Best 8 Ball Pool Tricks And Hacks 2021 (Step By Step Guide)

Knowing the few available hacks and tricks in 8 ball pool is one great way of increasing your chances of defeating even the most skillful opponents in the game. 8 Ball pool is a game that we all love playing, due to its many features that were all designed to make the game look as real as the real pool game. If you want to learn the tricks and hacks that can help you win any game in 8 ball pool easily without spending much time learning the game, this article is for you.

While there are many pool games available for both Android, iPhones, and PCs, the one which I will be writing about here is the pool game from Miniclip.

8 ball pool tricks and hacks

While playing 8 ball pool game by Miniclip is fun and addictive, I must say that winning in most cases is not the easiest thing on earth to do, simply because you are made to play against people with different amounts of skills and pro cues.

Personally, I have lost a couple of games in 8 ball pool that almost got me crying, simply because I lacked the requisite knowledge at the time to apply simple 8 ball pool hacks and tricks that can increase my chances of winning any game with little effort.

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If you are reading this article, chances are that you are looking for cheats and tricks to beat your competitors in Miniclip 8 ball pool right? If yes, then know that this article was written just to show you how to apply 8 ball pool cheats on android, iPhone, and Windows PCs with ease. If you are ready to use some simple tricks to beat every one of your competitors in 8 ball pool game, continue reading.

Note: The content of this article is for educational purposes only. You should not use it for any illegal activity. Our intention here is to show you the possible cheats you can employ to make winning in 8 ball pool a lot easier than expected.

8 Ball Pool Hacks To Win Any Game With Ease

Have you ever played with a cheater in 8 ball pool game before? We all have had some experiences with people like that. If you are playing 8 ball pool with a cheater or against someone who is really good, and you really want to win that match, the best hack and trick to win against such a person is to apply the 8 ball pool time hack. Once you succeed in doing that, the player will run out of time, and you will have a better chance of playing your shot and winning with ease.

you ran out of time in 8 ball pool hack

To apply 8 ball pool time hack on android, while on the game, tap on your phone’s Recent Apps button to show the list of apps running in the background of your phone. Once done, load 8 ball pool game back on again and repeat the first step above for like 3 times more. Doing this will distort your opponent’s internet connection, and will consequently make their connection to be lost, resulting in that infamous YOU RAN OUT OF TIME in 8 ball pool. With this simple 8 ball pool time hack, you can win any opponent with ease.

If an 8 ball pool player hacks your Time, the best way to get back at the person is to hack their time back as soon as possible. Doing this every time you are desperate of winning games in 8 ball pool will increase your chances of winning by 80%

List Of Best 8 Ball Pool Tricks And Hacks For Easy Winnings

To win many games in 8 ball pool, it is traditionally required of you to spend lots of time on the game learning to use all of its features, practicing, and learning from your mistakes. However, no matter how long you practice, without knowing some tricks that can help you defeat some players, you will end up losing most of your games.

Hence, below is the list of the best 8 ball pool hacks and tricks that you can leverage to defeat any kind of opponent in the game with ease:

  • Using The Time Hack Trick
  • Using 8 Ball Pool Cue Spin Hack
  • Everyday Game Trick
  • Getting Better Cues Trick
  • Upgraded Cue Hack
  • Watch YouTube Tutorials From Pool Experts
  • Use 8 Ball Pool Cheat Codes

How to use these cheats and tricks will be discussed below presently.

Using The Time Hack Trick:

We all wish that everyone can play 8 ball pool without cheating right? But in most cases, while we are on the verge of winning an important match, our opponent can use cheat code to hack your time. Hence, resulting in YOU RAN OUT OF TIME in 8 ball pool game.

To hack the other players’ time in 8 ball pool, simply press your phone’s Recent Apps button repeatedly about 4 times while on the game. If you do this basic trick right, your opponent’s internet connection will get distorted, and he will run out of time. This can give you the additional time that you need to port your remaining balls and defeat him with relative ease.

8 ball pool time hack

Remember, applying the You Ran Out Of Time cheat above in 8 ball pool has to be done right, else your game might quit by itself. You may not expect to get it right at the first trial. The key to using this cheat is to continue to practice until you get better at it.

For a step by step guide on how to hack time in 8 ball pool, click here to read our full tutorial on that.

This is actually one of the best 8 ball pool cheats out there that only a handful of persons know and are using against everyone else. Master it, and you might be on your way to becoming a grand champion in the game.

