Ebook Reader Guide: 5 Best Ebook Readers For All Devices In 2021

In this ebook reader guide 2020, we will take you through the best 5 ebook reader apps for all devices – Android, iPad, iPhone, tablets, MacBooks and Windows Pc.

If you love reading ebooks as much as I do, chances are that you will find this article interesting and informative. Just like expected, we are now in the digital world where everything is increasingly becoming digitalized, including books.

Downloading ebooks could be an easy process, as the internet is full of all kinds of ebooks. While most of them are free to download, many others are paid ebooks.

However, when it comes to getting the right ebook for your device, the rules becomes different as a bad e-book can literally limit your reading experience, even when the said ebook is of great quality.

While there are many good ebooks out there, there exist only a handful of quality ebook readers available on different devices today.

best ebook reader for your device

The above awareness explains the reason this article becomes not only timely but necessary as well. In this ebook reader guide, we have tested many ebook reader apps on many devices and have selected the once we will be sharing with you as the bests in their respective OS.

The selection was entirely based on many indexes which was carried out by our team of experts across different devices.

But before going deeper into the ebook reader guide, its pertinent to first introduce you to how to download any paid ebook on Amazon free. If you want to learn all about that, you can read our step by step guide on it through this link.

Ebook Reader Guide 2020

In an ebook reader guide like this, its pertinent to start by establishing the inner meaning of what ereader apps generally entails.

what is an ebook

Ebook reader generally mean Electronic reader apps which enables one to read electronic books on devices other than a physical paper.

This apps are quite necessary because without them, your device will likely not have the capacity to open these ebooks. Hence, ebook readers are the necessary apps which enables you to read electronic books on electronic devices.

As technology is evolving, new things are rapidly replacing the old ones. One of such major replacement is that of electronic books from paper books. People are now relying much more on electronic books than on paper books because of its easiness in mobility.

Having said this much, its time to introduce you to the best ebook readers for all devices in 2020. Without spending more time, let’s dive right into it.

Best Ebook Readers For All Devices In 2020

There are many ebook readers available on android OS, as much as on other operating systems around the world. We shall attempt to show you the best of the bests in each of the major operating systems around the world, starting with the legendary android OS.

Top 5 Ebook Readers For Android Smartphones In 2020

Android OS is obviously the most popular mobile OS around the world as at now, followed by the iOS. Hence, its only natural to expect that more people around the world read ebooks on this platform than in any other platforms.

Our team of experts at Ranthq carried out a survey of 5000 persons around the world to determine their attitude regarding the best ebook reader apps on android OS. Hence, their favourite ebook readers have been compiled and presented accordingly.

According to the report, here are the top 5 ebook reader apps for android 2020 you should know about and start using immediately:

  • Moon+ Reader
  • Bluefire Reader
  • FB Reader
  • Aldiko Reader
  • Amazon Kindle

The above are the 5 best ebook readers on the android platform that you must know about and begin to use in order to maximize your reading experience, because we are now in the digital age where most things are increasingly becoming digital.

A brief introduction into the key features that makes these ebook readers above the top 5 for android devices becomes necessary at this point, so let’s take them one after the other.

Moon+ Reader:

Moon+ reader is one of the best ebook reader on the android platform because of its amazing features which are all tailored to increase one’s reading experience.

For the most part, its a free ebook reader which gives one great control over how ebooks opens. This great free ebook reader for android gives one instant report about your reading progress and the remaining time left to finish an ebook on your shelf. Generally, if you love reading ebooks, then this free app will be just right for you.

moon reader app for android

it also has a pro version of it that comes with a bit more features which the regular guys may not bother much about. Generally, Moon+ reader is among the best ebook reader app for android 2020, and we strongly recommend it among the best ebook readers for android in 2020.

Bluefire Reader:

Our ebook reader guide will not be complete without mentioning the famous bluefire reader. This free android app gives one access to take notes while reading your ebooks, look up words in the dictionary, highlight interesting texts and even bookmark pages.

If looking at screens at night is an issue for you, bluefire has an option to tune into the night mode so that you can read comfortably at night without issues, and you can equally synchronize your books so that you can read them on any devices anytime anyday. What more can we say about this great piece? Generally, this is among the best ebook and pdf reader for android in 2020 that you should definitely check out.

best android ebook reader

To download bluefire reader for your android device, simply go to the playstore and type bluefire reader, you will see the download link from their easily.

FB Reader:

If you have FB reader app on your android device, you sure may never bother about going for another ebook reader app for android, because this ebook reader app comes with almost all the major features you could possibly be in need of.

it comes with great options to customize almost how your ebook apears on your android device, from the font style to the font size, color and even bookmaking. It supports over 15 different languages and can arrange your ebooks according to authors or date of download.

fb reader

FB reader supports many ebook file formats like PDF, ePUB, txt, rtf and other popular file extensions. Generally, with all these features, we can safely say that this ebook reader app is one of the best ebook on the android device in 2020.

