Best Free To Air Decoders In Nigeria 2021 (Absolutely Free)

Do you know that there are great free to air decoders in Nigeria that gives you access to watch your favourite satellite TV channels completely free of charge? Yes, you heard that right.

In this article, i will show you the list of free to air decoders in Nigeria with amazing free satellite Tv channels for your home entertainment needs.

The high cost of cable TV subscription in Nigeria has been a source of concern to many Nigerians who often complain of exploitation from the major Pay TV companies in the country.

Despite charging outrageous fees for monthly subscription, these companies have refused to offer their customers the Pay per View option which would have been more economical to subscribers in Nigeria considering the level of epileptic power supply in the country.

Current Price Of Gotv Decoders And Subscriptions In Nigeria 2020

Just picture this scenario; after paying 10-15 thousand Naira as subscription, you get home to the news that the transformer in your area is faulty.

Considering how the Power Distribution Companies (DISCOs) act at times, it might take forever before the fault is rectified or the faulty transformer is replaced with a new one.

In such an unfortunate situation, your subscription will just go in vain. This and other factors have made Nigerians to search for alternative means of enjoying their favourite cable TV channels without spending too much.

Free to Air FTA decoders in Nigeria is of course the best way out of the high subscription fees being charged by Cable TV companies in Nigeria.

Aside the cost aspect, these Free to Air decoders in Nigeria often times offer more TV channels than the even the paid ones.

We figured out that many Nigerians don’t know about the existence of free to air decoders in Nigeria, thats why the still buy the decoders with exhaubitant subscription fees monthly.

To breech this gap in knowledg and improve the lot of many Nigerian families, this article on the best free to air decoders in Nigeria 2020 becomes pertinent. But before then,


Free To Air decoders are satellite TV receiving gadgets which allows users to receive satellite TV channels across the globe without subscriptions

To put it in simple terms, FTA decoders allow you to watch a lot of local and international TV channels without paying for these channels you have access to.

In Nigeria, there are a whole lot of Free to Air satellite decoders out there in the market but only a couple of them have been able to stand the test of time.

In this post, I will be revealing to you the best FTA decoders in Nigeria 2020


There are many reason you should consider going for the free to air (FTA) decoders in Nigeria. Who doesn’t like free things anyway?

  • They offer a large number of local and foreign TV and Radio channels
  • The picture quality is in HD
  • They offer free access to premium Movies, News and sports channels. For soccer fans, you’ll get the opportunity to watch live football matches without having to subscribe.
  • They can easily be installed (free to air dish) by almost every cable TV technician in your area.
  • You can track multiple Satellites using just one dish- the benefit of this is that you get to enjoy more Free to Air channels at almost no extra cost


Below is the list of best free to air decoders in Nigeria 2020:

  • Strong decoder FTA
  • QSAT Satellite Decoder
  • Power Sat 777SM Decoder
  • TSTV Decoder
  • MultiTV Decoder


free to air strong decoder in nigeria

Strong is obviously the best FTA decoder in Nigeria at the moment. It is a preferred choice by many due to its numerous functions which makes things easier and more convenient for its users.

It equally comes at a pocket friendly price considering its functions, features and number of channels.

Strong multifunctional satellite decoders can easily be purchased from stores that sell cable TV decoders or on e-commerce platforms like Jumia or Konga.

What makes Strong Multifunctional decoders very popular among cable TV consumers is the fact that it is available in almost all (if not all) the states of the federation.


  • It has a multilingual subtitle support
  • It has a favourite lists for TV and Radio
  • Teletext
  • It is 3D Broadcast Compatible via HDMI
  • Its memory capacity can accommodate up to 10,000 channels
  • It has a record and playback in addition to the time shift function
  • Its video resolution is 1080i/p, 720p, 576i/p

The price of strong FTA decoder is around 10,000-35,000 Naira


qsat free to air decoders in nigeria

This is an affordable Free to air satellite receiver that gives Nigerians access to over 200 local and foreign TV channels.

One prominent feature of the Qsat satellite decoder is that it also gives you access to the internet at no extra cost.

This decoder is quite different from other Free to Air satellite decoders in the sense that it uses SIM card which you can easily insert into it and start watching your favourite channels without having to subscribe.


