Best Site To Download TV Series Free On Phone And PC 2021

Are you looking for the best site where you can download your favorite TV shows for free on your smartphone or PC? We all have a couple of TV shows that we really wish to download for free right?

However, most times we go to the internet looking for free TV series sites, only to end up jumping from one website to another in search of the said movie with free download link.

In order to save us from that stress, I have gone through many websites that claims to give you access to download TV series free. And in all these, here is the best website to download any TV series on phone and PC free in 2020.

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The best site to download TV series free with your smartphone or PC is on The good thing about o2tvseries is that all their videos can be downloaded on different qualities like in mp4, 3gp, AVI and more, which is really what many persons look at for.

The above supposition is an overtly simplified explanation of things. Let’s get into the details of the best site to download TV series free.

While you will learn about TV show download mp4, its pertinent that you know the best app to download TV series free. This and many others will be shown to you in the course of our discussion here.

The Best Site To Download TV series Free

Our readers often ask us this question, What is the best site to download TV series free? The best site to download TV shows or season film is

o2tvseries is the best site to download TV series free in 2020 because of the wide range of popular TV shows that it has to offer for free. Though it’s laden with lots of ads, but don’t worry much about that because that’s where the site owners makes a couple of box from.

Another good thing about this site is that every episode to be downloaded for free comes with 3 different downloadable format viz: HD Mp4 format, Mp4 format and 3gp format.

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This ensures that you download season films (as Nigerians call it) free without breaking the bank to buy megabytes. Another thing to note about this site is the fact that it has an easy to navigate interface. This becomes a very useful feature for the non initiates in internet browsing.

Having said this much, the big question now is…

How To Download Season Films From o2Tvseries Free

To download any season film free from o2tvseries, simply head over to the site via or visit it by clicking on this link here.

the homepage of

On the home page, you will see two main sections. The first are the season films that were recently uploaded on the site, while the second section is the area where all the TV series are arranged or grouped according to their alphabets.

For this tutorial, let’s assume you want to download power season 1. You go down to the section with the title P -Q – R and click on more to load that category.

locate power series

Once the category is loaded, look for the season film the season film that you wish to download. However, if you cannot find it on the first page, then keep clicking on the next button below to page as shown below until you get to the page where the desired movie is, so that you can download the TV series free.

click on next o2tvseries

So the movie Power was found on page 2 under the P -Q – R category. Click on it to get to the screen where you can select the season that you wish to download, select season 1 (or any other season you may wish to download for free) and hit the enter button to proceed to the download page.

On the download page, you will be presented with 3 video quality options to choose from. Select the one that you want and click on download

chose your download format in o2tvseries

The 3gp option saves you a lot of megabytes, but comes with a poor video quality while the mp4 option needs more megabyte to download but has a high video quality. Chose whichever you prefer and hit the download button.

If you are downloading with your PC, its recommended that you first install internet download manager, which will greatly accelerate your download speed.

If you are downloading this TV series free with phone, we recommend you use UC browser as it has fast download speed.

With this, your TV series will start downloading in a second. This is how to download TV series free on phone and PC.

Another best site to download season film free is With this website, you can download any season film free with a mobile or PC.

To download season films free on, simply head over to their website at

On the homepage, go to the search bar and type in the name of the TV series you wish to download for free.

Once you type in the name of the TV series you want to download for free, you will see all the available seasons for that particular series as shown below. homepage

Select season that you wish to download for free to get to the download page.

tvshows club download page

Click on the get download links, which will display the download links of all the episodes for this particular seasons, and then hit the enter button to start downloading the season film free.

Other Great Sites To Download TV Series Free On Mobile And PC

Below is the list of other great sites to download all tv shows free on mobile and PC:


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