Facebook Avatar Maker 2021

Facebook has added an extra feature to its numerous features to make its users have an improved facebook experience and this feature is the FACEBOOK AVATAR MAKER / CREATOR.

Just like the Bitmoji on Snapchat, the Facebook avatar maker enables the users to create a customized avatar of themselves which they can use for their Facebook stories, profile photo or chats.

This awesome feature has made room for users to truly express their moods while interacting with friends and family on the Facebook social media platform.

Personalizing avatar in various styles by adding various hairstyles, outfits and so on creates a line of often added stickers with frequently used phrases and expressions.

It has grown from a level of just likes to a level of reactions and now the introduction of avatars has taken it to a whole new level of expression.

The introduction of this particular feature into the Facebook social media platform has made Facebook more fun and widely more engaging for the users especially the youths.

It has made conversations and comments more expressive in a way that users can express their moods or reactions the best way they feel.

The facebook body has put in a great deal of work and effort into the design of this feature with the huge number of Facebook users in mind, trying to meet the needs of all especially providing items that depict colours, size, race, religion and so on without leaving out any race, religion or identity.

Creating the Facebook avatar is quite easy and below is a step by step guide on how it is done,

1. Launch the Facebook app on your mobile phone or computer and login if you aren’t already logged into the Facebook app on your device

2. Click on the three horizontal lines on the bottom right of the page

3. Scroll down and then click on SEE MORE

4. Click on AVATAR

5. Click NEXT

6. Select the skin colour that matches yours and click NEXT

7. Click on the hairstyle section, hair colour, eye shape, face shape, eye colour, nose shape, eyebrows, makeup, facial hair, body shape, outfit, etc and choose what best matches your physical appearance.

8. After creating an avatar that matches your taste, click on the check sign at the top right corner of the page.

9. On the next page Click NEXT

10. Then click DONE.

To make corrections on the avatar you have created, click on the Pencil icon on the screen and then add or remove features from the avatar you created.

In order to view the avatar you created, click on the smiling sticker icon.


Although the Facebook avatar is an awesome innovation, it also has its limitations or downsides,

  • It has less Bitmojis compared to the Snapchat app.
  • The avatar Bitmojis are not made available on text option.

The craving desire of people to want to express themselves on the Facebook social media platform is expanding massively from the era of text-based communication technique to image-based communication technique.

A lot of Facebook users who don’t have the opportunity to be creative in their expressions that they can’t just get from the list of regular emojis.

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Besides that, it also ensures the safety of protecting Facebook users from exposure to the negative sides of social media by using their real photos.

Facebook is working on growing the functionalities of the Avatar to the level of its possible use as profile pictures to enable users to communicate with Facebook friends without exposing their real identity on photo.

Instead, 2D drawings would substitute the actual photograph of the user on profile.

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