  • Its IKS (Internet Key Sharing) is through Cell Phone Network
  • It has a plug and play SIM card support
  • It’s a 264 decoder with full DVB-S2/MPEG-4/H
  • It has an EPG support with present, next and 7 days display
  • It has a USB multimedia files playback as well as PVR
  • The Q23g decoder comes with a one year preloaded avatacam account
  • A detailed graphical user interface (GUI)

The price of this FTA decoder is around 9000- 11,000 Naira


power sat free to air decoder in nigeria

This is another great free to air decoder in Nigeria that offers amazing free to air channels, which unfortunately many Nigerians are not aware of it.

The Power Sat 777SM HD decoder is a budget friendly Free to Air decoder that has some pretty cool features for its customers.

To purchase the decoder, you can contact your local dealer or get it on e-commerce platforms like Jumia, Konga or the online cable TV store


  • it uses the Sunplus 1506T CHIPSET
  • it has PVR and schedule recording
  • its resolution is at 156I/P
  • it has a USB 2.0 media player for DIVX, MKV, JPEG, AVI, MP3 and many others
  • it supports HDMI
  • it has a dual Sunplus CPU of up to 600MHZ
  • A multi-language OSD
  • CVBS, HDMI, YUV, Coaxial and R&L

The price is around 10,000- 13,000 Naira


tstv free to air decoder in nigria

At the time when TSTV was lunched in Nigeria, the hope of an average cable TV subscriber in the country was that it was coming to tackle the Pay TV industry leader, DSTV. However, they are yet to implement most of the packages they promised to introduce.

Not withstanding, they have been able to warm their self into the hearts of many Nigerians.

To help in reducing the burden of paying high subscription fees, TSTV has been offering a Free to Air TV service to its customers in Nigeria and neighbouring countries.

The TSTV satellite TV service presently offers about 70 foreign and local TV channels to its consumers across the country.

You can also purchase TSTV decoders at their offices nationwide or at any cable TV dealer shop at a pocket friendly price.


  • It offers over 70 local and foreign TV channels
  • It comes in Full HD
  • Its PVR Ready
  • It has a WiFi

The price is around 5,500 to 10,000 Naira


multitv free to air decoder in nigeria

This is another Free to Air satellite decoder in Nigeria that offers a lot of channels to its consumers free of charge.

MultiTv Free to Air satellite decoder is owned by the Ghanaian company, MultiTv. However, its area of coverage expands to Nigeria hence a lot of Nigerians are enjoying their services.

The downside of multiTv is that it is not available in every state here in Nigeria which means not everybody who wish to enjoy their services can.


  • it comes in Full HD
  • it has a USB port
  • 1080p
  • It is PVR Ready


  • Alphabox Decoder
  • Zgemma-star satellite decoder
  • OpenView (spaceTV) HD satellite decoder
  • Freesat decoder


There are a lot of fake Free to Air decoders in Nigeria right now. So ensure you do carry out a lot of research before going for anyone.

Going for the popular ones won’t be a bad idea. The problem with some of these relatively unknown Free to Air decoders is that, ones the remote control is faulty, it might take you forever to get another one.

Before taking a decision on which Free to air decoder to buy, you can consult your local installer/technician for professional advice so that you don’t end up wasting your money.

Consider what is best for your location

Some Free to Air satellite decoders are only temporarily free, after which you might be asked to subscribe. So ensure you carry out your findings before buying one.

Your choice of Free to Air satellite decoder should be influenced by the kind of TV channels you will like to be watching. So make findings to know the TV channels offered by the satellite decoder before going for it.


If you calculate the amount of money you’ve been spending or will be spending monthly for subscribing your pay TV decoders, you’ll realize how much you would have saved if you weren’t paying for subscriptions.

Considering the numerous benefits associated with Free to Air satellite decoders in Nigeria as well as the number of TV and radio channels available on it, it is definitely a good option to consider if you’d want to cut down on your expenses this year.

I believe that this post on the best free to air decoders in Nigeria 2020 has been useful to you, and will even be a lot more useful to your friends- so do endeavour to share it with them.

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