Free To Air Strong Decoder And Prices In Nigeria 2020

Strong decoders and prices in Nigeria: Learn everything about strong decoders in Nigeria, ranging from types of strong decoder and price, strong decoder hacks and tricks and much more.

If you want to learn how to receive Free To Air TV channels and watch all your favourite TV channels free on your strong decoder in Nigeria, then this article is for you.

In the recent past, DSTV had the monopoly of satellite TV provision across Nigeria and Africa as a whole, with their outrageous monthly subscription fees and decoder prices.

pics of strong decoder in nigeria

These days, strong decoder has emerged as a viable competitor of DSTV, with amazing TV channels which are mostly free to air.

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This explains why many Nigerians are abandoning their DSTV and other satellite TV decoders in place of strong decoder.

Hence, in this article, we will be looking at the different types of strong decoder in Nigeria, the best strong decoder in Nigeria, the free to air FTA strong TV channels, and strong TV hacks and tricks, which will ensure that you have the most fun while using your strong decoder in Nigeria.

You want to learn all these, why not continue reading till the end. But before then, what is strong decoder?

What Is Strong Decoder?

Strong decoder is a satellite TV receiving device that enables its users receive more foreign and local TV channels on their TV sets.

Ordinarily, a normal TV set receives a few local TV channels. However, with a decoder (strong decoder) you can expand the number of channels that your TV set receives, hence increasing your viewing experience.

Many satellite receivers charges outrageous monthly subscription fees before you can receive interesting TV channels. However, one distinctive feature about strong decoder is that it offers its users many free to air TV channels.

Types Of Strong Decoders And Prices In Nigeria 2020

Knowing about the types of strong decoders available in Nigeria will better position you into making the right choice about the right one for you, as the all come with different specifications, channel lists and prices.

Strong decoder in Nigeria is slightly different from most decoders out there, in that it comes in many types and forms.

There are 6 different types of strong decoders in Nigeria 2020, they are:

  1. SRT 4935 Strong Decoder
  2. SRT 4672 Strong Decoder
  3. SRT 4940 Strong Decoder
  4. SRT 4950 Strong Decoder
  5. SRT 4955B Strong Decoder
  6. SRT 4922A Strong Decoder

SRT 4935:

This is obviously the best strong decoder in Nigeria, and also the most expensive of them all.

At the moment, the price of this SRT 4935 decoder is N35000.

Expensive right? When you consider the fact that it offers a free to air service, then the price becomes immaterial to you.

SRT 4672:

This strong decoder has the capacity of displaying about 17 languages, and parental luck feature which keeps your children away from unauthorized use of the decoder.

The SRT 4672 strong decoder can receive a massive 7000 programmable satellite TV channels, which you can easily sort out into 16 favourite TV channels.

The price of SRT 4672 strong decoder is N26000 from online stores in Nigeria.

SRT 4940:

With this strong decoder, you can enjoy your favourite TV channels at 1080px and 720px depending on your TVs resolution capacity.

This free to air strong decoder has the ability of receiving over 10000 programmable channels, with other interesting features that will get you glued to your TV screen.

At the moment, the price of this SRT 4940 strong decoder is N25,500

SRT 4950:

The unique features about this strong decoder, coupled with its affordability makes it a household name in among many Nigerian families today.

This free to air strong decoder gives you the ability to program over 8000 TV channels. It can display about 12 different languages and has the capacity of accepting external storage devices like USBs and other flash drive.

The current price of SRT 4950 strong decoder in Nigeria is N18,500, although this price can be a bit more in some parts of Nigeria.

SRT 4955B:

This strong decoder is a cheaper version of the SRT 4950 decoder in that it has most of the features of the former. You can watch your favourite free to air stations at 1080p resolution.

With this very affordable strong SRT 4955B decoder, you can record TV channels, with the option of searching for more stations both manually and automatically.

The official price of SRT 4955B strong decoder in Nigeria is N15000.

This can go a bit higher, depending on your physical location, or the online store you are buying it from.

SRT 4922A:

This is the most affordable free to air strong decoder in Nigeria. It has amazing features that you will surely fancy. Options such as parental control, about 8000 programmable satellite TV channels, ability to display in 1080p, coupled with its low cost makes it one of the most sort after strong decoder in Nigeria.

The price of SRT 4922A strong decoder in Nigeria  is about N11000, depending on the place that you are buying from.

But one thing is certain, the stations you receive from it are mostly free to air stations.

With these unique features that we have identified in the types of strong decoders in Nigeria. If you are still asking, which strong decoder should I buy in Nigeria? The features and price of the types discussed above should be a guide to you.

You can now make your choice on which strong decoder to buy, in order to enjoy free to air satellite stations free in Nigeria.

Where To Buy Strong Decoders In Nigeria

As the leading free to air satellite Tv decoder in Africa, and Nigeria in particular, strong decoder is considered one of the most sort after decoder in the market right now.