Using The 8 Ball Pool Cue Spin Cheat

One of the cheats that make the whole difference in 8 ball pool game is knowing how to properly control your cue ball to go to the desired direction you want it to go to. And how you do that is by the use of Spin.

To properly use the spin cheat in 8 ball pool, you have to start off by knowing the directions on the spin, how to adjust these directions, and the required force you need to apply on your cue to produce the desired result.

8 ball hack spin cheat

While this article seeks to direct your mind to the importance of using the spin cheat to your advantage, a better place to learn how to properly master its usage is on YouTube.

Personally, when I became serious with learning everything there is to be learned about 8 ball pool, the first thing that caught my attention was the spin cheat.

Everyday Game Trick

One of the best cheats of 8 ball pool for Android and iPhone users is simply playing a couple of pool games every day on your device. This trick is quite simple, the more you practice daily, competing with different kinds of players, the better you understand the psychology of the game.

Like it or not, we all love winning matches in 8 ball pool. If you become intentional about playing this game daily, it’s only a matter of time before you become a pool expert, and winning every game.

Getting Better Cue Trick

Another great trick in winning every game in 8 ball pool is by getting better cues. You really don’t have to spend your hard-earned money in buying these advanced cues. Simply win games using the already identified hacks above, and invest most of the money back in buying great tools which can help you win even more games with ease.

There are good advantages in getting a better cue in 8 ball pool. The most obvious is that it gives you more shot power and extended aim, which obviously helps you in winning games with ease.

While there are many great cues you can always alternate, I recommend using and mastering just one cue. Upgrade this particular cue to its maximum capacity and use it to play all your games. This is so because all the cues have their own short-range and abilities. With this 8 ball cheat code, you can easily win most of your games at any time.

Upgraded Cue Hack

To win 8 ball pool game every time on iPhone and Android, you must upgrade your cue capacities to their maximum, so you can enjoy all the added advantages that an upgraded cue comes with.

To apply this 8 ball pool hack, once you have positioned your cue to port a ball, quickly use a light marker to draw a straight line from your cue point to the desired port to see if the line is straight. If yes, then you can proceed to port the ball and win the game.

Remember to apply this 8 ball cheat as quickly as possible, as the time is ticking real fast. If you get this trick right, you will be cheating on the game in a legal way, while utilizing this little trick to win all your games with ease.

Watch YouTube Tutorials From Pool Experts

One of the best ways to learn more about 8 ball pool hacks and tricks is through YouTube videos from pool professionals. As with every other video tutorial, you get to see the actual working of the cheat they are introducing you to.

There are a handful of great YouTube channels that are dedicated to pool tutorials. Learning from the best in the game has always been a useful means of standing tall in any endeavor.

Using 8 Ball Pool Cheat Codes:

Many games have options where you can apply cheat codes, just so you can get some quick benefits within the game itself. Examples being Grand Theft Auto series, etc.

There are few cheat codes available for 8 ball pool games on Android and iPhones, which anyone with knowledge of their existence can easily use to win his games. You can apply 8 ball cheat code for coins, or a cheat code for dollars all by yourself.

To apply cheat code for coin or money in 8 ball pool, do the following:

  • Open 8 ball pool game on your Android phone alone (this cheat doesn’t work on iPhones and PC)
  • Click on Shop  that is located at the top of the home screen
  • Click on Coins
  • Now Select the lowest coin unit which is 20,000 and click the Buy button.
  • Once you click on the Buy button, a window will appear requesting your card details.
  • Quickly go back and click on the Buy button again and again and again for like 10 times.
  • In the last attempt, you will get a notification that your purchase of 20,000 coins was successful.

By repeating this process, you distort the algorithm of Miniclip into believing that you have actually paid for the coin. But don’t be greedy with this as it doesn’t work with the higher coin range at the top.


8 ball pool is a great addictive game that was created by Miniclip on platforms like Android OS, iPhone, and PCs. It’s among the best games that anyone can use to keep himself real busy and entertained for many hours.

Learning to play the game takes a lot of time and dedication. Because we all want to win with ease, applying some harmless tricks and hacks can be a great means of boycotting the due process, and winning like a pro even as a beginner.

While there are many tricks and hacks in 8 ball pool, the most effective of them all is the Time hack, as it almost gives you instant access to defeat your opponent by cheating.

If you enjoy this article, please consider sharing it with your friends, so they too can learn about this great game. Leave your comment below if these 8 ball pool cheats worked for you. It will be a pleasure to hear your testimonies.

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