Top 10 Book Publishing Companies in Nigeria 2021

This article contains the top 10 book publishing companies in Nigeria.

Books have become a great part of the Nigerian culture and lifestyle because a lot of stories are been passed down from one generation to the other in books.

This has grown over the years to the point that Nigerians now write books that even go across to other places in Africa and beyond against the popular adage that says ‘If you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book’.

Blacks have been seen as a race that doesn’t take interest in reading books over the years, but that has changed over time as a lot of scholars are part of the black population which goes a long way to show that black people also read books and not just read books but also write books.

In Nigeria for example, a lot of great writers have emerged and are known worldwide for their creativity and brilliant works.

For those in the line of writing books of any kind, quality and durability matters.

Just as there are lots of book publishing companies all over the country, a few have stood out for their quality book publishing delivery and this has made them quite recommendable to authors and anyone looking to publish their book.

Book publishing companies in Nigeria established to meet the reading and cultural needs of the country and the world at large.

This is because of the vital part that books play in the social transformation of the country. Books have a vital role to play in nation-building which includes preserving cultural heritage and values.

Book publishing is a business that involves the production and distribution of printed communication materials.

Although, choices in the book publishing industry are not as easy as they ought to be because the industry is one populated by stakeholders of different levels of interest.

Several scholars have lamented on this issue arising from failure to reflect all the important angles in quantifying the decisions that book publishing companies make.

As a result of the constant influence of the above-mentioned scenario, a short review of the essentials of this proponent is important since it makes up such an important structure for persons in the media world.

A lot of good writers are faced with the challenges of publishing their materials given the cost and hectic process of getting quality work done.

This has made several brilliant writers remain on the ground level and starve the world of their great creativity and brilliance.

Getting the right finance for book publishing is one thing, then getting the best book publishing company to publish your work is another thing.

Just as there are a lot of reliable book publishing companies, there are also a lot of low standard and inferior book publishing companies.

To get great quality work done for your book publishing and also value for your money spent, it is wise to work with top-class book publishing companies to ensure the proper publishing of your materials.

Below, in no particular order are the top 10  book publishing companies in Nigeria.

1. The Grace Springs Africa Publishers.

The Grace Springs Africa Publishers company is located in Lagos, Nigeria and it is a Christian publishing company with sole purpose of spreading the gospel through books.

This publishing company is known for their quality publishing and credibility in service delivery.

2. The Evans Brothers Publishers Limited.

The Evans Brothers Publishers Limited was established in the year 1966 and they have since been known for publishing several educational books both for kids and adults.

They have earned the reputation of been among Nigeria’s top educational book publishers.

3. The Cassava Republic.

The Cassava Republic was created in the year 2006. It was birthed due to the situation at that time where a lot of African writers published their books with foreign book publishing companies and these books were also circulated there.

So in the year 2006, the Cassava Republic book publishing company was established to put an end to that.

They have grown over the years and are known for publishing Nigerian books for both home and foreign use.

4. The Kachifo Book Publishing Company.

The Kachifo Book Publishing Company was created in the year 2004 and it was established to convey the rich African culture in our stories through books to the rest of the world.

They have grown massively over the years and have published for renowned authors like Ben Okri, Chimamanda Adichie, and a host of others. One of their core purposes is to build and increase the level of literacy within Africa.

5. Book Craft Africa.

The Book Craft Africa company is located in Ibadan, Nigeria and it has been in business for more than twenty years now.

It is known for publishing most academic books in large quantities over the years with a great reputation.

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They have published for several great authors like the late Chinua Achebe and a host of others.

6. Black Tower Publishers.

The Black Tower Publishers company is located in Anambra State, Nigeria. This publishing company is a Christian publishing company that is known for publishing several Christian books including motivational books.

They were established to promote the level of Nigerian authors to Africa and the rest of the world.

7. New Gong Publishers.

The new gong book publishing company is located in Lagos State, Nigeria. They render various services besides just publishing books such as multimedia and online media services.

8. The University Press PLC.

The University Press PLC is located in Ibadan, Nigeria, and was created in the year 1949. It was a subsidiary of Oxford University Press Nigeria and has grown massively over the years both in reputation and popularity.

They are regarded as one of the oldest book publishing companies in Nigeria and the number one publishers of educational books in Nigeria.

9. Parresia Publishers Ltd.

The Parresia Publishers Limited is located in Lagos, Nigeria. They are regarded as young when compared to some other book publishing companies in Nigeria.

They have grown steadily over the years with awesome book publications and this has earned them a certain level of trust and reliability.

10. Literamed Publications Nigeria Ltd.

The Literamed Publications is located in Lagos, Nigeria, and it’s West African head office in Ghana.

This book publishing company is currently Nigeria’s leading publisher for children’s books and it was created in the year 1969.

This company is responsible for the publishing of books bearing the logo of “Lantern books” and it has grown so huge even beyond Nigeria.

In conclusion, book publishing companies in Nigeria have made it easier and possible for Nigerians who write to publish their materials, also it has made it possible for a lot of writers to get their works well packaged for both home and foreign use.

The culture of Nigerian tribes and the rich history of the people are been exported to foreigners in these books to enable them to learn about our culture which also debunks the early belief that black people don’t read books.

These great authors have made the world view blacks and Nigeria most especially as a home of great literacy embodied in our diverse cultures which we transport in our books.

That’s all on the top 10 book publishing companies in Nigeria.

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I hope this article on the top 10 book publishing companies in Nigeria was helpful?

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