The Best Luxury Wristwatches And Prices In Nigeria (With Pictures)

Ever heard the saying that “you are never completely dressed until you wear a wristwatch”? A persons’ wristwatch to a large extent defines who he is. This is why all men of class with distinct sense of fashion don’t joke with the kind of wristwatch they wear. Consequently, this article will introduce you to the best wristwatches in Nigeria for men and their current pricing in 2020.

Many years before now, everybody in Nigeria used to own and use wristwatches because wristwatches were the only viable means of checking time. But these days, the narratives are fast changing.

With the introduction of mobile phones, watches are no longer as popular as they were before. This is so because the non initiates in Nigeria still thinks that with their phones, they don’t really need wristwatches. This comes from people that don’t understand what it means to stand out among the crowd.

However, Nigerians used to wear wristwatches only for the sake of keeping with time. But these days, watches now performs far greater functions than the checking of times. The wristwatches have become part of our regular dress codes, and that is why fashion lovers don’t ever joke with it.

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While there are thousands of good watches to buy in Nigeria, many of them lacks what it takes to showcase that personality that you want people to see in you. This consequently explains why we are introducing you to the best wristwatches in Nigeria, and their current prices in 2020. This, we believe will guide you in choosing the best quality wristwatch that will meet your needs.

best luxury wristwatch in nigeria now

But before diving right into the best wristwatches in Nigeria, we should answer one question first. Are wristwatches really outdated and out fashioned? Certainly not. In fact, wristwatches have even become more necessary than they had ever been in the past. Below are the reasons you should be wearing a high quality wrist watch in Nigeria this 2020:

Why Wristwatches Are Still Valuable In 2020

While there are people who believe that buying and using of wristwatches is no longer necessary, we think that watches are more necessary now than ever.

Here are the reasons you need to start using wristwatches in Nigeria today:

  1. A valueble piece of accessory
  2. For convenience
  3. Social recognition
  4. Reliability

A Valuable Piece Of Accessory:

Unlike women that have lots of jewelries to enhance their appearance like chains, hand bags, rings etc, men generally have one notable piece of accessory, and that is the wristwatch.

Real men only go for the best high quality watches in Nigeria because the use of other accessories has the potential of making one look feminine, am sure you don’t want to appear like that, do you?

Going for the best watches in Nigeria can actually improve your appearance and enhance peoples perception about you and your dress sense. While this may come with a higher price, believe me, it’s completely worth any amount you spend on it.

For Convenience:

Most times, you can decide to check the time with your phone, and later get carried away by other activities on your phone settings and notifications. This happens to people who rely on their phones to check time.

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However, with your wristwatch, all need do is to lift your left hand a bit, and the time is right in your head. In other words, watches offers lesser distractions than the phones, and that’s why its very convenient to use, even without noticing it.

Social Recognitions:

Once you are a watch lover and often go for the best high quality watches in Nigeria, people who understand the value of your wristwatch will instantly begin to accord you that respect and recognition that you deserve.

If someone requires to know the time from you, don’t you think that it looks fashionable to raise your wristwatch a bit than bringing out your phone from your pocket? There is this feeling of classiness that comes with knowing the time from your wristwatch that many people don’t know about.


All watch types, be it engine watches or quartz watches are known to be incredibly reliable in keeping accurate time logs. You should be wearing watches every day because it is more reliable than phones. What happens when your phone runs out of battery and you have an important meeting to attend on time? The reasons to go for the best wristwatches in Nigeria in 2020 can never be over emphacized.

Top 10 Luxurious Wristwatches For Men In Nigeria 2020

George Owen in his animal farm once said that “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than the others” This statement is particularly true in the watch fashion industry. Some watches are more than just a piece of metal on the wrist region.

Are you in Nigeria looking for the best luxury wristwatch to buy?

If yes, here is the best 10 luxury wristwatches in Nigeria for men with the highest sense of fashion.

  1. Rolex 116200
  2. Petek Philippe
  3. Vacheron Constantine
  4. Tag Heuer
  5. Breitling
  6. Cartier
  7. Lange And SÖhne
  8. Piaget
  9. Ulysse Nardin
  10. Omega


rolex wristwatch in nigeria

Rolex 11620 is the best luxurious wristwatch for men that don’t want to settle for anything less than the best in Nigeria. Being built with the best materials you could possibly think of around the world, this masterful timepiece instantly puts you in the spotlit, hence increasing your social recognition as a man of class.

As expected, nothing good comes cheap. The price of this masterpiece is actually on the high side, given the fact that it was built just for the elites.

This rolex wristwatch cost N3,100,000.00 on Amazon. It’s equally sold on watchaven, a Nigerian based emarketplace for top-notch watches.

Petek Philippe:

petek luxury watch in nigeria

Petek Philippe is considered one of the best quality wristwatch in Nigeria for people with taste. Its elegant finishing, coupled with its pure gold finishing makes it among the best luxurious watches in Nigeria. This particular wristwatch has a very long history, and has been used by famous people in the world like the famous Napoleon Hills due to its premium features.