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There are many outlets in Nigeria that sells strong decoders, both in online and offline stores. In Jumia, Konja, Jiji and the other leading e-commerce websites in Nigeria all sells strong decoders at affordable prices.

However, you can also buy strong decoders at any store that sells other home appliances across Nigeria. Once you have purchased your strong decoder, look for an experienced agent who will install it for you for maximum output.

List Of Free To Air Strong Decoder Channels In Nigeria

Strong decoder is the leading free to air satellite Tv receiver in Nigeria. It receives a lot of free to air channels which can keep you entertained all day at your place.

However, you should note that some of this free to air strong decoder channels are religious tv channels, which many families don’t consider entertaining.

Below is the list of strong decoder channels in Nigeria:

  7. FAPM TV
  9. NOVY TV
  10. KICC TV
  12. ABDN TV
  13. ABN TV
  14. BETV
  15. COOL TV
  17. AIT
  18. MBI
  19. LTV
  23. NTA
  27. GMTV
  28. ACT TV
  31. YADAH TV
  32. OMEGA TV
  35. 3ABN TV
  37. MSG TV
  40. KLN
  41. RTM
  42. UBN
  43. WRS
  46. CTV
  47. AKWO
  50. MESSAIH and more.

This and a few other Tv channels are the free to air tv channels that strong decoder can receive in Nigeria. You don’t see your favourite Tv channels there? Don’t feel bad about it, its only free channels.

How To Scan Strong Decoder Channels In Nigeria

Before you can enjoy all the free to air strong channels listed above, and unlock strong decoder channels, you must ensure that your strong dish is properly mounted outside your house, with its receivers pointing at the right direction for proper signal strength.

Once the above has been done, you can then follow the procedure below to scan your strong decoder for maximum channel list:

  • With your strong remote control, head over to the menu section and click on the dish installation tab
  • You will be required to input your password which is usually 0000 by default.
  • Now head over to the dish setting, and from this, you can choose the particular dish that you are using, and put the parameters as required.
  • Then hit the scan channel button. You can either use the blind scan option, the auto scan or the manual scan option, which is actually our recommended option to use if you must get the stations that you really need.
  • Select the manual scan option from the list and hit the search button. It will search for the specified channel and display it for you if its available.

How To Watch DSTV Channels Free On Strong Decoder 2020

Do you know that you can watch some free DSTV channels on your strong decoder?

Yes, you can watch some channels but not all, and the process of pairing your strong decoder to your DSTV pointer or dish is quite simple.

steps to pair dstv to strong decoder for free channels

Below is the step by step guide on how to pair and watch DSTV channels on strong decoder free:

  • Turn on your strong decoder and head over to installations
  • On the installation window, input your strong decoder default password which is 0000
  • Now select Esutsat 36o E
  • Save changes and turn off your strong decoder
  • Connect the strong decoder to your DSTV pointer using physical cable
  • Turn on your strong decoder and run manual scan again
  • Go outside to where your DSTV dish or pointer is and turn it until your decoder picks its signals.
  • Once done, leave the pointer there and enjoy your free DSTV channels on strong decoder.

How To Unlock Strong Decoder Channels In Nigeria

How to unlock channels on strong decoder in Nigeria is a pretty easy process. If you look at your strong decoder channel list, you can see that some of the channels there have and key symbols on them. This means that this channels are not free, but must be unlocked.

To achieve this, you should have a smart card, as this will be used to pair with your strong decoder to unlock those channels. You may want to know how to pay your smart card to strong decoder right? I will show you how.

Navigate to the menu section of your strong decoder, using your remote control, and head over to setting and then proceed to the security setting tap.

Your password should be 0000, unless you have changed it yourself. And on that note, you should put in your new password.

Haven done this, you will be able to see all the channel code of your strong decoder at the lower part of the screen. Then you can pair your smart card with the strong decoder.

Simply select the smart card provider that you are using. If it is a MYTV smart card or other smart cards, select the one that you are using, and it will pair automatically with your strong decoder.

One interesting thing about strong is that whether or not you pair your smart card to your strong decoder, you can still watch all the free to air stations that we have discussed earlier without paying a dime.

How To Pair Strong Decoder With MyTV Card Free

how to pair strong decoder with mytv card easily

Pairing your Mytv card with strong decoder is a straight forward activity. Simply follow the steps below:

  • At the back of you strong decoder lies a set of serial number and code, copy these numbers out
  • Go to Menu and System Settings using your strong decoder remote control
  • Put your strong decoder password. The default password is 0000
  • On the next page that pops up, you will see a notification prompting you to pair your strong decoder with your Mytv Card, put your Mytv serial number and pair.

Strong Decoder Contact Address In Nigeria

You can visit strong solutions Ltd in Nigeria at plot 746, IDU Industrial Area, Phase 1, Abuja for any other inquiry you may have about strong decoder and its services.

Better still, you can connect with them through their official Nigerian phone lines at +2348036596590 or +2348058003136.

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