Current Price Of DSTV Decoder, Subscription Plans & More 2020

This article is about the current price of DSTV decoder in Nigeria, DSTV subscription plans and bouquets, types of DSTV decoders and specs and every other thing you need to know about DSTV decoders in Nigeria in 2020.

If you desire to know in detail, any or all the above highlighted topics about DSTV, then this timely article is for you.

The history of cable TVs in Nigeria is a very long one. There has been the existence of other cable TVs in Nigeria before the entrance of DSTV in Nigeria in 1995.

From 1995 till this date, DSTV has tried and successfully dominated the cable TV industry in Nigeria, far exceeding every other company both in terms of quality channels, signal strength, innovativeness and in picture quality.

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This features makes the Multichoice DSTV the African giant in the paid TV industry, including Nigeria.

multichoice dstv decoder and prices in nigeria

With DSTV, you can have access to almost an unlimited number of amazing TV channels, ranging from  top-notch sport channels, to music channels, movie channels and any kind of channel that will sure keep you glued to your TV screen for days.

With their flexible subscription packages, DSTV ensures that every household is able to enjoy some high quality DSTV channels while paying according to their individual abilities.

To start using DSTV digital entertainment, you are only required to buy and DSTV decoder and a subscription plan, nothing else.

Proceeding from the foregoing, this article will show you the current price of DSTV decoders in Nigeria 2020, discuss at length the types of DSTV decoders available and their unique features, including the various subscription plans of DSTV which you can always choose from.

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2 Types Of DSTV Decoders In Nigeria

At the moment, DSTV Nigeria has 2 decoder types. The DSTV decoder types are:

  • DSTV Explorer

These two DSTV decoders comes with different features that justifies their price differences. Let’s first consider their main features before looking at DSTV price in Nigeria 2020.

Features Of DSTV Explora Decoder

main features of dstv explora in nigeria

The following are the main features of DSTV explora decoder in Nigeria:

  • With DSTV explora, you can pause any TV program, rewind and resume at any given time, as though you are watching a film with your local DVD player.
  • You can as well record any of your favourite TV show, which you can replay at will. This sounds so amazing right?
  • DSTV explora gives you the ability to connect to the internet and download any TV show that you may have missed, which you can then play anytime you want.
  • It can also play TV programs in full HD format, which increases the overall entertainment experience.

Features Of DSTV HD Decoder

features of dstv hd decoder in nigeria

DSTV HD decoder is a lesser version of the explorer decoder, with a way less functionality. However, even with its limited functionalities, you still can’t compare it with other decoders available in the Nigerian market.

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While it doesn’t have most of the amazing features of DSTV explorer as explained above, it still has access to receive all the TV channels that DSTV explorer receives, and also in full HD format and nice sound output.

Prices Of DSTV Decoders In Nigeria 2020

Below is the current DSTV decoder price in Nigeria 2020:

Current Price Of DSTV Explorer Decoder In 2020

Given the kind of amazing features of the DSTV explorer as explained above, one would normally expect it to be an expensive device. Hence, DSTV explorer is the most expensive DSTV decoder in Nigeria, as it cost times 4 the price of the more basic DSTV HD decoder.

At the moment, the current price of DSTV explorer decoder is between N51,000N62,000.

The packages you may want to buy it with and their prices includes:

  • DSTV Explorer decoder + a month compact DSTV subscription, a dish kit and a smart LNB is N51,100
  • Explorer decoder + a month compact plus subscription, a dish kit and a smart LNB is N56,000
  • DSTV Explorer decoder + a month premium DSTV subscription, a dish kit and a smart LNB is N61,100

From the above, the more packages that you choose, the more expensive your DSTV decoder will cost.

Current Price Of DSTV HD Decoder In 2020

With lesser features compared to the DSTV explorer, the current price of DSTV HD decoder is N9900. 

A new DSTV HD decoder comes with family bouquet, which attempts to give you a feel of what DSTV stands for in terms of entertainment.

Given the level of poverty in the country, it should be noted that the DSTV HD decoder is the most widely used decoder in Nigeria, due to its affordability and value packed services.

DSTV Packages And Bouquet Prices In 2020

DSTV comes with dynamic bouquets plans to suit all categories of people, irrespective of your lifestyle, income or value system. There is a plan just for every body.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the packages and bouquet prices of DSTV in 2020. Knowing about the current DSTV bouquet prices in 2020 will guide you in making an informed decision when getting a DSTV decoder.

Currently, DSTV has 5 different packages available for Nigerians, which are designed to meet the home entertainment needs of all categories of people in Nigeria.

