

  1. Telemundo
  2. Eva+
  3. Zee World
  4. Star Life
  5. Discovery Family
  6. Real Time
  7. Natgeo Wild
  8. Spice Tv
  9. Discovery ID
  10. E! Entertainment Television
  11. FOX
  12. FOX Life
  13. BET
  14. CBS Reality
  15. AfricaMagic Family
  16. AfricaMagic Hausa
  17. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  18. AfricaMagic Igbo
  19. ROK 3
  20. ROK 2
  21. TVC Entertainment
  22. Televista
  23. Trybe
  24. SuperSport Blitz (HD/SD)
  25. SELECT Sports 4
  26. SELECT Sports 3
  27. SELECT Sports 5
  28. SELECT Sports 1
  29. SELECT Sports 2
  30. Naija FM
  31. Wazobia FM
  32. Nickelodeon
  33. Disney Junior
  34. Jim Jam
  35. Da Vinci Kids
  36. PBS Kids.
  37. Cartoon Network
  38. MTV Base
  39. Hip TV
  40. AFRO Music English
  41. Sound City
  42. Urban TV
  43. AfricaMagic Epic.
  44. AfricaMagic Family.
  45. AfricaMagic Hausa.
  46. AfricaMagic Yoruba.
  47. AfricaMagic Igbo.
  48. ROK 3.
  49. ROK 2.
  50. Spice TV.
  51. Televista.
  52. Trybe.
  53. HIP TV.
  54. Sound City.
  55. ONMAX
  56. Faith
  57. Islam Channel
  58. Emmanuel TV
  59. Dove TV
  60. BBC World News
  61. CNN International
  62. Al Jazeera
  63. Arise News
  64. TNT Africa
  65. M-Net Movies Zone
  66. AfricaMagic Epic
  67. B4U Movies
  68. ITV Benin
  69. BISCON tv
  70. Liberty TV
  71. Tiwa n Tiwa
  72. RAVE
  73. R2TV
  74. NTA2
  75. NTA Parliament
  76. NTA International
  77. Silverbird
  78. AIT
  79. Channels
  80. Lagos TV
  81. Arewa 24
  82. WAP TV
  83. Wasafi TV
  84. EBS TV
  85. TVC News
  86. NTA News24
  87. RSTV
  88. OGtv
  89. BCOS
  90. ONMAX
  91. Galaxy TV

GOTV Jolli: (2400 per month)

pics of gotv jolli

The price of Gotv Jolli in 2020 is 2400 naira per month.

Gotv Jolli has 84 channels to enjoy with only 2400 monthly.

The full list of Gotv Jolli channels includes:

  1. Telemundo
  2. Eva +
  3. Zee World
  4. Discovery Family
  5. Real Time
  6. NatGeo Wild
  7. Spice TV
  8. E! Entertainment Television
  9. FOX
  10. FOX Life
  11. BET
  12. CBS Reality
  13. AfricaMagic Family
  14. AfricaMagic Hausa
  15. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  16. AfricaMagic Igbo
  17. ROK 3
  18. ROK 2
  19. TVC Entertainment
  20. Televista
  21. Trybe tv
  22. SuperSport Blitz (HD/SD)
  23. SELECT Sports 3
  24. SELECT Sports 1
  25. SELECT Sports 2
  26. Naija FM
  27. Wazobia FM
  28. Nickelodeon
  29. Disney Junior
  30. Jim Jam
  31. PBS Kids
  32. Da Vinci Kids
  33. AfricaMagic Epic.
  34. AfricaMagic Family.
  35. AfricaMagic Hausa.
  36. AfricaMagic Yoruba.
  37. AfricaMagic Igbo.
  38. ROK 3.
  39. ROK 2.
  40. Spice TV.
  41. Televista
  42. Trybe.
  43. HIP TV.
  44. Sound City.
  45. ONMAX.
  46. MTV Base HD
  47. Hip TV
  48. AFRO Music English
  49. Sound City
  50. Urban TV
  51. Faith
  52. Islam Channel
  53. Emmanuel TV
  54. Dove TV
  55. BBC World News
  56. CNN International
  57. Al Jazeera
  58. Arise News
  59. AfricaMagic Epic
  60. TNT Africa
  61. B4U Movies
  62. ITV Benin
  63. BISCON tv
  64. Liberty TV
  65. Tiwa n Tiwa
  66. R2TV
  67. RAVE
  68. NTA2
  69. NTA Parliament
  70. NTA International
  71. Silverbird
  72. AIT
  73. Channels
  74. Lagos TV
  75. Wazobia TV
  76. Arewa 24
  77. WAP TV
  78. EBS TV
  79. TVC News
  80. NTA News24
  81. OGtv
  82. BCOS
  83. ONMAX
  84. Galaxy TV

