7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Nigerian Bloggers 2020

This article is about the 7 best google AdSense alternatives for Nigerian bloggers. It was written for those who wish to explore other alternatives of monetizing their blogs aside AdSense. If you are in this category of bloggers, then this article will be most resourceful to you.

In this article, you will learn about the reasons to consider some other AdSense alternatives, the top 7 closest alternatives to AdSense for Nigerian bloggers, their minimum requirements and their pros and cons, plus some bonus tips at some point in this article which you don’t get anywhere else on the internet. Do well to read till the end.

Note: We don’t intend to criticize google AdSense here. On the contrary, AdSense is still the best ad network at the moment. This piece is a backup plan for those having one form of problem or the other with either getting their AdSense account approved or unbanning their accounts.

Google AdSense is the most popular ad network around the world, partly because its being owned by google, and mostly because of its dynamic operational framework.

With this popularity comes the challenge. Getting a site approved for AdSense is becoming a Herculean task by the day. For those who are lucky to have AdSense running on their sites, there is still no guarantee that it will last long because a little issue can have your AdSense account banned forever.

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Most Nigerian young bloggers start their blogging career with this high hope of making thousands of dollars through AdSense monetization, because to them, Google AdSense is the only viable means of making money off their blogs.

are there alternatives to adsense?

Suddenly, when their AdSense account hits the rock, all their hopes to ever make it through blogging suddenly collapses. Most persons in this category simply quit blogging. That’s so unfortunate if you ask me.

If you are in this category, worry not as there are other good alternatives to AdSense, most of which are quite better than AdSense in more ways than you could think of.

Aside from adsense and other ad networks across the globe, you can still make money online in Nigeria through affiliate marketing. On this, we have a comprehensive article on how to make money in Nigeria through affiliate marketing. With this, you may never be in need of any ad network again.

If your site for some reasons can no longer accept Google AdSense and you can’t monetize it through affiliate programs (because of your niche) then your best shot will be to consider this closest ad networks to google AdSense.

If you do receive emails from google saying that “sorry, you already have an existing AdSense account” when trying to monetize your site through AdSense, worry not as we have a detailed article on how to fix that. Click here for the full tutorial.

Top Reasons To Consider Google AdSense Alternatives

People do say that you don’t go to a white garment church for nothing. Something serious must be troubling you for you to visit one of such churches. In the same way, you don’t leave Google AdSense for nothing. There must be a serious reason for doing that.

reasons to consider other adsense alternatives
Adsense has many rules which is not favorable to many users

While there are many reasons why AdSense stands on Olympian aloofness over other ad networks, below are some reasons you may need to consider other ad networks for your blog or website in Nigeria:

  • Getting AdSense approval for your blog site these days is becoming a luxury that many struggle to have. Thousands of new bloggers now complain that they’ve got everything right, yet AdSense still reject their application. Nothing could be harder than getting your site approved for AdSense any more. A thing that used to be quite easy in time past. Many other AdSense alternative have easier approval rate.
  • There are tons of Dos and don’ts in Google AdSense, and a mistaken violation of any of these rules earns you an instant ban forever. If you click on any Ad on your site by mistake, your account will immediately be banned. Similarly, your enemy can deliberately click on ads on your site repeatedly until google bans your site forever. The rules that applies to most Google AdSense alternative are few and less strict.
  • We all know that Google AdSense Cost Per Click CPC is not the highest on the industry. Hence, many ad publishers have more CPC than Absence. There are many AdSense alternatives that have better CPC which we will show you later on in this article.
  • The customer care section of Google Adsense is nothing to write home about. A response to a simple query can take more than 2 months to arrive, and in most cases with no real explanation for why they did something to your publisher account.
  • You need to have lots of contents on your site, including meeting other site requirements if you must stand a chance of having your site approved.
  • Generally, there are many rules and strict regulations on Google AdSense that many publishers don’t find funny.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Nigerian Bloggers

If you have encountered some issues with your Google adsense that made you want to quit blogging, simply know that google adsense is not the only ad publishing company that is available for Nigerian bloggers.

While there are many ad publishing companies just like google adsense, Nigerian bloggers can’t operate with them because their only means of payment is through Paypal. And regrattably, Nigerians can’t legally receive money through Paypal unless you apply these methods outlined here.