The list of DSTV packages and prices in Nigeria are:

  1. DSTV Access – N2,000
  2. DSTV Family – N4,000
  3. DSTV Compact – N6,800
  4. DSTV Compact Plus – N10,650
  5. DSTV Premium Package – N15,800

DSTV Access

DSTV access is the most affordable DSTV subscription plan that is within the reach of most Nigerians. This DSTV bouquet plan comes with more than 45 local and international stations that sure gives you a real value for your money.

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The only down side of this DSTV package is that you can not assess it on DSTV decoders, which is the decoder that most Nigerians goes for.

At the moment, the current price of DSTV access is N2000 per month  in 2020. That is the cheapest it can go for in the DSTV family.

DSTV Family

DSTV family bouquet plan is a slightly upgraded version of the DSTV access subscription plan, with more Tv channels and higher price.

It comes with over 55 more quality TV channels, which enables you to watch both local and international TV channels on different genres like sports, movies, musics and lots more.

The current price of DSTV family bouquet in Nigeria is N4000 per month in 2020.

DSTV Compact

For those who wants to be somewhere in the middle, DSTV compact may just be the right Subscription plan for them. With it, you subscribers have access to over 60 top notch stations from both local and foreign sources.

Those on HD decoders can not subscribe to this middle DSTV package, as its availability is only for the DSTV Explorer owners.

At the moment, the current price of DSTV compact boutquet in Nigeria is N6800 per month.

DSTV Compact Plus

This DSTV subscription plan is an upgraded version of the DSTV compact plan, mostly in terms of the number of sports channels that one can receive with it.

However, the price difference is quite collosal, which hardly justifies the additional TV channels it receives over the compact subscription.

You can receive super sport 7, sport 10 and most other sport channels for most foreign leagues and other sports channels.

The current price of DSTV compact Plus subscription in Nigeria is N10650 per month.

DSTV Premium package

if you need all that DSTV has to offer, then the DSTV premium subscription plan is for you. It comes with over 185 high premium TV channels from around the globe.

With this premium package, you have access to all that you could possibly need in your home entertainment, including all sporting channels on football, tennis and other top sports around the globe.

These features makes it the most expensive DSTV package availiable at the moment.

The current price of DSTV premium package is N15800 per month in Nigeria 2020.

Believe me, its only a few Nigerian families that can afford this premium subscription package.

DSTV Free To Air channels In Nigeria 2020

At the moment, DSTV decoder provides only one free to air channel to their subscribers.

DSTV free to air channels is NTA 2, which only pops up when your current subscription plan expires, so you can still have something to keep you engaged with.

However, we all know that there is so little you can do with such local channel. The prospect of having a decoder that gives you all these good channels completely free without monthly subscriptions is amazing.

Do you know that there are many free to air decoders in Nigeria? Our guide on the best free to air decoders will be a valuable resource for you.

Downgrade/Upgrade DSTV Packages In Nigeria 2020

If you want to downgrade or upgrade a DSTV package in Nigeria, kindly follow this guide below, and you should be good.

How To Upgrade Or Downgrade A DSTV Package Online In 2020

How do i downgrade my DSTV subscription plan in 2020 is a question on the mind of many persons using DSTV. This is so because the circumstances surrounding us is constantly changing. And with these changes comes changes in our other activities as well.

To downgrade your DSTV subscription, you must have to wait until your current subscription runs out before you can downgrade your DSTV subscription plan. Once expired, proceed with the following:

Start by visiting the DSTV site via this link

Input your smart card number and your registered DSTV phone number

Once logged in, click on the account, and the add or change button

You should be able to see your current DSTV bouquet, and the list of other DSTV subscription plans that you can downgrade to.

Now select he new plan that you want to downgrade to and proceed. Note, you can downgrade to any level you like. Example, you can downgrade from DSTV premium subscription to DSTV access subscription.

On the payment summary option, choose Pay and select your prefered payment option on the DSTV payment plateform.

Input the required payment information in the spaces provided and click on continue to continue. Once the Payment is successful, you can then wait for like 3 minute for your DSTV to pick the signal. This is how to downgrade a DSTV package in Nigeria 2020.

How To Upgrade A DSTV Package In Nigeria 2020

To upgrade a DSTV subscription plan in Nigeria 2020, kindly follow the proceedures discussed above, and you should be able to upgrade to any DSTV plan that you like. Its that simple.

DSTV Contact Address In Nigeria

There are many ways to contact DSTV Nigeria, the most efficient ones include the following channels:

Via Facebook, click here

Via Twitter, click here

via Whatsapp, Use this number (+234 908 236 8533) to add DSTV up. But make sure that your smartcard number and your registered mobile number is ready. All you should do is to say Hi, then follow the onscreen popup that follows.

DSTV self help service through USSD code. Simply dial *288# and follow the onscreen prompt

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