Top 5 Ecommerce Websites In Nigeria 2020

In this article, i will show you the top 5 ecommerce websites in Nigeria 2020. If you want to know the best online shopping sites in Nigeria 2020, then this article is for you.

One of the biggest things to have happened to this present generation is certainly the ‘internet revolution’ which has made the world a global village. With this revolution, many  Nigerians are now learning how to make money online with our guide.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the internet revolution today is commerce. The internet has brought about e-commerce which has eliminated a lot of physical barriers to trade thereby increasing global output.

In Nigeria, the last decade has seen a sharp increase in e-commerce platforms as well as patronage for them across the country.

How To Start Dropshipping Business In Nigeria 2020

Aside the fact that with e-commerce, you can sit right there in your room/office and shop for whatever items you want and have them delivered to you without stress, shopping online boasts of several advantages that can never be over estimated.

Most of us have already been wondering which online shopping website is the best. Well, i will show you the best online shopping website in Nigeria 2020.

In this post, we will be reviewing the top 5 ecommerce websites in Nigeria that are giving Nigerians amazing shopping experience. But before then, what is e-commerce all about?


E-commerce simply means an electronic kind of commerce, whereby a customer shop for goods and services only without physically walking into a shop for the products nor its payment.

E-commerce is a modern way of shopping with ease, in that one can easily pay for goods and services right from the comfort of his home, and have the goods delivered to his doorstep. Having known this fact, lets get started with the best ecommerce website in Nigeria 2020


While this list of online shopping sites in Nigeria do not compared to those foreign sites like Amazon, Aliexpress, etc, the are still the best in Nigeria.

Below is the list of 5 best ecommerce websites in Nigeria 2020:

  1. Jumia
  2. Konga
  3. Kara
  4. Jiji
  5. Olist


Nick named the African version of, is obviously the most popular e-commerce platform in Nigeria. At the time it was launched in Nigeria, online shopping was still a mirage to many Nigerians.

However, Jumia alongside its contemporaries changed the game and made online shopping the preferred option for many urban dwellers in Nigeria.

Established in 2012 with its corporate headquarters in Lagos and offices scattered across the country, Jumia has risen to become a force to reckon with not just in Nigeria but on the entire continent of Africa. Jumia arguably the best ecommerce website in Nigeria


Jumia is among the top 5 ecommerce websites in Nigeria. With its large online retail marketplace, Jumia has many stores/sellers offering a wide range of products for different categories of customers.

Fashion, cosmetics, electronics/electrical appliances, furniture, kitchen items, books just mention it; Jumia offers them all! They have virtually all the goods you can find in a conventional marketplace on their platform.

Purchasing items on Jumia is quite easy and simple considering how the Jumia platform works. You can access Jumia through their website at or on their mobile app.

There are a whole lot of items to choose from on the Jumia platform, so whatever item(s) you are looking for, you are most likely to find it on this e-commerce platform.

With its effective logistics system, you are sure of getting your goods delivered to you in any state in Nigeria. But if your area is not covered by Jumia’s delivery network, you will have to pick up your package at the nearest pickup station.

In terms of payment for item, Jumia used to offer a ‘pay on delivery service’ at the early stage of its operations but they have stopped that for now.

However, this online store in Nigeria has a secured method of payment on their platform called Jumia Pay.

The delivery time depends on your location. Usually, those in Lagos ordinarily get quicker deliveries due to the fact that most of the sellers on Jumia have their stores in Lagos.


This is no doubt Jumia’s biggest rival in Nigeria and one of the top 5 ecommerce website in Nigeria 2020. Konga, just like Jumia, is an online market place that offers a wide range of products for consumers in all sectors of our economy.

Konga has been the main challenger to the dominance of Jumia when it comes to the      e-commerce business in Nigeria.

At a point, Konga had to merge with another e-commerce platform called yudala in order to give Jumia a run for their money in the African e-commerce market.


There are a lot of stores offering variety of products like electronics, beauty and cosmetics, fashion, educational materials, home decoration items etc on Konga. You can virtually find all household items on this e-commerce platform.

You can shop on Konga using their easy to navigate website ( ) or  via their mobile app.

Which ever medium you choose, you’ll still get an awesome shopping experience on Konga.

However, they often prefer it when you install their mobile app on your phone- this helps you to shop more conveniently on their platform even when on the go! and also enjoy some discounts.

They also have an effective delivery network with pickup stations in major cities across the country. So getting your goods delivered to you within the shortest possible time is definite.

Konga equally have a secured payment system on their platform so there is no cause for alarm if you’d want to make payment using your credit/debit card on their e-commerce platform. This makes it one of the best ecommerce websites in Nigeria.


This is a ‘new kid on the block’ in the e-commerce business in Nigeria. Despite being a new entrant, Kara has already shown signs that it is here for serious business hence it is already giving the big boys a run for their money.

Just like other e-commerce platforms in Nigeria, Kara offers its customers a wide range of products to choose from.

Kara deals in both household and industrial equipments. They also have many sellers offering various kinds of products on their platform so, you are sure of getting the items you want on their platform.

Kara is among the best ecommerce websites in Nigeria, both in terms of service delivery as well as the availability of different products and services


Their website is a highly responsive and easy to navigate website that will give you an amazing shopping experience.

