Top 10 Job sites In Nigeria 2021 | List Of Job Websites In Nigeria

This article is about the best job sites in Nigeria 2020 that offers the most up-to-date job vacancies both from local to international firms and corporations.

Are you a job applicant? Are you currently working but not satisfied with your current job? Do you want to know the best free job sites in Nigeria 2020 which can help you secure your dream job with ease? If yes, then this article is completely written for you.

Given the level of unemployment in Nigeria, and the frustration that comes with going to companies for the sake of knowing whether or not there is a vacant position for you has made Nigerians result to using the services of online job websites to ease the stress of job hunting in Nigeria.

infographics of unemployment in nigeria


One industry that receives the most search query on the internet space of Nigeria is online job sites in Nigeria. This is so because available statistics has it that more than 20Million Nigerians are out of Jobs, while additional 10Million is expected to join on this path before 2020 runs out.

In the past, companies used to advertise available job vacancies on newspapers like The Punch, Vanguard News, etc. The equally advertise for available vacancies via their official websites.

However, the stress of buying newspapers every day for the sake of seeing available job opening was so frustration, coupled with the frustration that comes with visiting thousands of company websites in search of vacancies.

Most times, the published job vacancies on company websites may not even be within the reach of the persons who are not too good at navigating through web pages.

Consequently, in order to address this issue and make the prospect of getting jobs easier in Nigeria, a few websites have taken up the burden of going through the all these stress for you.

These job websites in Nigeria go through the stress of reading through newspaper pages, and browsing through web pages to gather all the best job vacancies for you, so you don’t have to go through the same stress again.

With just one click, you can have access to all the major job vacancies across Nigeria. This is why many Nigerians now result to the use of best job websites in Nigeria in 2020.

While there are many job websites in Nigeria, it should be noted that not all of them are real good. Hence, in order to save you from the stress of doing trial and error with these sites, our team of experts have come up with this list of best job websites in Nigeria.


Determinants Of Good Job Sites

How do i know a good job site in Nigeria? When it comes to searching for jobs online, there are certain things that should guide you to determine if the job site is among the best.

Below are the features of best job sites in Nigeria 2020:

  1. Site navigation
  2. Trending and up to date jobs
  3. Direct sources
  4. Less ad display
  5. Active engagement in the comment section
  6. Auto application for jobs

Site Navigation: The ease at which viewers are able to locate the jobs that suits their needs on the site, in terms of separating jobs base on categories, with the ability to search for specific jobs.

Trending And Up-To-Date Jobs: How often the site publishes new job opportunities in Nigeria.

Direct Sources: Sites that publishes genuine job openings directly from the sites involved, not the copy and paste bloggers.

But before we proceed, we need to answer one very important question, for the sake of the non initiate in online job sites in Nigeria.

Less Ads Display: While you are looking for jobs to apply for, the best job sites don’t bombard you with tons of ads.

Active engagement in the comment section: The best job sites in Nigeria all care and engage job applicants in the comment section, offering more values than would normally be expected.

What Is Job Website?

Job websites are those websites that only or majorly writes on job vacancies from different companies and organizations.

The major target of job websites is to help the job seekers have access to the latest jobs both within and outside their localities. This greatly easy the task of job hunting for millions of people across the globe.

There are many Job websites in Nigeria. However, in this article, I will only show you the list of job websites in Nigeria that offers the best job awareness services completely free. If you are ready, let’s get started.

Top 10 Job Sites In Nigeria 2020

Below is the list of best job vacancy websites in Nigeria for job seekers:

  1. Jobberman
  2. Hot Nigerian jobs
  3. My job mag
  4. NG career
  5. NGR jobs
  6. Joblist Nigeria
  7. Naija hot jobs
  8. Job guru
  9. Job zilla
  10. Naira career


jobberman homepage

Jobberman stands on Olympian aloofness when it comes to job sites in Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians considers it the best job site in Nigeria 2020. How so?

Jobberman Nigeria has thousands of job listings which cuts across all disciplines and areas of specialization. Once you start browsing through their job categories, you will surely find many jobs that suits your qualification.

Every job listed on Jobberman also comes with links to apply and the contact address of the said hiring firm or organization.