Aldiko Reader:

Aldiko may not be the most popular ebook reader app like most other apps. However, it handles the work better than most of the most popular ebook readers out there. This information is based on peoples reviews of this app.

aldiko reader

With Aldiko reader, you can easily read many ebook file formats like PDFs, epub and other file extensions on your android devices. Just like the other popular ebook reader apps for android, this app allows you to customize how your ebook appears in terms of the font style, color, size and alignment. All these controls gives you the perfect control over what you are reading.

This free ebook reader can be downloaded on any android marketplace like google playstore. Go get yours as its completely free to download and use.

Amazon Kindle:

So in answering the question, which is the best ebook reader for android device, my direct answer will be Amazon Kindle. Amazon Kindle appears to be the most popular among all ebook reader app in android.

amazon kindle

It doesn’t just become popular just like that without having exceptional features. With this amazing ebook reader, you can easily synchronize all your ebooks in one device and continue reading them in other devices.

Within this same app, you can search for information on google and even on Wikipedia without leaving the app. This feature enhances your research skills, making you have access to issue in the ebook that was not immediately clear to you.

Generally, Amazon kindle ebook reader is the best ebook reader app for android smartphones in 2020 because it comes with an easy to navigate interface, and great features which will address all your needs concerning ebooks. Its one ebook reader with the most positive reviews on Google Play Store.

3 Best Free Ebook Readers With No Ads On Android Smartphone

It’s pertinent to say that most of the free ebook readers, even the ones we have listed above mostly have lots of irritating ads running on them. Most of the time, these ads makes nonsense of the ebooks that we try to read with the apps.

It is normal to expect ads running on free ebook readers as much as in any other free app on the internet because the developers of these ebook readers needs the ads revenue to continue sustaining the app.

How about telling you that there are free ebook reader apps that don’t have any single ads running on them? yes you heard me right. In this section, we shall introduce you to the best free ebook readers with no ads whatsoever.

Below is the list of best free ebook reader apps with no ads on android and iOS devices in 2020:

  • ReadEra Ebook Reader
  • Readler Ebook App
  • Eboox Reader

Now that we have identified the free ebook readers  on android with no ads in 2020, let’s get into the details of these ad free ebook readers for more clearity:

ReadEra Ebook Reader:

With ReadEra, you stand a good chance of reading all your ebooks ads free. It comes with the capacity to open all the major ebook file extensions that one could be in need of, ranging from ePUB, txt, PDF, RTF, MOBI and other extensions, which are all completely free to use.

This ebook is completely free and does not make any demands for internal purchases for higher features. Since it works offline too, it’s among the best free offline ebook reader app for android smartphones.

Hence, our ebook reader guide will be missing a lot of things without this great ad free app for android. Try downloading it to put an end to all the annoying ads on your ebook readers.

Readler Ebook Reader:

Readler reader gives one the ability to conveniently read almost any kind of ebook free and without seeing annoying ads poping up and down on every corner of the reader apps screen.

If you hate seeing ads running over your ebooks, then this free adfree ebook reader might just be the best option for you. Its available on both the anddroid and iSO devices for free with no ads.

Eboox Reader:

If you desire to know what the best ebook reader with no ads 2020, then your best choice is eboox reader. Eboox reader is among the top ads free ereader apps on the internet today as it give you access to customize a great deal of how your ebooks display on your device.

The most stricking thing about this app is the fact that it supports all the file extensions available today on android and ios devices. This free ebook reader gives you all these features completely free, without displaying any ads at all, which greatly increases your viewing experience. looking for ads free ebook reader, go for eboox reader and thank me later.

Best 4 Ebook Readers For Windows PC 2020

Just like expected in an ebook reader guide like this, there are lots of amazing apps on the windows PCs, including ebook readers. But while this is true, you will agree with me also that many ebook readers on the windows pc is nothing but a piece of trash, and you don’t really want to waste your time on those.

Hence, we have taken out time to research on the top ebook reader apps for windows in 2020 that you should look check out ASAP. A lot of persons have asked, what is the best ebook reader for windows? If you are one of those, then this section will show you just that presently.

Below are the best ebook reader apps for windows 10:

  1. Bookviser ebook reader
  2. Overdrive ebook reader
  3. Icecream ebook reader
  4. Sumatra ebook reader

These will be discussed below in details:

Bookviser Ebook reader For Windows

Bookviser is the best ereader app for windows because of the many features it comes with to enhance your reading experience on your PC. Aside from supporting many ebook file formats, it also enables one access to control almost everything about the ebook that you are reading.

