How To Delete Spam Post On WordPress Site (A Step By Step Guide)

Are there spam articles on your WordPress website that you wish to delete? In this article, I will show you how to delete spam post on WordPress site, using a step-by-step approach.

I woke up one morning to see an article on my homepage which I know nothing about. The spam article is titled Plan Cur Sur Guingamp (3). Issue is, when I go to my All Post page to delete this spam post, it will be hidden from my view.

hacked spam post on wordpress

Have you ever experienced this kind of stuff before? If yes, then you should know how frustrating it is right? Deleting spam posts on WordPress site is quite difficult which is mostly handled by experts.

If you are reading this article, then consider yourself lucky as you will soon learn how to delete spam post on WordPress site all by yourself.

However, you should note that deleting WordPress hacked spam posts could be a little tricky, however, if you follow me closely, you should do it yourself without any plugin fast.

Most people end up leaving the spam post on their site because they can’t think of a way of deleting the article, since the article doesn’t appear in their all Post page.

The spammer that posted this spam article on your site without your permission knows that you are looking for a way to delete it.

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What he does is that he hides the article from all logged-in users of your site, just to make you think that the article is no longer on your site. Visit your homepage and the spam post will not be visible to you again.

Don’t be fooled by this trick because once you visit your site with a different device with no administrator privilege, that’s when you will notice that the spam article is still there.

The question is, why do you have spam articles on your website, and what can you do about that?

What Is Spam Post On WordPress?

Spam posts on WordPress is any unsolicited article that is published by unknown persons to WordPress websites, for advertisement or other illegal purposes.

Usually, most spam post on WordPress sites usually contains pornographic contents, and are mostly written in other languages other than English.

There are many dangers as to having a spam post on your website. Part of which is that Google might penalize your site, and the spammer might as well use that spam article to infect your site with other malicious codes.

Why Are Spam Posts Appearing On My Site?

There are different possible reasons why spam posts appears on your site. The most common reason is the fact that you probably installed a cracked or null WordPress theme or plugin on your site.

Spammers usually gain access into your site to publish all kinds of contents when you install null plugins with their phishing links.

So the first question to ask yourself is, did I install any paid plugin or theme on my site for free? If yes, then you must delete those plugins immediately.

However, deleting those null plugins don’t automatically delete all the spam posts on your WordPress website. If so, how do i delete spam post on WordPress website?

How To Delete Spam Post On WordPress Site

Now that we have seen how spam posts can enter into our website, the big question now is how to delete spam post from WordPress site.

You might log into your WordPress website without seeing the spam post. Even if you see the post, you certainly will not be able to delete it just like that.

Hence, to delete spam post on WordPress site, all that is required of you is to follow the steps by step guide below:

  • First visit your website from another device (laptop or phone)
  • When you are on your websites homepage, locate and open the spam article that you wish to delete from your site
  • Once the Spam article is opened, go all the way down till you get to the comment section of the spam post.
  • Now leave a comment on the spam article like “leave my site alone fool” and publish the comment as shown below
  • Once you post the comment, go back to your main device and log into your WordPress dashboard. Once there, locate the Comment section and click on it to show your pending and published comments.
  • In this place, you will see the new comment you just left on the spam post. Locate the post name you want to delete, under the “In Response To” tab to open the post.

Once the spam article opens through this means, look at the left side bar and click on the Move to bin button to delete the article as shown below.

Remember, the reason you will use another device to locate the article is simply to be able to see the hidden article. Reason being that spammers tries to hide the spam post from the admins device. Leaving a comment on the article gives you access to get to the root of the spam article, so you can delete it easily.

If you have got to this point, then congratulation, because you have finally discovered the hidden spam post on your site, and have successfully deleted it.

Now that you have learned how to delete spam post on WordPress website, I’m sure you don’t want to repeat the mistake again right? If yes, then lets look at the things you should do to prevent spammers from gaining access into your site again

How To Stop Spam Posts On WordPress Website Free

To stop spam post on wordpress website, simply observe the following guidelines below:

  • Download and activate the free plugin called Akismet, it will prevent both spam comment and post on your website.
  • The second step to take in preventing spammers from gaining access into your WordPress website is to uninstall any plugin you may have installed in your site from third party websites (Null plugins and themes)
  • Change your sites password to something that even you cannot remember. Remember, if you can remember your password, then its not safe enough. To do this, i suggest you download a Chrome extension called LastPass.
  • And finally, never download another plugin from non-trusted websites, as this will be the sure method of inviting spammers back again into your site.

Thanks for reading this article on how to delete spam post on wordpress site. If you have any comment or questions, do well to use the comment section below this page.

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