These 7 best google adsense alternatives for Nigerian bloggers below all have their high and low points. Do make sure to check everyone of them (in terms of their requirements and CPC) to determine one that would work best for your site

adsense alternatives to consider

Below is the list of 7 best Google Adsense alternatives for Nigerian Bloggers:

  • Adversal
  • Adpushup
  • Infolinks
  • Medianet
  • Propellerads media
  • Viglink
  • Ezoic

While there are many more ad networks that offer similar services to adsesnse, the ones listed above appears to be the closest to adsense. Lets break them down a bit:


Adversal is among the best ad publishing network aside Google Adsense that can go for the Perfect adsense alternative for Nigerian bloggers.

One good thing about adversal ad publishing company is that once you reach the $20 threshhold, you can request for a cash out either through Paypal or wired transfer into your Nigerian bank account.

If you want to learn how to create a Nigerian PayPal Account that receives money abroad, read our comprehensive article about that here.

Requirements Of Adversal Ad Account For Nigerian Bloggers

Does adversal accept Nigerians? Yes, adversal accepts Nigerian bloggers to parner with them. However, your site has to meet the following requirements:

  • You must have at least 50,000 monthly visitors on your site before you can apply for adversal ad publishing affiliate.
  • You must have a website with your own domain
  • Your site must not be involved in the publishing of illigal contents, nor pirated materials or apps.
  • Your site must not be engaged with anything pornography or porn related contents.
  • Your site should be free for all to assess, and not be available only for login users.

Once you meet with these basic requirements, you can proceed to apply for an ad publisher through this link. Once set up, the CPC of adversal is quite on the high side.

How To Cash Out:

Your ad earning with adversal ad network can be withdrawn easily through wired transfer directly into your Nigerian bank account or through PayPal, both of which are easy to get. Refer to the link above on how to create a Nigerian PayPal account that receives money abroad.


Adpushup is another close alternative to Google AdSense for Nigerian bloggers. It is considered by many observers as the closest substitute of Adsense in many ways.

Setting up Adpushup on your site is quite simple. All you need to do is to type a single link of Javascript code in the header section of your site and the system does the rest for you.

Requirements Of Adpushup Ad Network For Nigerian Bloggers

Does Adpushup accept Nigerian bloggers? Yes, adpushup accepts Nigerian sites. However, your site has to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • The basic requirement of being accepted into Adpushup ad network is that your site must be making at least $5,000 monthly ad revenue from you. With this, it becomes evident that Adpushup is not meant for new sites with no hugh traffic base. It’s for fully functional site already seeking more CPC.

Adpushup is the best google adsense alternative for Nigerian sites that already makes about $5,000 through their adsense accounts. Once you meet this requirement, the chances of having your application rejected is very small.

How To Cash Out

Cashing out on Adpushup is easy. You can request to cash out through wired transfer into your Nigerian bank account or through PayPal.

Visit Adpushup.com for more signup


Infolinks has become a household name in the Ad publishing industry, and is among the 7 best alternative to AdSense for Nigerian bloggers. It removes almost all the huge requirements that characterizes other ad companies in our list.

The simplicity of infolinks operations, and the removal of outrageous requirements and many various payment methods earned it a place in our 7 best AdSense alternative for Nigerians.

Requirements Of Infolinks Ad Network For Nigerian Bloggers

Infolinks, being the 3rd largest ad publishing network in the world is the closest alternative to Google AdSense in many ways.

There are really no requirements to fulfil before becoming a publisher in infolinks. No minimum monthly page views, no commitment and no required earning capacity. The program is opened to any website owner (big or small) seeking to monetize their sites through ads.

I strongly recommend this ad network for Nigerian bloggers, especially those who are finding it difficult to get AdSense approval for their sites. For me, infolinks is the best alternative to Google AdSense for Nigerian bloggers.

How To Cash Out

By earning just $50, you can request for a cashout with infolinks ad network through their numerous payment methods which are all favourable to Nigerian bloggers.

Some of the ways Nigerian bloggers can cash out with infolinks includes: PayPal, wired transfer, Western Union, Payoneer and via foreign check.

To learn about how to cash out a foreign check in Nigeria, click on this link

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To sign up for Infolinks, visit their website at www.infolinks.com


Medianet is a large ad network company that is surpassed only by Google Adsense in some sense. It is considered among the best AdSense alternative for Nigerian bloggers.

With Medianet, and just like AdSense, ads display on your page base on the content of that page involved. This simply means that your readers get to see relevant ads at all time, which increases your chances of making even more money with your site.

