Baba Ijebu Lotto Guide: How To Play And Win Baba Ijebu Game In 2021 (Easy Tips)

In this Baba Ijebu lotto guide, we will be exposing you to all the tiny details that makes the whole difference if you want to master this lottery game in order to start winning immediately.

Contrary to popular beliefs, to play and win baba ijebu game has never been a product of chance or luck. The persons that constantly win baba ijebu lotto don’t depend on chance at all. No, the’ve got access to certain classified information and tricks which unfortunately, you would not expect them to share with you (without paying the full price)

However, if you are reading this article, you have every right to consider yourself lucky, as we will leave no stone unturned in showing you how to play and win baba ijebu lotto easily.

Remember, we all play lotto to win right? This explains why you shouldn’t leave this hope into the hands of chance or luck. Consequently, this baba ijebu lotto guide will show you just the things you need to know to win this lottery in Nigeria. All that is required of you is to read this article till the end and apply all that you have learnt, and then come back and drop your testimony in the comment sections.


Nigeria is among the top countries in the world where lottery business flourish so well. This does not come as a surprise given the nature of our present economic system. In the midst of a continues hyperinflation, lack of job, under employment, etc, most Nigerians naturally turns to betting in order to win it big and survive.

Regrettable, over 95% of the time, these high hopes of winning baba ijebu game never get to materialize because there are only a few smart articles out there that can tell you what you need to know. This baba ijebu guide becomes pertinent at this point for anyone seeking to learn how to play and win baba ijebu game.

Without spending more time, lets show you how to play and win baba ijebu game with easy. Remember, winning necessarily doesn’t have to be difficult, does it?

Note: Our claims above is never a guarantee that you must win baba ijebu game anytime you play. Rather, your chances of winning will exponentially increase as you apply our proven formulas which we will be sharing with you shortly.

But before then, we should clarify one concept first for the benefit of the non initiates.

What Is Baba Ijebu Lotto Game?

what is baba ijjebu lotto

Baba Ijebu lotto basically operates like every other lottery company around the world where players are hugely rewarded for taking risks and following their passions. Like every other betting business, the risks are usually high as much as the gains.

Baba ijebu lotto, otherwise known as premier lottery is the most popular lottery company in Nigeria, with branches scattered across most parts of Nigeria.


The founder of baba ijebu is Mr Kensington Adebutu. However, while baba ijebu has branches in most part of Nigeria due to its huge customer base, the Western parts of Nigeria still remains its strong operational zones.

Ever since its establishment in 2001, baba ijebu lotto has helped thousands of Nigerians escape from poverty. With this baba ijebu lotto guide, you will soon learn that the game is after all not as difficult to win as the non-informed people think.

Ways To Play Baba Ijebu Game

Currently, there are different ways you can easily play baba ijebu game to see if you can win it big and smile. These ways include the offline methods and the online method. These and lots more will be explained in details presently.

play baba ijebu this way

How To Play Baba Ijebu Game Offline

Method 1: The easiest way to play baba ijebu game offline is by using a USSD code with your phone and an MTN SIM card. To do this, pick up your phone and dial *755#. This will bring up a window where you will be asked to confirm that you are 18 years and above. Put the amount that you wish to play (You should have the said amount in your SIM) and follow through the other pop ups which are easy to understand. Ones you are done, your game would be registered successfully on their database.

However, this baba ijebu USSD code  *755# only works with an MTN number, as that is the only network in Nigeria that is supported for this USSD code at the moment. Later in this article, we shall show you how to increase your chances of winning baba ijebu lotto, even if you played with your phone.

Method 2: The second and most popular way of playing baba ijebu lotto is by simply going into the baba ijebu agent stores or Kiosk nearest to you. The agent will easily guide you on the available lotto types that you can play if you are inexperienced.

Specify the amount that you intend to stake for the lottery and that’s all, the agent will do the rest for you. However, you should ensure that he print the lotto receipt for you. This receipt must be kept safe as that is the only evidence that you have to claim your price if you win.

The local baba ijebu agent can instantly pay you if you win less than 100,000 naira. But anything more than this could mean that you should go to their head office at Lagos, or visit any of their offices nearest to you to redeem your price.

I’m sure that you want to learn how to play and win baba ijebu lotto right? Don’t worry, there are still a few more things we still want to show you first before that. Let’s continue.

How To Play Baba Ijebu Game Online

To play baba ijebu game online with your device, simply follow the steps below:

  1. On your laptop or smartphone, visit At the right-hand conner of the screen, click on Register and proceed to fill your correct information in the form.
  2. Fund your baba ijebu wallet with this proceedure: Open your gtbank online banking app,⇒ Payment CategoryMore PaymentSport and Betting ⇒ Under machant ⇒ Bia steller solutionconcept LTDReference ID is your Username, select the amount to fund your wallet and save.
  3. Select the draw of your choice
  4. Chose the game that you want to play, NAP 2, etc and chose the numbers to play which will be added to your bet slip
  5. Chose how much you want to stake
  6. After this, you will see your bet ticket or receipt. Endeavour to save it properly as that is what you will present for cash outs.

You can equally download baba ijebu app on your device and still follow the same steps above.

Ways To Get Baba Ijebu Winning Numbers In Nigeria

Because you need to choose a couple of random numbers from 1 to 90, the odds of getting the correct combination of numbers could be on the high side. Don’t be afraid of this.

Below are the best ways to get baba ijebu winning numbers for today:

  1. Dreams
  2. Forecasting of possible numbers
  3. Targeted numbers
  4. Divination

This will be explained shortly


Some Nigerians particularly have the gift of seeing winning numbers in their dreams. Some persons in this category don’t even play games at all. However, when the wake-up, they always share this numbers with their close associates who play these numbers and win big.