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To start with, all you need to do is to simply sign up for a free account, while stating your qualifications and job preferences, so that they jobberman system algorithm can serve you job adverts that matches your academic qualifications.

These features and many more places among the top 10 job sites in Nigeria 2020.

Hot Nigerian Jobs:

hot nigerian jobs homepage

Another best Nigerian job site 2020 is Hot Nigerian jobs, which also happens to be among the oldest Job sites in Nigeria. This site truly offers hot Nigerian jobs indeed.

For many years now, this Nigerian job site has helped thousands of Nigerians secure their dream jobs for free. They publish job advertisements on different job categories, with a very simple site navigation system.

This site is among the best job sites in Nigeria 2020.

My Job Mag:

my job mag homepage for job sites in nigeria

My Job Mag is among the top 10 job sites in Nigeria from any angle of analysis that one may choose to use in assessing the best job sites in Nigeria.

Like the other list of Nigerian job sites discussed above, Job mag has been among the front-runners in serving thousands of Nigerians with up-to-date job adverts.

Hence, making it one of the best job sites in Nigeria and the top 10 job websites within Nigeria.

NG Career:

ng career homepage for job seekers

Another best job site in Nigeria is NG Career. This Nigerian job site is set apart from other job sites in Nigeria in terms of its job coverage, easy navigation as well as its user-friendly interface.

It’s among the best job sites in Nigeria, and Nigerians have grown to trust any job advert that they ever publish, because the only publish job adverts from a genuine source. This places it among the list of job sites in Nigeria.

NGR Jobs:

ngr jobs homepage for job seekers in nigeria

This job portal in Nigeria is dynamic in its mode of operation in that once you register, it connects you directly to the portal of the recruiting agency, once your qualification matches with the job specification of the company involved.

NGR jobs constantly publishes relevant job ads on a daily basis, reaching out to job seekers across Nigeria. If you are looking for the best job site in Nigeria, Ngr jobs could be among the top 10 job sites in Nigeria in this 2020.

Also, you can easily subscribe to their free email notification so that they will be sending you customized emails base on the jobs that suits your qualifications all for free.

Joblist Nigeria:

job list nigeria homepage for job seekers

This is among the top 10 job websites in Nigeria which adds real value to you as a job seeker. Joblist Nigeria publishes new and trending job adverts daily, which increases your chances of seeing the jobs that meets your taste.

It publishes those jobs that requires experience, the ones that don’t require experience other job categories. With Joblist, everyone stands a chance to get employed.

Whether you have a degree or not, there is a job listing in Joblist Nigeria which will accommodate you. This is why many Nigerians go to this site regularly for job updates. Hence, making it one of the best job sites in Nigeria 2020

Naija Hot Jobs:

This job site is among the most popular job sites in Nigeria with thousands of site visitors every day. Sure, these visitors visit the site because it adds real value to their very being.

Naija hot jobs publishes jobs on divers categories to meet the need of many persons and qualifications. This site is among the top 10 job websites in Nigeria because of the values that it offers to job seekers across the length and breath of Nigeria.

Job Gurus:

Job gurus is no doubt a Nigerian job site per excellence. It connects job seekers to various multinational corporations and NGOs in a seamless manner.

Millions of Nigerians have at some point in time got good paying jobs through this portal. Hence, jobgurus is among the top 10 job websites in Nigeria in 2020.

Job Zilla:

One of the best job sites in Nigeria is job zilla. This dynamic site carries out deep research about available job openings and does not relent in publishing these for the benefit of the job seekers in Nigeria.

Whether you are job hunting or you are not really OK with your current job, you can always see something better on the portal of job zilla. Give it a try and return with a testimony. This site makes the list of job websites in Nigeria 2020

Naira Career:

This job site in Nigeria is among the top 10 job sites in Nigeria 2020, because of so many factors. It only writes on trusted job adverts on different categories daily.

Just like we said earlier, there are thousands of Nigerian job sites out there. However, not all of them are too good, especially for inexperienced job seekers.

Other Good Jobsites To Consider In Nigeria 2020 includes:

  1. Careeer 24
  2. Jobspire
  3. Job seekers
  4. Job gurus
  5. GBLcareers

That is why we came up with this list of best job sites in Nigeria in 2020. Is it our view that once you go through this lists above, you will surely secure the kind of job that you are looking for.

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