How To Buy And Sell On Facebook Marketplace In 7 Easy Steps

Facebook marketplace buy and sell. Do you know that you can now buy and sell most goods and services on Facebook marketplace without paying a dime?

Yes, you heard me right. Facebook has a feature that is called the marketplace that functions almost the same way as Amazon and eBay.

If you want to learn more about how to buy and sell on Facebook marketplace easily, then continue reading this article.


We all know that Facebook is the most popular social media plateform with billions of active users worldwide. How will it really feel knowing that more than 1billion persons sees any goods or services that you publish on your  Facebook marketplace online store?

That will amount to an unprecedented sells right? Yes that’s right. Because so many persons still use Facebook only as a social media platform, they have not really been able to use all the Features that Facebook has.

With this background in mind, permit me to introduce you to the new Facebook marketplace, and how you can use Facebook marketplace to make more sales and serve the needs of your customers online.

What Is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook marketplace is a new innovation on Facebook which gives Facebook users the opportunity of creating online stores where they can sell their goods and services without any service fees.

Having a Facebook marketplace store gives you access to reach out to more customers within the Facebook community, hence increasing your sales exponentially.

Unlike other e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay, Facebook marketplace is not an independent app that is independent of Facebook. No, it’s actually an integrated feature on Facebook where buyers and sellers meet to exchange goods and services.

facebook marketplace

With Facebook marketplace, you can buy a wide range of products and services from people nearest to you. They list of products you can buy on Facebook marketplace includes: clothes, cars, house, food items, phones and other items you would naturally expect to buy on any marketplace.

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With this Feature in Facebook marketplace, you will practically have no need to physically visit any store again, since you can always buy any of your products on your Facebook marketplace.

How Does Facebook Marketplace Work

the organogram of facebook marketplace

Below is how Facebook marketplace work in 2020:

Facebook marketplace work just like any other marketplace in the world. By this i mean that a seller opens a marketplace online store and samples his produces or services.

A buyer sees the product and decides to buy it, he bargains price with the seller. And if everything works fine, the sale is made and everyone return home happy.

However, one feature of Facebook marketplace is that you can only see the products of people who are within your immediate locality.

That means that you cannot see the product listing of any person who is not in the same state with you. This is unlike Amazon, Alibaba and co where somebody in North America can buy products from a person in Africa. This is actually how Facebook marketplace work

How To Get Facebook Marketplace On Your Device In 2020

First, you should know that the Facebook marketplace is not an independent app, so you should not go about looking for Facebook marketplace download or how to download Facebook marketplace app.

To get the Facebook marketplace on your mobile device, first log into your Facebook application to visit the homepage of Facebook.

On the homepage, you will see a little shop icon at the top of the menu bar.

Click on the little shop icon to open the Facebook marketplace feature. From this space, you can either create an account as a seller or a buyer.

But then, if you follow this tutorial, we must say that Facebook marketplace is still limited to some countries. Hence, if you don’t see the little shop icon on top of your Facebook homepage, it probably means that you are in an unsupported country.

But don’t worry so much about it, as very soon, Facebook marketplace might become available in your home country.

How To Buy On Facebook Marketplace In 7 Easy Steps

How do i buy on Facebook marketplace?

Buying on Facebook marketplace is a really simple activity. you should simply follow the tutorial below, and you will be good.

To start buying anything on Facebook marketplace quickly, first head over to your Facebook app with either your mobile app or desktop.

Log into your Facebook account which will take you to the Facebook homepage.

On the Facebook homepage, click on the little shop icon at the top of the Facebook menu. If you cannot see this shop icon on your Facebook homepage, then Facebook marketplace is not supported in your home country.

But if you see the icon, then click on it, which will take you to the page where you see two options (Buy or Sell)

click on the Buy option which will take you to the marketplace homepage where you can see all the items you can buy from different sellers.

Select any product or service that you wish to buy and click on the message button to send the seller a quick message if you really want to bargain for the price.

After this, the seller can finally meet with you at an agreed location for physical payment and delivery. You see, Facebook marketplace buy is really easy and fun

How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace In 7 Easy Steps

Just like buying on Facebook marketplace, selling is also an activity that is filled with lots of fun. To sell your goods and services on Facebook marketplace, kindly follow the easy steps below:

However, selling on Facebook marketplace is really like selling in any other store in that you have to open your shop, have goods or services, and then sample your products for your customers to see.

That’s exactly the same thing that happens on Facebook marketplace. Let’s see how all these play out.

How do i sell on Facebook marketplace?

Below is a quick tip on how to sell effectively on Facebook marketplace .

To sell on Facebook marketplace, follow this tips below:

First click on the marketplace icon on your Facebook homepage. This will bring you to the page where you will be asked either to Buy or Sell.

In this case, select the Sell option and proceed to the next step which is creating your Facebook online store.

On this, you will be required to add the picture of the product that you wish to sell. Its recommended that you upload clear and clean picture, which will encourage buyers to click on your product.

The next thing you need to add is a clear title of the product that you wish to sell on the marketplace. make sure that the title thus included is precise, with information that defines what you intend to sell.

Then add a description of the product that you are selling. The description must be detailed enough so that the buyer can have all the basic information he may need to know about your product or service.

Finally, you should add a price and the location where you are selling the product from. You see, it’s as simple as this. While adding the price, ensure that you don’t make the price too high, else it will affect your sales.

Make sure your price is within a reasonable extent, according to your competitors price range. With this, you should be good to go.

Best Selling Items On Facebook Marketplace In 2020

Just like we have some products in offline stores that don’t have high demands, there are certain Facebook store products that don’t have many demands, while there are products with high demand.

Hence, below is the list of best selling items on Facebook marketplace in 2020 which will certainly guarantee your cash flow.

  • Ventilators
  • Face masks
  • Clothings
  • Phones
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Cars
  • Laptops
  • House heater
  • Electronics and other items that you know is in high demand in your local community.

Things You Cannot Sell On Facebook Marketplace In 2020

While Facebook marketplace is open for the selling and buying divers kinds of products and services, there are certain kinds of products that you cannot sell on the marketplace.

This products are mostly within the category of products we call illegal products or the products that can cause harm to somebody when an untrained person administer it to another person.

The products you cannot sell on Facebook marketplace includes:

  • Weapons
  • Stolen items of any kind
  • Pornographic materials or content
  • All kinds of subscriptions like Netflix subscription, etc
  • Tobacco products and the rest of its kind
  • Hard drugs like cocaine, heroin and its kinds

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