GOTV Jinja: (1600 per month)

pics of gotv jinja

The price of Gotv Jinja in 2020 is 1600 naira per month.

Gotv Jinja has 62 quality TV channels.

The full list of Gotv jinja channels includes:

  1. AfricaMagic Epic
  2. Real Time
  3. Spice TV
  4. E! Entertainment Television
  5. FOX Life
  6. AfricaMagic Hausa
  7. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  8. AfricaMagic Igbo
  9. TVC Entertainment
  10. Trybe
  11. SuperSport Blitz (HD/SD)
  12. SELECT Sports 1
  13. Faith
  14. Islam Channel
  15. Emmanuel TV
  16. Dove TV
  17. Al Jazeera
  18. Arise News
  19. ITV Benin
  20. BISCON tv
  21. Liberty TV
  22. Tiwa n Tiwa
  23. RAVE
  24. R2TV
  25. NTA2
  26. NTA Parliament
  27. NTA International
  28. Silverbird
  29. AIT
  30. Channels
  31. Lagos TV
  32. Wazobia TV
  33. Arewa 24
  34. WAP TV
  35. EBS TV
  36. TVC News
  37. NTA News24
  38. OGtv
  39. BCOS
  40. ONMAX
  41. Galaxy TV

GOTV Plus: (1900 per month)

pics of gotv plus

Gotv Plus has 74 entertaining channels, which you can still use to keep yourself entertained all day with your family members. 

The full list of Gotv plus channels includes:

  1. AfricaMagic Epic
  2. Telemundo
  3. Eva +
  4. Zee World
  5. Discovery Family
  6. Real Time
  7. NatGeo Wild
  8. Spice TV
  9. E! Entertainment Television
  10. FOX Life
  11. AfricaMagic Family
  12. AfricaMagic Hausa
  13. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  14. AfricaMagic Igbo
  15. TVC Entertainment
  16. Televista
  17. Trybe tv
  18. SuperSport Blitz (HD/SD)
  19. SELECT Sports 3
  20. SELECT Sports 1
  21. SELECT Sports 2
  22. Naija FM
  23. Wazobia FM
  24. Nickelodeon
  25. Disney Junior
  26. Jim Jam
  27. PBS Kids.
  28. AfricaMagic Epic.
  29. AfricaMagic Family
  30. AfricaMagic Hausa.
  31. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  32. AfricaMagic Igbo.
  33. ROK 3.
  34. Spice TV.
  35. Televista.
  36. Trybe.
  37. HIP TV.
  38. Sound City.
  39. ONMAX.
  40. MTV Base
  41. Hip TV
  42. AFRO Music English
  43. Sound City
  44. Urban TV
  45. Faith
  46. Islam Channel
  47. Emmanuel TV
  48. Dove TV
  49. BBC World News
  50. Al Jazeera
  51. Arise News
  52. ITV Benin
  53. BISCON tv
  54. Liberty TV
  55. Tiwa n Tiwa
  56. RAVE
  57. R2TV
  58. NTA2
  59. NTA Parliament
  60. NTA International
  61. Silverbird
  62. AIT
  63. Channels
  64. Lagos TV
  65. Arewa 24
  66. WAP TV
  67. EBS TV
  68. TVC News
  69. NTA News24
  70. RSTV
  71. OGtv
  72. BCOS
  73. ONMAX
  74. Galaxy TV

GOTV Value: (1250 per month)

pics of gotv value

The price of Gotv value in 2020 is 1250 per month.

