Top 10 Money Making Apps On Smartphones In Nigeria 2021

This article is about the top 10 money making apps on smartphones in Nigeria 2020. If you want to learn about how to make money with your phone in Nigeria, then this article is for you.

Someone once asked this question: “How smart are you to use a smart phone”? This question got me thinking about a lot of young Nigerians out there with smart phones who are still broke.

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If you have a smart phone or a computer and you have not started making money online in Nigeria, then you are missing out alot.

There is a lot more that we can do with our smart phones aside communicating and entertaining ourselves.


There are basically two kinds of Apps on your smart phone – those that help consume our money and those that help us to make money.

Which apps constitute majority on your phone? Is it the money making apps or the data consuming apps?

As for me, I love anything that has to do with legitimate hustle online, hence most of the applications on my phone are the ones that make me money.

Once you start making money with these money making apps in Nigeria, you may consider investing your money in profitable ventures. And on that, our article on the best investment opportunities in Nigeria will certainly be of help to you

It is against this background that this article on the best money making apps for your smart phones becomes pertinent. We do hope that you enjoy reading it.

But before we start, its pertinent to first establish the meaning of money making apps in Nigeria, for the benefit of the non initiates on how to make money online in Nigeria.

What Is A Money Making App?

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By money making apps, we mean those applications that you can install on your mobile devices (like everyother application) which you can use to make a lot of money online in Nigeria.

The money making apps are different from other apps because they were built to pay their users, even while you still have your normal fun using them.

Having known this, what do you need to start making use of these money making apps in Nigeria 2020?

Requirements To Start Using The Money Making Apps In Nigeria

You do not need certification in computer engineering, computer science or be a programmer to start using these earn naira apps on your smart phone.

Of course you’ll need the knowledge to carry out this, and that’s why this article was written in the first place.

Below are the list of things you need to start making money with apps on your smartphone in Nigeria:

  • A smart phone
  • Good internet connection
  • Payoneer or PayPal account
  • Commitment and dedication

How to create a PayPal account that receives money abroad in Nigeria

How to get a Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria

If you’ve gotten all the things listed above, then you are good to go. So in no particular order, here are the Top 10 Money Making Apps in Nigeria:

Top 10 Money Making Apps In Nigeria 2020

Our team of experts have received alot of querries about how to earn money with your phone in Nigeria. Finally, the question has been answered below.

list of money making apps on smartphones

Below is the list of top 10 money making apps in Nigeria 2020:

  1. Buzzbreak
  2. Foap
  3. Toluna
  4. Carry1st Trivia App
  5. Gomoney App
  6. Cash Pirate
  7. Instanaira
  8. Scoopers News
  9. Canva App
  10. Lucky Day


This is a great money making apps in Nigeria that pays you for reading news content with their app.

How It Works

BUZZBREAK app works by collating major news stories from several credible sources like CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC, MSNBC, ABC, FOX, etc on to its platform for its users worldwide.

Invariably, BUZZBREAK can be said to be a one-stop shop for news stories that are collated from major media outlets round the world.

The app rewards its users with points which can be converted to dollars. 100 points on BUZZBREAK app is equivalent to $0.002.

So immediately after registering on the platform, you will be rewarded with 200 points. For reading news stories and or watching videos, BUZZBREAK will reward you with 75+ points.

The number of points you can earn depends on the number of news stories you read and or videos that you watch on their app.

Once your earnings get to the minimum withdrawal threshold, you are allowed to withdraw it using your PayPal account. This is Buzzbreak is among the best apps that pay in Nigeria 2020


Do you love taking fascinating pictures with your smartphone? Here is an app that will pay you for uploading your pictures.

Through FOAP app, you can sell those beautiful photos on your smartphone and make a lot of cash. This is actually one of the best money making apps 2020 in Nigeria that everyone should try out.

How It Works

How FOAP works is that, it allows you to upload your pictures for free on their platform with the opportunity to sell them to individuals and corporate bodies.

FOAP will also help you distribute your pictures on Getty images as well as other similar platforms. You are then paid 50% commission on sales made from your content.

Another interesting thing about FOAP is that it offers its users unlimited storage space and also $50 for missions completed. If you own a smart phone, try installing Foap money making app today


I believe you must have heard about online surveys before now- that’s what this app is for. TOLUNA pays its users for sharing their opinion on several topics, brands and campaigns.

You can play games that pays real money in Nigeria with this app by way of surveys. Sounds interesting right?

If you are looking for games that pays real money in Nigeria, try Toluna app on your smart phone, you will be rewarded for playing some games there.

How It Works

All you need do is to download the TOLUNA app for free on Google Play-Store and install it on your phone.

You will be asked to take part in surveys by giving your opinion on certain topics, brands, promotions etc. For every task completed, TOLUNA will reward you with points.

Whenever you have reached the minimum threshold, you can exchange your points for money, vouchers or products.

Carry1st Trivia App

What this app does basically is that it pays its users for answering questions correctly.

The CARRY1st TRIVIA APP operates in form of a quiz where you get to answer questions on various subjects and get paid for the ones answered correctly. Its one of the best money making apps in Nigeria this 2020

How It Works

You remember the popular TV game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire right? This app is similar to that but a lot easier and better.