Petek Philippe wristwatch was built in 1839, and has since remain relevant even till this day because good things are always built to last forever. This is among the best luxurious wristwatch in Nigeria that will sure make you outstanding among everyone else.

The current price of Petek Philippe luxury watch on Amazon is N11,851,700.00

Vacheron Constantin:

vacheron constantin wristwatch in nigeria

Vacheron Constantin is among the best luxury wristwatch brand in Nigeria this 2020. It was built in 1755 in Geneva with a complete 18k gold. Great men and women in the past mostly favours this particular watch more than others. People like Napoleon Bonaparte, President Roosevelt among others had this quality watch in their collection.

For current pricing of this great watch for the Nigerian elites on Amazon, click on this link.

Tag Heure:

tag heuer

This 19th century wristwatch has proven that time don’t have the capacity to diminish a masterpiece. While its many years in existence, the quality and beauty still outshines mos of the modern watches.

TAG Heuer wristwatch is among the best wristwatches in Nigeria that was built with that touch of everlastingness in it. It comes with a 14k gold bezel that will catch the eyes of anyone who can see.

You can check for the current price on Amazon using the link here


breitling wristwatch in nigeria

Breitling wristwatch is among the highest quality luxury wristwatches for men in Nigeria that every modern man with a sense of fashion will like to have in his collection of watches. This 1834 wristwatch has withstand the test of time and is still waxing strong by the day.

With its elegant finishing, this watch made just for the elites who wants to stand out and be respected for their lofty position in the society. The price is a little bit on the high side though, as it cost more than $5000. Click on this link to check the current pricing.


cartier wristwatch in nigeria

This luxury watch was built in 1847 by Louis Cartier, and ever since then, it has dominated the elite watch industry. Most Nigerian elites go for this particular watch, as it makes them appear like gentlemen and more respectable.

Built with a 18k gold frame and the best leather in the world, you don’t expect the price to be on the lower side. However, you are rest assured that once you buy this high quality watch in Nigeria, both you and your grand children will still be making use of it because if was made to last almost like forever.

This is among the best luxury watch for men in Nigeria. For the current pricing, visit this link

Lange And SOhne

lang and sonea wristwatch in nigeria

Lange And SÖhne wristwatch is among the best watches in Nigeria that appears simple yet complex as to show a persons class and high taste of judgement. It comes cotted with !8k gold bezel and a high quality brown animal skin leader which can endure for many years without atrophy.

This watch was founded in 1845 in Germany, and has since become one of the best wristwatches in the world, and by extension in Nigeria. Since its not popular, getting this watch will give you that privilege of joining the few people that owns it in Nigeria.

You can check Amazon for current pricing of this evergreen masterpiece


piagnet luxury watch

Piaget wristwatch is the best luxury wristwatch for men in Nigeria. Being fully automatic, it comes With a price tag of $18,900 on Amazon, this amazing wristwatch is less expensive compared to most of the watches discussed above. However, it equals them in elegance and sweetness.

This Swiss watch was built in 1874, and its among the best 18k gold watch in Nigeria. No elite in Nigeria would want to miss this high quality watch in Nigeria. Do well to check it out.

Ulysse Nardin:

ulysse nardin writwatch in nigeria

Looking for a classy wristwatch to buy in Nigeria? Ulysse nardin watch may be the best for you. It was built by a Swiss watchmaker Le Locle in 1846. Ever since then, the watch has become one of the best watches for men who love looking different.

This $40,900 wristwatch will surely meet your taste in more ways than you can expect. Check the current pricing on Amazon with this link


omega wristwatch in nigeria

Omega wristwatch is the best wristwatch in Nigeria for the high profile individuals that wants to look good. This Swiss watch was built in 1846, and has been used by most of the most famous people around the world. This silver cotted watch is far beyond a time keeping piece, it offers much more than that.

This $4000 wristwatch is among the best watches in Nigeria. Check the current pricing on Amazon through this link, and perhaps you can get your from there too.

Best Affordable Wristwatches In Nigeria 2020

While the above list of luxury watches are quite classy but expensive and beyond the reach of the common Nigerians, there are still other elegance watches that you can still go for, which will sure give you almost the same feel as the more expensive ones above.

Hence, if you are looking for the best affordable watches to buy in Nigeria, below is the top 10 list to consider in 2020.

  1. Forsinning wristwatch
  2. Cuban wristwatch
  3. Hugo boss wristwatch
  4. Police wristwatch
  5. Swiss army watch
  6. Bobo wristwatch
  7. Naviforce wristwatch
  8. Curren quartz watch
  9. Ww00r wristwatch
  10. Rolexable watch

These are the top 1o affordable and high quality wristwatches in Nigeria 2020 that you should consider going for.

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