14 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Looking for a hosting company to host your website online? Here is a list of the 14 best web hosting companies in Nigeria.

As a businessman or woman who runs a website for his or her business, you are open to two options for your web hosting solutions.

You can either use a local web hosting company or a foreign web hosting company.

Both options have their benefits but the advantage of using a Nigerian or local web hosting company is the fact that you can make payments in naira through the bank by deposits or by using your debit card.

These Nigerian or local web hosting companies offer services that are less expensive and easier to use.

Despite the fact that web hosting companies in Nigeria have improved so much on their quality of service, they are still not there due to the frequent issues that arise from customers daily.

Besides the more considerable hosting services offered by these Nigerian web hosting companies, customers most times still end up spending more in the long run especially as the traffic of their website increases daily.

Also, a large number of these Nigerian based web hosting companies are like middle-men between customers and the foreign web hosting companies they are linked to.

This on the long run makes the cost of using these Nigerian based web hosting companies high because they add up the cost of the services from their foreign suppliers.

For those individuals who aim to run a very large website, these Nigerian based web hosting companies would find it difficult to deliver the high-quality services required for running such websites.

So most top Nigerian owned websites make use of foreign web hosting companies who can accommodate the huge workload of their websites and deliver in quality to enable them to run their websites efficiently.

On the other hand, if you are set on running a small website or blog which would only accommodate a few thousands of views then the Nigerian based web hosting companies are capable of handling such.

This makes it easier for small business owners to spend less on running their websites.

That being said, lets now consider some of the best Web hosting companies in Nigeria. This list include both foreign and local webhosting companies.

14 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

1. DomainKing.

This company offers a great deal of web hosting services to its customers at affordable prices. They are also ranked amongst the top web hosting companies in Nigeria.

Domainking offers very cheap subscription plans that seem unrealistic in terms of quality services and durability.

2. WhoGoHost.

This WhoGoHost web hosting company is among the leading web hosting companies in Nigeria with their popularity spread across most companies and brands who operate websites.

Their subscription packages are also quite considerate to individuals running small business websites. The sizes of their storage plans are commendable and the efficiency of their services are quite dependable.

3. Tiger Technologies.

This company is unique in its services with regards to web hosting. They have great servers that are fast and also possess a high availability rate.

The tiger technologies offer considerable rates on their service charges which makes it affordable and convenient for their customers.

4. Web4Africa.

This is another awesome web hosting company in Nigeria that offers mouth-watering subscription packages to their customers. The sizes of their storage packages are quite considerable and they have a good connection speed.

5. HostGator.

HostGator is a foreign web hosting company but used by many Nigerians. This company is known world-wide for its quality service and is it’s ranked one of the best web hosting companies.

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They have made their web hosting options so affordable that their customer base has grown so large over the years despite the great quality of their services.

Their connection speed is quite fast and uploads on their server is top quality in terms of speed and response.

6. SiteGround.

Siteground offers a classy and unique web hosting service that is fast and secure.  SiteGround like Bluehost is also another top foreign web hosting company you can host your site in Nigeria.

They also made their charges affordable and give discounts on every first payment. Despite the quality of their web hosting services, they have made it easier and convenient for their customers who run small or large scale brands.

7. Registeram.

This is a Nigerian web hosting company that has grown over the years. They render quality services to their customers including offerings of Domain names to new customers.

Registram offers great storage packages with fast connections. Also, customers have the leisure of paying at the bank.

8. Gigalayer.

Gigalayer formally Hub8, makes available web hosting services that are affordable to customers. They are new but fast rising in the web hosting business in Nigeria.

Compared to most web hosting companies in Nigeria, Gigalayer is still growing and this makes it difficult for most top website owners to trust their capability.

9. Bluehost.

Bluehost is a foreign web hosting company that you can use to host your website in Nigeria.

The rate in which Bluehost offer their web hosting services given their prices, make it clear that they are not for beginners in hosting business.

They offer great high-class services and charge high for their web hosting which begins from a high price compared to some other web hosting companies or sites.

Bluehost is ranked among the best web hosting companies in the world because of their quality services and adequate innovations.

10. GlobalHosting247.

Globalhosting247 offers to its customers a wide range of affordable web hosting services and packages. They offer cheap subscription packages that enable customers to spend less.

The quality of their services is not ruined by the cheap nature of their charges. Instead, it attracts more attention to the credibility of their web hosting services.

11. SMartWeb Online Solutions.

The SmartWeb Online Solutions has only been in the web hosting business for just 16years and yet covered more grounds than most web hosting companies.

They are known for their great storage subscription plans and at affordable prices. Just like other Nigerian web hosting companies, you can pay with your debit card or bank deposits.

12. Utiware.

Utiware is also another good web hosting service provider if you are looking to work with a Nigerian based web hosting company.

Their packages are quite affordable and regardless of how young they are in the web hosting business, they have gained strong grounds in Nigeria with the quality of their services.

They also make payment patterns comfortable for their customers by giving them options of either paying with their debit cards or bank deposits.

13. GoDaddy.

This foreign web hosting company gives one of the best services for web hosting and it is quite fast and safe for your data.

They offer two plan methods which are the basic plan and the developer plan with each having their unique price ranges.

14. HostNowNow.

Like a number of fresh web hosting companies in Nigeria, Hostnownow is working its way up to the top and has grown over time with its efficient services.

Although, they would still have to grow faster in order to attract the attention of top website owners.

That’s all on the 14 best web hosting companies in Nigeria. Please note that the list is not in any hierarchical order.

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