With CARRY1st APP, you get to answer multiple choice questions and you are paid for answering them correctly.

Aside the monetary aspect, this app also widens your scope of knowledge by helping you to learn new fun facts every time you play the game.

GoMoney App

Gomoney is among the best money making apps 2020. The app is similar to your Mobile Banking App, just that there is an opportunity for you to earn money with this very one.

Gomoney is among the apps that pays you instantly in Nigeria, as long as making money online with smartphone is concerned.

The name of the app itself speaks volume of what it’s all about! You may want to learn how to make money on Fiverr through this link

How It Works

Though the primary function of this app is to carry out financial transactions like sending and receiving money, bills payment, data subscription etc, it still has a reward system.

GOMONEY app will reward you for every person that you invite to join in using the app. You can invite your friends, family members or even your enemies if you like.

You are then paid 50% of each deposits that anyone you invites make. For example, if you invite me and I make a deposit of 100,000 Naira, you will be given 50% of that.

This makes it the best refer and earn apps on smartphones in Nigeria.

The interesting part is that this money goes directly into your bank account which means you can easily withdraw it without must hassle. Thats why it made the list of our top 10 money making apps in Nigeria

Cash Pirate

What this app does is that it rewards its users for playing games, downloading apps, taking surveys and trying products- isn’t that amazing?

Ever considered the games that pays real money in Nigeria before? If yes, then this article if for you.

How It Works

Just download and install the cash pirate app on your phone. Then participate by downloading apps, watching videos etc. (using the APP) to earn points.

You are rewarded for your participation with points which you can cash out through PayPal, gift cards or mobile recharges,

Another good thing about CASHPIRATE is that it has a referral program that rewards you with points for every person you invite to join the platform.


Be paid for entertaining your self! INSTANAIRA is a mobile app that pays you for being an active user. Instanaira is actually one of the best entertaining apps in Nigeria that rewards you with real money for having fun with your phone

How It Works

INSTANAIRA rewards its active users by paying them each day they log on to the app.

Aside the daily cash earnings, INSTANAIRA also have a referral system that rewards its users for inviting others to download and use the app.

So using the INSTANAIRA app is a win-win situation where you get entertained and receive money in return.

Scoopers News

This is another great news app that pays its users for reading news daily. SCOOPERS NEWS is afrocentric i.e its content is focused on happenings here on the African continent.

How It Works

Scoopers news rewards its users with points each time they read a news story on the app. For each news story you read, you are given 5 points with a daily limit of 30 stories. Hence its the app that pays you for reading news online.

Invariably, you can make a maximum of 150 points daily reading news. However, scooper news app has a referral program that you can utilize to earn as much as possible every day.

For each person that you refer, scooper news app will give you 200 points and then 5 points for every  person that your referrals invite. Isn’t that awesome? With their amazing referral package, we consider scoopers news among the best refer and get paid programs in Nigeria 2020.

If you are good with referring people to a product just like this app, you may consider reading our guide on how to make money from clickbank in Nigeria, and also our other article on the top affiliate programs in Nigeria in 2020 through this link

Now let me tell you the most interesting part of it all. The money you make on scooper news app goes directly to your bank account which means withdrawing it won’t be a problem.

Canva App

This app is similar to FOAP because they both deal with pictures. CANVA is another top 10 money making apps in Nigeria where you can upload your nice pictures and make money from them.

How It Works

Register on their official website and then download the app after which you can start uploading your pictures.

You are allowed to put a price tag on your pictures which means anyone who wants to make use of the picture will have to pay you that amount.

You can upload as many pictures as possible in order to boost your earnings

Lucky Day

This is an app for those who love playing lottery. If you are tired of loosing your money to lottery, this is a good alternative.

LUCKY DAY is a free lottery app that gives you the opportunity to play raffle games and win money. Ever heard about earn naira app? Its similar to this.

How It Works

It is a free app hence you can download it for free on Google playstore and then hit the ground running.

The app allows you to play lotto, scratcher, raffle games etc for free and stand a chance to win lots of cash.

LUCKYDAY also offer a daily jack pot that gives their users the opportunity to win about $100,000 in the jack pot.

Once you start making money with this money making apps, then the next thing you should do is to consider mini importation business. Our article A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO MINI IMPORTATION BUSINESS IN NIGERIA will be a useful guide to you.

Where To Download Money Making Apps In Nigeria

All these top 1o money making apps in Nigeria can be downloaded for free on Google Playstore for android users or iOS Store.

Simply open the app store and type the name of the money making apps that you want to work with and install.

Quick Tips

  • Go for the app that best suit your interest, passion or needs.
  • Before downloading any app, ensure you check the ratings and or the comments under reviews by other users.
  • To make money online, you need commitment, dedication and patience
  • Good internet connection is key. Nothing sucks as bad network
  • Keep visiting for the latest ways of making money online in Nigeria

Do you have any questions concerning our top 10 money making apps in Nigeria? Feel free to drop your comment in the comment box bellow.

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