How To Block Or Unblock Someone On Facebook In 5 Easy Steps (2020)

How to block and unblock someone on Facebook is a question that our team of experts often receive from our numerous readers across the globe.

Facebook is obviously a social media platform that can keep one engaged with friends and family members for such a long time that you could practically forget about your sorrows.

However, because all Facebook users can send and receive friend request from all kinds of persons around the world, it therefore means that you can accept friend request from people who are quite annoying to be with.

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Most times, even your close friend or friends can for some reasons become a pain in the ass that the only thing you could think about is to block them  on your Facebook list.

This being the case, you may want to learn how to block someone on Facebook fast without wasting any time.

At times also, in the heat of an argument, you can quickly block someone on Facebook only to end up regrating why you did that in the first place. On this note, you will want to unblock the person.

But since Facebook has many features all competing for your attention, it could be a daunting task to figure out where the particular feature you need to activate is.

Hence, in order to help you learn how to block or unblock people on Facebook, this article emerged

How To Block Someone On Facebook In 5 Easy Steps

The blocking feature on Facebook is such a useful feature that without it, Facebook would have been one hell of a place to sign up for. This is so because blocking someone on Facebook serves as a way of checking peoples activities objectively.

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You should note that the process of blocking someone on Facebook on PC is almost the same thing as blocking someone on smartphone or mobile device.

How do i block someone on Facebook? To block someone on Facebook, simply log into your Facebook account, go to menu, setting and privacy, block and simply add the friend that you want to add to your block list and that is all.

The above sounds too over simplified right? Now lets take it step by step so that the non initiates can understand the process better.

First – Log into your Facebook account. There are many ways you can log into your Facebook account. The first is to locate your Facebook app installed on either your mobile phone or your desktop computer. Locate and click on the Facebook app to sign in.

The second way is to sign in to your Facebook account through your browser. On this you can open your mobile or desktop browser and in the address bar, type in

Second – On your Facebook’s homepage, click on the gear icon Screenshot 273 in the top right corner of your screen to display the dropdown list as shown below.

On the drop down menu, click on the Settings and privacy tab as shown below

Screenshot 274facebook-settings-and-privacy

Third – Once the privacy and settings tab opens, click on the settings tab to view the full list of other settings under it as shown below.


Forth – Clicking on the settings tab will take you to the screen where you will have more access to a lot of other Facebook settings. On this, click on the blocking category to go to the next stage

Screenshot 276facebook blocking

Fifth – On the manage blocking page, click on the blocking box and type in the name or email address of the person you wish to block on Facebook as shown below. After which you click on the block button to block the person.

block facebook user

Once you type the name of the person inside the box and click on the Block button, the person will be added to your blocked list.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Facebook

There are many ways to tell if someone has blocked you on Facebook. However, the most common and effective ways of knowing if someone has blocked you on Facebook is to send the message a direct message.

If the message does not deliver, go to the persons timeline and check the person is still active on Facebook. If yes, then the persons has probably blocked you on Facebook.

Secondly, the persons profile picture will suddenly not be visible to you any more, and you are likely not going to be able to post on the persons’ timeline nor see their updates, even when the persons’ timeline is still active with new contents.

With these stuffs, you don’t need a fortune-teller to tell you that you have been blocked by the person. If you care so much about the person and would want to know why, you can reach out to the person with another Facebook account

How To Unblock Someone On Facebook In 5 Easy Steps

The blocking feature on Facebook would have been bad if the option to unblock was not there. Most time, in the heat of an argument, you may be inclined to block someone immediately, and soon, you will wish you never did that.

With this in mind, if you want to unblock someone on Facebook, I will how you how in 5 easy steps. Follow this guide.

To unblock someone on Facebook

First, log into your Facebook account and click on the downward facing triangle in the top right corner of your Facebooks homepage.

Select settings and privacy option, and then setting.

under the settings category, select blocking.

And in the manage blocking page, to go the list of persons you have blocked on your Facebook list and click on the unblock button next to the persons name

Screenshot 278how to unblock facebook users

Once you click on the Unblock link, you will be taken to the confirmation page where you need to affirm again that you really want to unblock the fellow. click on the confirm button and the person will be unblocked as shown below.

comfirm unblock on facebook

If you have followed this tutorial step by step, you should have learned how to unblock someone on Facebook. Have you unblocked the person? If yes, congratulations!

This completes the tutorial on how to block or unblock someone on Facebook. If you still have any other question concerning this discourse, kindly use the comment section below to ask the question and we shall get back to you as soon as we can.

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