Or better still, Kara has a mobile app that is available for both android and iOS devices. You can easily download it from any of the app stores and start shopping on their platform immediately.

The biggest selling point for Kara since it commence operations in Nigeria is the low prices it offers for it products. This is one major reason why it is considered among the best ecommerce websites in Nigeria 2020.

One of the reasons why many Nigerians are switching to Kara is the fact that the prices of items on their platform are obviously cheaper compared to other e-commerce platforms in the country.

Aside the low prices on major items, Kara’s delivery fees are equally cheaper than that of its competitors.

Of course, any e-commerce platform in Nigeria without a secured payment gateway will be avoided by Nigerians. hence Kara boasts of a secured payment system on its platform. Kara is one of the best online shopping websites in Nigeria as at 2020.

JIJI is a classified ads marketplace that has thousands of adverts for virtually any product you can think of in Nigeria.

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Jiji connects buyers and sellers of various items together via their platform (After which they can physically meet to conclude their transaction).

Whatever item you want to buy or sell in Nigeria, Jiji is definitely that platform where you can purchase or sell it. For me, in terms of affordability of products to buy, or assessibility of services, Jiji is my number 1 best online shopping site in Nigeria.

Jiji is like an online market square where you can visit to buy or sell anything- be it new or second hand items. Just take the pictures of what you want to sell and put them on Jiji with your contact and the price for the item; buyers will come calling on you.

Since acquiring OLX, Jiji has taken over the classified ads marketplace in Nigeria. Today, individuals, small and medium scale businesses all have their ads on Jiji.


Jiji is officially my best online shopping sites in Nigeria in 2020. One prominent feature of Jiji that sets it apart from other e-commerce platforms is that you can be a buyer and a seller at the same time and sell any item you have, regardless of your geographical location.

To buy on Jiji, you simply need to login to their platform via their website or mobile app. Search for the items you are looking for then contact the seller for negotiation.

Unlike other e-commerce platforms where you make payment and have your goods delivered to you, on Jiji, you have to contact the seller directly and agree on the meeting point where you will pay for and collect your item(s).

It is not compulsory to register on Jiji before you can become a buyer, however it is compulsory to register before you can sell on their platform.

Registering on Jiji is quite easy and simple. All you need is an active email, phone number and picture(s) (which is optional).

Note that using a profile picture gives people more confidence to do business with you on Jiji.


Olist is among the best online shopping sites in nigeria. It is a new classified marketplace owned by Opera mini. Since the acquisition of OLX, Jiji has been the run-away leader in the classified ads marketplace in Nigeria; however, Olist has come with the capacity to compete favourably with Jiji. has a lot of categories like jobs, agriculture, real estate, automobile, electronics etc all integrated into its platform making it a one-stop-shop for every item you’d want to buy or sell in Nigeria.

Though not yet on the same level with, but whatever item you are looking for, you will surely find a seller on And whatever item you want to sell, you will certainly get a buyer on also.


Buying items on Olist is not difficult at all because, all you’ll be doing is to search for sellers of such items and get their contact or request that they call you- all these can be done on their platform with just a click of the button.

You don’t necessarily need to register on Olist before you can become a buyer, all you need do is to visit their site at or login to their mobile app.

Note that if you are using the Opera Mini browser on your phone, you will have free 50mb daily which you can use to access without spending extra for data subscription.

However, you’ll need to create an account in order to start selling on Olist- with your email and phone number, your account will be created within few minutes.

One good thing about Olist is that, after creating an account as a seller on their platform, they will assign an account manager to you. The account manager will assist you in placing your adverts on their platform free of charge.

You can either create the adverts yourself after login to your account or simply forward the pictures of the items you want to sell alongside the description, location and price to your Olist account manager who will then post the adverts for you.- it’s free!


Having seen our list of best online shopping sites in Nigeria 2020, below is some useful tips that will enable you shop online in Nigeria safely.

  • Always go for known and trusted platforms or online stores
  • Do not rely on pictures of the product(s) alone; always check the product description and other relevant information very well before making purchases.
  • Check the seller’s ratings and customers reviews. This will give you an insight into the experience other users have had while purchasing or using the product(s).
  • Check the payment gateway and be sure that is a secured one before entering your credit/debit card details.
  • If you are buying on classified ads marketplaces like Jiji and Olist, ensure you see the items before making payment
  • And if you are a seller on Jiji or Olist, do not send your goods without receiving payment. The safer method is to agree on a meeting point (an open place for security reason) with the buyer- where he/she will confirm the goods and make payment.
  • Always confirm the delivery fee, method and time before making payment
  • Do not make payment to any seller via any payment gateway outside that which is specified on the e-commerce platform. Some scammers might claim to be some sort of senior staff and ask you to make payment into certain bank accounts on the premise that they will help you fast track the process- please do not fall for their tricks.
  • Compare prices in order to get the best bargain. Even on the same platform, there are usually several sellers offering the same products at different prices, so ensure you take out time to search through.


Here you have it- The top 5 e-commerce websites in Nigeria 2020. Whichever website among those listed above that is your favourite, you’ll definitely allude to the fact that shopping online in Nigeria is an amazing experience if you use the right platform.

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