One of my neighbours do claim that in each year, he gets winning numbers at least 2 times each year. The man in question normally uses his last money to play baba ijebu lotto each time that happens. With this, you can easily know baba ijebu numbers for tomorrow

While dreams could be a viable source of getting numbers, do well to ensure that your mind is not simply replaying the numbers you thought could be the winning numbers in your dreams.

Forecasting Of Possible Numbers:

There are people who now call themselves baba ijebu forecasters. What forecasting means is that a person takes his time to go through previous baba ijebu games in order to see if there is any sequence in the way games have played out. And with these sequence, you can predict the numbers that can play for the present time.

Many Nigerians rely on this approach to get baba ijebu winning numbers. However, this is not always reliable as the winning is still largely dependent on luck and chance with this method. However, investing more of your spare time studying about previous numbers will greatly increasing your chances of winning. Just sitting beside a good forecaster can give you an edge to see baba ijebu predictions.

To search for baba ijebu winning numbers, you can visit this site here

Targeted Numbers:

If you have taken out time to study the past baba ijebu winning numbers, you must have seen certain number combinations that have repeated over time. you can easily take down 2 sets of these winning numbers and target them.

Assuming you identify that 19 and 36 have played like 3 times last year, you can begin to play this 19 and 36 up to one year until the number plays again. With just one winning, you will sure cover all your expenses and make a lot of profit.

People who cannot forecast well nor have the gift of dreams relies on this method to get baba ijebu winning numbers, and it has proven to be among the best ways of getting numbers.


Believe it or not, the spiritual forces that are protecting the winning of any lottery or betting game are quite strong that they guide these numbers jealously. However, some persons still go to the extent of breaking all odds by visiting a stronger diviner who still manages to penetrate into the spirit realm to find these numbers.

However, the price to be paid for getting baba ijebu winning numbers through divination is too high, and you should not bother about it if you are a religious person. (and we at Cyriltips don’t encourage this)

How To Win Baba Ijebu Lotto Easily

Most Nigerians have tried playing baba ijebu lotto for several times with no success. Most of these persons have concluded that the whole scheme is nothing but a scam. But is baba ijebu a scam? Far from it, its actually a game of chance. But knowing some baba ijebu secret codes can greatly improve your chances of winning. This is actually the whole essence of this article.

It should not be surprising to say that winning baba ijebu just like any other lottery game is never so easy as the average player has about 98% chances of losing the game than winning it. However, if you want to continuesly increase your chances of winning baba ijebu games, then you should focus on these 3Ps, in addition to the ways of getting baba ijebu numbers that we have discussed earlier.

Below consist of the secrets of winning baba ijebu lotto in 2020:

  1. Patience
  2. Perseverance
  3. Positive Attitude

These 3 working formulars for winning baba ijebu lotto need not be explained because they are by nature self explanatory. But we will still go ahead to introduce you to them briefly.

  • Patience: 

As hard as this truth may seem for some of us, there is no way you can ever make it big or even stand a good chance of having one win in baba ijebu if you don’t have patience. The chances of you chosing the wrong numbers are undeniably high. Its only patience that will enable you to stick around even after trying and failing for more than 20 times.

Who knows, the next turn may be your big winning day which will eventually pay for all the lost times and money. Hence, the best way to win baba ijebu is through patience

  • Perseverance:

The value of perseverance in winning baba ijebu game can never be over emphacized. Many times you can play this lotto with this consistent number of failures that you begin to doubt whether you can ever win the game. Its perseverance that keeps you going even in the midst of a seeming hopelessness.

One factor you should endeavour to do in order to win baba ijebu continuesly is to always set out a few hours each day investing in research about the possible number combinations that you likely going to play. The use of targeted numbers in this regard becomes pertinents. Chose those targeted numbers and persevere on playing them until the big win comes your way.

Perseerance is another good strategy to win baba ijebu always. Do well to cultivate that value.

  • Positive Attitude:

Maintaining a positive attitude even when you have not win any game is what will fuel your perseverance and patience. Never see baba ijebu as a business or a fast route to make money online in Nigeria.

People who see playing lottery as a game are the positive minded ones, and with this artitude, they dont put too much hope on any game they play. Positive attitude is the best quality to have if you want to continously win baba ijebu lotto.

How To Check Baba Ijebu Result Fast

If you have read this article diligently, then am certain that by now your problems will not be on how to win baba ijebu lotto. You should be concerned more now with how to check your lotto result, because your chances of winning must have increased drastically. Well, if this is your concern, then let’s show you how.

There are many ways you can check your baba ijebu result. You can simply walk into any baba ijebu outlet and ask the agent there to check your result for you. You don’t have to pay a dime for it as everything about the checking is free.

Alternatively, you can still have your baba ijebu result delivered to your phone directly via text messages. To do this, you need to buy a baba ijebu premier card at any of their kiosk. At the back of this card is the instruction that you need to follow to start receiving the game results on your phone.

Do well to follow these simple instructions and you are good.

Lastly, you can check your baba ijebu game result by simply logging into this website with your internet enabled device. On the menu section, click on baba ijebu and then on baba ijebu result.


You should endeavour to play baba ijebu with caution as the certainty of winning may never be there. Dont play with all the money that you have. Playing this lottery with your spare money remains the best course of action, so that you don’t get real hurt and depressed if you lose the game

Its our view that you found this article interesting enough right? If yes, kindly use the comment section below to indicate if our proven methods on how to play and win baba ijebu lotto in Nigeria was helpful to you. Like and share this article with your friends with the share button below.

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