You can bookmark pages, highlight interesting paragraphs, change font size and color, and even look up words from its inbuilt dictionary. What more could you possibly be in need of? It gives you all that you need to have a good ebook reading life. Give this wonderful windows ebook reader a try and thank me later.

 Overdrive Ebook Reader For Windows:

This windows app is among the top best windows ebook readers of all time with its amazing and easy to use interface. The bookmaking option, custome theme option which resets the brightness of your windows screen according to the wether condition, as well as the ability to check the meaning of strange words right inside the app makes it one of the best ebook reader apps for windows.

With this very popular windows ebook reader, you can also play audio ebooks with other interesting features like the ability to pause the audio, fast forward it as well as rewind it so as not to miss any important information. All these makes overdrive ebook reader one of the best ebook reader app for windows PCs.

Icecream Ebook Reader For Windows:

This windows ebook reader supports many ebook file extensions like ePub, txt, pdf and many other file formats. This implies that with it, you need not worry about whether or not you will be able to read any of your downloaded ebooks on your device.

It comes in two versions – the paid and the free version. If you are a regular reader, the free version (although with limited features) will just serve you very fine as it still comes with the option for you to track your reading progress to know how long that is left to finish reading an ebook.

This is inline with other amazing features that one will expect from an ebook reader for windows. Dont know which ebook reader app is the best for windows PC? For us at cyriltips.com, our best ebook reader software for windows PC is icecream ebook reader. With it, you could’nt wish for more.

Sumatra Ebook Reader:

Sumatra ebook reader for windows is a liteweight windows software that gives you all the basic features that you regularly use while reading ebooks. Unlike the other ones discussed above, this ebook reader app for windows doesn’t have some of the latest fuctions that most modern ebook reader apps have.

Some of them is the lack of ability to highlight interesting passages on your ebook and the ability to bookmark. However, this ommissions can easily be left out because most users don’t really have any need for them. If you don’t mind having using these basic ebook reader features, this can be an excellent liteweight ereader app you can go for.

Its other features has already compansated for the few stuffs that are mission in the app.

Top 3 Ebook Readers For iPad Device

There are many ways in which your iPad can be very useful to you, including watching of videos in a larger screen size, browsing and viewing of clearer pictures and all these.

However, one outstanding feature about iPad is that it gives one the ability to read ebooks in a more convinient form than on mobile phones. However, iPads on there own can only give you access to a limited number of functions when reading ebooks. This is why you need to download ebook readers to enhance your reading experience.

While there are many ebook readers on the iPad platform, most of them are not too good. Hence, in order to save you from that stress, we have compiled a list of top ebook readers for iPad. If you enjoy reading with your iPad, then any of these ebook readers will serve you just fine.

The top 3 ebook readers for iPad are:

  • iBook Reader
  • Google Play Books
  • Kindle

iBook Reader:

People mostly buy iPads for the sake of reading with it, because the screen is large enough to enhance the reading of ebooks in different file extensions. Hence, every iPad comes with an inbuilt ebook reader from Apple. This ereader app on iPads is called iBook.

iBook comes preinstalled with everything you could possibly be in need of when it comes with reading of ebooks with your iPad, like the ability to syncronize your ebooks, bookmark, customization of your font colors and size, amongst other interesting feature.

iBook is our official best ebook reader app for iPad. However, if you are reading this article, chances are that the app may have been deleted from your iPad. If so, you can still download it again via the apple store.

But if you wan to try out something new, then the other two options below will worth the try:

Google Play Books:

Google play books is among the best ebook reader apps on iPad that is just so good to be ignored by any standard. All that you need to access this app on your device is a google account which almost everybody these days has access to.

With google play books for iPad, you can synchronize your ebooks from your iPad and read them even with your other mobile devices like andriod and iPhone. Also, it also supports many ebook just about any type of ebook format.

Kindle Ebook Reader:

The very best ebook reader for iPad any time any day is kindle. The feature that kindle has is quite second to non when it comes to reading experience.

Kindle is owned by Amazon. Hence, when you download and install it on your iPad, it asks you to log into your Amazon account. Upon loggin in, you will have access to millions of books from the Amazon website, most of which are free to read of course.

Loaded with tons of interesting features all targeted at enhancing your reading experience, Kindle is definitely one ebook reader that every iPad owner who loves reading ebooks should have on his device. Hence, the best ebook reader app for iPad 2020 is kindle ebook reader


In this ebook reader guide, we have carried out a detailed analysis on the best ebook readers  for all devices. The ebook readers that we have identified in this article as the bests  in their respective domains were from the result of our surveys. And at all times, we tried to make the research as objective as possible.

If you enjoyed reading this article, consider using the share button below to share the article with your friends. Still got some questions or suggestion? We would like to hear from you via the comment section. Thanks

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