Gotv Value has 52 channels, with basic entertainment stations, which is still very good for the price that you will be paying for it.

The full list of Gotv value channels includes:

  1. Spice TV
  2. E! Entertainment Television
  3. AfricaMagic Hausa
  4. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  5. AfricaMagic Igbo
  6. TVC Entertainment
  7. Trybe
  8. SuperSport Blitz (HD/SD)
  9. SELECT Sports 1
  10. Wazobia FM
  11. Jim Jam
  12. Nickelodeon
  13. AfricaMagic Hausa.
  14. AfricaMagic Yoruba.
  15. AfricaMagic Igbo.
  16. Spice TV.
  17. Trybe.
  18. Sound City.
  19. ONMAX.
  20. AFRO Music English
  21. Sound City
  22. Urban TV
  23. Faith
  24. Islam Channel
  25. Emmanuel TV
  26. Dove TV
  27. Al Jazeera
  28. Arise News
  29. ITV Benin
  30. BISCON tv
  31. Liberty TV
  32. Tiwa n Tiwa
  33. R2TV
  34. RAVE
  35. NTA2
  36. NTA Parliament
  37. NTA International
  38. Silverbird
  39. AIT
  40. Channels
  41. Lagos TV
  42. Wazobia TV
  43. Arewa 24
  44. WAP TV
  45. EBS TV
  46. TVC News
  47. NTA News24
  48. RSTV
  49. OGtv
  50. BCOS
  51. ONMAX
  52. Galaxy TV

GOTV LITE: (400 per month)

pics of gotv lite

The price of Gotv lite in 2020 is just 400 per month.

Gotv Nigeria is posed to carry everybody alone in their quest to provide quality home entertainment for every family. The price of this Gotv subscription plan in Nigeria is way too affordable for all kinds of income earners.

And on that note, this Gotv subscription plan in Nigeria was designed specifically to meet the need of those who may not have all the money to pay for the other package listed above.

Hence, with Gotv lite, you enjoy more by paying way less than what you were suppose to pay. With only 4oo naira, you can have access to 35 channels on Gotv lite.

The full list of Gotv lite channels includes:

  1. TVC Entertainment
  2. Trybe
  3. Trybe.
  4. ONMAX.
  5. SuperSport Blitz (HD/SD)
  6. Naija FM
  7. Wazobia FM
  8. Jim Jam
  9. AFRO Music English
  10. Faith
  11. Islam Channel
  12. Dove TV
  13. Emmanuel TV
  14. Al Jazeera
  15. ITV Benin
  16. BISCON tv
  17. Liberty TV
  18. NTA2
  19. NTA Parliament
  20. NTA International
  21. Silverbird
  22. AIT
  23. Channels
  24. Lagos TV
  25. Wazobia TV
  26. Arewa 24
  27. WAP TV
  28. EBS TV
  29. TVC News
  30. NTA News24
  31. RSTV
  32. OGtv
  33. BCOS
  34. ONMAX
  35. Galaxy TV


Major Difference Between Gotv And DSTV Decoder In Nigeria

What are the major differences between Gotv and DSTV decoders in Nigeria is a question that has always been in the minds of many Nigerians. Am sure that you would want to know about that too right?

However, while DSTV and Gotv provides similar services (Satellite TV) the major reason why many Nigerians prefer Gotv over DSTV is in price, as Gotv gives good services at a way lesser price compared to its DSTV counterpart.