We strongly recommend Medianet for any Nigerian site that meets their basic requirement which we discuss below.

Requirements Of Medianet Ad Network For Nigerian Bloggers

Should your site meet the requirements below, you should go for Medianet ASAP. The requirements for medianet ad program includes but not limited to the following:

  • Your primary audience (traffic source) should be from America, Canada and UK.
  • Your site should not be publishing any porn related content
  • The content of your site must be original, as they frown at any form of plagiarism.
  • You must have huge monthly traffic into your site to qualify for this ad program.

If your site meets these minimum requirements above, you can quickly head over to Medianet.com to sign up ASAP.

How To Cash Out

You are entitled to cash out your ad earning once you hit the $100 threshold through PayPal or preferably via wired transfer into your Nigerian bank account with some service fees attached to it.

Legally, no Nigerian is permitted to receive money through PayPal. However, to do that, you have to learn how to create a Nigerian PayPal account that receives money abroad via this link.

Propellerads Media

Propellerads ads is one of the 7 best alternatives to Google Adsense for Nigerians to monetize their blogs through ad publishing. It still features the full metrix that show you the performance of your ads, just like google adsense, in terms of impressions, clicks, CPM and other metrix.

Setting up propellerad on your site doesnt require any tech knowledge. Its just as simple as copying a simple code and pasting on your site. And as for CPM, propellerads offers the best rate in the industry, much more than AdSense.

Requirements Of PropellerAds Network For Nigerian Bloggers

What are the minimum requirements of propellerads for Nigerian bloggers?

Propellerads doesn’t require a certain amount of monthly traffic on your site before you can sign up. New sites with little traffic dont have to worry about signin up for this ad nework.

The only requirement needed is for you to own a website, and the willingness to publish ads with them. These conditions favours Nigerian bloggers who are still new in the blogging industry.

How To Cash Out

Cashing out your ad earning on propellerads is the most interesting part of it as there are many options that Nigerian bloggers can chose from. Unlike adsense, the minimum payment threshold is $5 which can be withdrawn using PayPal, wired transfer, Payoneer and Skrill accounts.

Don’t have a skrill account in Nigeria? We have a detailed article on how to open a skrill account free in Nigeria.


Viglink is so similar to Google AdSense in many ways than one. Hence, its among the best adsense alternative for Nigerian bloggers, and a safe landing for those having issues with their adsense accounts.

Once you meet the requirements, your account can be activated almost immediately. It doesn’t take long like Google AdSense, and of course is available for Nigerian bloggers. #best adsense alternative for Nigerians

Requirements Of Viglink Network For Nigerian Bloggers

There are no serious requirements for becoming an ad publisher with this ad network, and no country is banned from participating, including Nigerian bloggers.

Visit Viglink.com to signup today and see your furtunes rise.

How To Cash Out

Viglink doesn’t have many payment methods available for Nigerian bloggers, as the only available options are through wired transfer and PayPal which is not still a bad idea to say the least.

You can request for cashout once you’ve earned at least $20 ad revenue.

Vibrant Media

Vibrant media is among the most popular ad publishing networks in the world, and one of the closest alternative to Google AdSense for Nigerian bloggers.

They only work with premium advertisers which leads to high CPC rate. With this, its not surprising why thousands of websites around the globe chose to partner with them instead of AdSense.

Requirements Of vabrant Media For Nigerian Bloggers

With a very high Cost Per Click CPC rate comes other high requirements. To be eligible for this adnetwork, your site should be having at least 500,000 monthly page views.

Like i said earlier, its a premium ad networking company, and at such, site approval rate is a bit difficult. However, if your site meets the requirement above, you will never want to go back to adsense again.

So yes, Vibrant media is the best AdSense alternative for Nigerian sites that meets their high requirements.

How To Cash Out

Cashing out can be done through wired transfer and PayPal.


AdSense is obviously the largest and best ad network in the world at the moment. With it, little to nothing to worry about once you follow their policy guidelines.

However, we do believe that not having an Adsense account shouldn’t stop you from trying other adsense alternatives, especially the ones that are available for Nigerian bloggers. Most of them identified in this article are way better than adsense in some ways.

Despite the few shortcomings of Adsense and the few advantages that these other ad networks have other it, it still remains the best for many reasons.

Thanks for reading this article on the best Google AdSense alternative for Nigerian bloggers. How many of these ad networks have you used in the past? Share your experience with us via the comment section below.

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