8 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

We understand how difficult it might seem to find the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

Hence, we decided to save you the stress, and select the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria for you.

You should already know by now that one of the most efficient ways of making money in Nigeria is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing has to do with promoting other companies products or services.

Hence, each time you refer someone to buy a product from the company you are promoting, you earn a certain amount of commission.

A lot of people or bloggers who wish to make money online through affiliate marketing have been finding it very hard to know the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

For some others, they don’t just believe that there are actually Nigeria affiliate marketing sites that pay well. Well, before, that was a challenge, not anymore!

There are many great affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria that pay well. In this article, I will quickly show you some of the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

8 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are many affiliate marketing programs you can join and make money.

8 Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

Find below 8 Best Affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria

1. Jumia Affiliate Program

You probably must have heard or bought something from Jumia before. It will however interest you to know that one of the methods by which Jumia promote their products and services is through the use of affiliate marketers.

That’s right, Jumia which happens to be one of the largest online retail stores in Nigeria, has an affiliate marketing program.

The Jumia affiliate program offers an 8% commission to their affiliate marketers for each sale they make through their unique affiliate marketing link.

Through the Jumia affiliate program, you also have a chance of earning up to 11% commission for huge orders.

One of the reasons why the Jumia affiliate program actually stands out from others is that they have so many products and services, thereby giving their affiliate marketers the choice of selecting any product to promote.

Jumia payment is made in the first week of every month directly into their affiliates’ bank account, the minimum cash out is N2,500.

2. Konga Affiliate Marketing Program

Konga affiliate program is another best affiliate marketing program in Nigeria that pays well.

Konga which is just like Jumia is an online retail shop with a lot of products and services.

When you join the Konga affiliate marketing site, you earn a 9% commission each time you refer someone to buy from Konga.

3. Travelstart Affiliate Marketing Program

Travelstart which is another well paying affiliate marketing program in Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s largest online travel agencies.

Travelstart has a wide range of services that includes flight booking, vacation planning, hotel reservation, etc.

Travelstart affiliate marketing program is really great and offers opportunities for Nigeria affiliate marketers to earn cool cash.

To start earning as an affiliate marketer in Travelstart, you will have to first, join the Travelstart affiliate program.

After this, a unique id will be given to you which you can then begin to use and promote all Travelstart products and services.

By signing up for Travelstart affiliate program, you will also be given an affiliate manager that ensures every challenge you encounter with the Travelstart affiliate program is solved.

The amazing thing about the Travelstart affiliate program is that you can join it with or without owning a blog/website.

4. Wakanow Affiliate Program

The next best affiliate marketing site in Nigeria on our list is Wakanow.  Wakanow which is a travel agency just like Travelstart and TravelBeta, is in operation in Nigeria, Ghana, UK, Kenya, Rwanda, and Dubai.

The company was established in 2008; and ever since then, for most people in these regions mentioned above, Wakanow has been their preferred travel booking site.

Wakanow services include but not limited to Airport Pick-up, Drop off, Travel SIM card, Travel Insurance, Visa Assistance, etc.

One of the means by Which Wakanow promote their services is through Affiliate marketers.

Hence, when you sign up for Wakanow affiliate program, you have the opportunity of earning up to 50% commission of the services you promote through your Wakanow affiliate code.

You can also promote Wakanow services without owning a blog or website.

5. TravelBeta Affiliate Program

TravelBeta is another great affiliate marketing site just like TravelBeta. TravelBeta is one of Nigeria’s top travel and tour agencies.

TravelBeta offers services like booking of flight, booking of hotel, planning of vacation, visa assistance, etc.

TravelBeta has a wide range of services, that range from the flight booking, booking of hotel, planning of vacation, visa to airport pickups, etc.

Just like Travelstart and some other affiliate program we have mentioned here in this article, you can also promote TravelBeta products and services without necessarily owning a website or blog.

However, owning one will be of great advantage to you. TravelBeta pays every 10th of the month.

6. Whogohost Affiliate Program

Whogohost is one of the popular Webhosting companies in Nigeria. Whogohost services include web hosting and domain.

Also, their product and services are very cheap and fairly reliable. Whogohost also uses affiliate marketing to promote its web hosting service.

Whogohost is actually of the most popular affiliate marketing program in Nigeria. Whogohost pays 15% commission for every sale promoted.

Their minimum payout is 15%. Hence, if you are a tech blogger, a web designer, a programmer, you should definitely give Whogohost a try.

7. Domainking Affiliate Program

If you are a blogger, digital marketer or web designer in Nigeria, then you most certainly must have heard of Domainking.

You sure know how expensive it can be owning a foreign web host.

Hence, most Nigerians starting out with their own blog or website prefers local hosting since it is cheap, and delivers.

This is where Domainking comes to play. Domainking is one of the best alternatives to foreign hosting in Nigeria.

If you are looking for a great web hosting affiliate marketing program in Nigeria, then DomainKing is definitely the platform you want to join.

It might interest you to know that Domainking pays a commission of 80% for each of their services you promoted. This makes Domainking one of the highest paying webhosting affiliate marketing sites in Nigeria.

Domainking minimum payout is 1,000 Naira. Also, when you successfully make sales for Domainking, your commission is withheld for 45 days before it is paid to account.

8. Web4africa Affiliate Program

Web4africa is also one of the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria. The company offers hosting and domain name registration services.

Web4africa operates in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, etc. Web4africa also promote their services through affiliate marketing.

Sadly, the program is not open to non-customers of Web4africa. Hence, if you must join their affiliate marketing site, you will have to be their customer by either buying a hosting plan and or a domain from them.

Web4Africa commission is 10% for each sale made, and they pay after 90 days of the sale.

You can receive your Web4africa commission through PerfectMoney, Bitcoin PayPal, Skrill, PayPal, Wired Transfer.

That’s all on the 8 best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

Like I already mentioned, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money in Nigeria. However, you can’t make many sales if you don’t have your own website or blog.

If you need a website or blog, get in touch with us, and we will create a well-optimized and well-designed blog for you.

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