The current price of Gotv decoders in Nigeria in 2020 and the subscription plans of Gotv in Nigeria have been discoursed above

One distinctive feature about Gotv Nigeria is that while it comes with an antenna, you can always watch it without going through the stress of fixing an antenna. This is really unlike its DSTV counterpart whereby, you must mount the DSTV antenna if you must receive any signal.

While Gotv uses DVB-T2 in transmitting digital entertainment, DSTV is entirely satellite-based. This is considered the major difference between DSTV and Gotv by many Nigerians.

How To Clear Gotv Error Code In Nigeria

If you have been using the Gotv decoder, then you must have come across Gotv E16 error code or Gotv E30 error code at some point in time.

When this happens, you mostly feels at though you have done something wrong with your Gotv. This error codes comes up mostly when you delay in renewing your Gotv subscriptions. When this happens, you may want to know how to clear the Gotv error messages.

steps to clear gotv error codes in pics

How To Clear Gotv E16 Error Code

If you want to clear the Gotv E16 error code, simply follow the guide below.

  • Go to the official Gotv error code site via this link
  • Enter your IUC number in the space provided ( Your IUC number is your unique Gotv identification number which is located at the back of your Gotv decoder)
  • Select the particular error message that you want to clear.
  • Enter the captcha in the captcha box and click on the Fix error message botton.

Once you have done this, the Gotv error message will be cleared.

How To Clear Gotv E30 Error Code

To clear the Gotv E30 error code on your Gotv screen, simply follow the steps discussed above on how to clear Gotv error code E16 and you should be good.

How To Downgrade A Gotv Subscription Plan In Nigeria

Knowing the current price of Gotv decoders in Nigeria is one thing, learning how to downgrade your Gotv packages is another.

If you are no longer comfortable with your current Gotv subscription plan and you want to downgrade or change your Gotv subscription package in Nigeria, all that is required of you is to follow the proceedures below.

how to downgrade gotv subscription plans

There are many ways in which you can quickly downgrade your Gotv subscription package in Nigeria. The first is for you to quickly locate any Gotv dealer nearest to your location and request for a downgrade in your Gotv subscription package. The agent will downgrade your Gotv plan at no additional cost what so ever.

Another way on how to change Gotv package in Nigeria is by visiting the Gotv contact us page here, explain that you want to change your Gotv package and submit the request. Make sure that you include you IUC number and the subscription that you want to downgrade to.

You can also use this USSD code *288*1#, and your Gotv subscription package will be downgraded. You can also send Gotv Nigeria a mail via, requesting for an account upgrade. But while doing so, do well to include your Gotv IUC number and the plan you want to change to.

You can also visit gotv site at to pay for your gotv subscription online. Gotv subscription online is the most prefered option for me, because am always connected to the internet.

How To Upgrade A Gotv Subscription Plan In Nigeria

There are many payment method available to all gotv decoder owners. The particular gotv payment method you chose is dependent on what is most convinient for you.

how to upgrade gotv subscription plan

How to upgrade a Gotv subscription plan in Nigeria is the same as how to download or change a Gotv subscription plan. All that you have to do is to follow any of the discussed proceedures above, and your subscription plan will be upgraded to your desired one.

How To Activate A New Gotv Decoder In Nigeria

Now that you have known the current price of Gotv decoders in Nigeria, It could be frustrating having a new Gotv decoder that don’t receive any signal whatsoever. Perhaps the professionals that will help you activate the account may not be around when you need them the most.

If you are in this situation, worry no more as we will show you exactly how to go about this presently.

To activate anew Gotv decoder,

Simply visit the Gotv activation page here. Once there, select your country, surname, UIC number and your mobile number, then click on activate account. That’s all that you need to activate your new Gotv decoder in Nigeria.

I hope that this article on the current price of Gotv decoders in Nigeria was helpful to you? If yes, kindly use the share button to share this article to your friends on social media.

Still got some other questions, use the comment section below, and we shall respond as soon as we can. Thanks

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