How To Become A Dstv Agent Or Distributor In Nigeria 2021

In this article, i will show you how you can become a DSTV super agent, distributor or installer in Nigeria this 2020. If you desire to learn how to become a certified DSTV  agent or distributor in Nigeria, then this step-by-step guide is for you.

When it comes to Pay TV in Nigeria and indeed on the African continent, DSTV is no doubt the primus inter pares (first among equals).

Being one of the biggest pay TV companies in Africa,  DSTV has the grater share of its market value right here in Nigeria where it is by far the most popular brand in the cable TV industry.

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Owned by the South African company, “MultiChoice Africa”, DSTV has remained the premium brand for pay TV subscribers in the country with over a million active customers.

Despite being a South African company, Nigeria accounts for the largest share of the company’s market value on the continue. In fact, about 40% of MultiChoice’s revenue comes from its operations in Nigeria.

multichoice dstv in nigeria

The popularity of DSTV in Nigeria has been a major source of revenue not just for the company alone but to a lot of Nigerians who serve as the company’s agent across many cities and towns in the country.

Being a choice brand for the majority of Nigerians as a result of the quality of channels/ TV programs it has on its bouquets, it is ordinarily expected that a lot of people will always be in need of its products and services.

The gap in the demand and supply chain for DSTV and its services is where the dealers come in to act as the link between the company and its large customer base across the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

While many Nigerians complain about the hike in the prices of multichoice DSTV, you can choose to learn how to partner with multichoice by way of becoming an acredited DSTV installer in Nigeria. This way, you will be taking part in the franchising of multichoice in Africa.

Becoming a DSTV agent or dealer is one of the most viable and profitable enterprise in Nigeria right now considering the demand and patronage that the company enjoys from millions of cable TV users in the country.

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If there are so many benefits attached to becoming a DSTV agent in Nigeria, the big question will be: who can become an agent?

Who Can Become A DSTV Agent In Nigeria?

There are no stringent requirements for becoming a DSTV agent aside the basic conditions that you’ll have to meet.

pics of dstv agents in nigeria

Anyone who is willing and committed to be a part of the DSTV franchise can become an agent as long as he/she is ready to invest in the business and get trained to carry out most (if not all) of the services offered by MultiChoice Africa.

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In essence, there are no academic, professional certifications or needless bottle-necks procedures associated with becoming a DSTV agent in Nigeria.

Difference Between DSTV Agents And DSTV dealers In Nigeria

Many people have at some point in time ask whether there is any difference between a DSTV agent and a DSTV dealer.

To answer the question, there is no single difference between them. Its only a matter of semantics. A DSTV agent is the same person as a DSTV dealer. So in this post, the two names will be used interchangeably.

Types Of DSTV Agents In Nigeria

The type of dealer you want to become will determine the requirements that you’ll need to fulfil.  

DSTV has two types of agents:

  • DSTV Super Agents
  • DSTV Sub-Agents.

A closer look at these two types of DSTV agents we have in Nigeria will better guide you on the type that you want to go for.

How To Become A DSTV Super Agent In Nigeria 2020

DSTV agents are agents that have bought into the MultiChoice franchise. They operate big offices/service stations in cities and towns where there is no DSTV office, and perform virtually all the services that are performed at DSTV offices.

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They are considered the face of the company wherever they are located hence, they are trained to be able to meet all the needs of the subscribers at their offices.

Basic Functions Of A DSTV Super Agent In Nigeria

Below are the basic functions of a DSTV super agent in Nigeria

  • sale of DSTV decoders
  • Activation of subscription for new and existing customers
  • After sales support service to customers
  • Swapping of old decoders for newer models
  • Technical support services like installation of dish
  • Customer care service for DSTV subscribers who are by extension your clients
  • Sale of other components needed by customers  to aid their usage of DSTV
  • As well as other services

To become a super-dealer, you will need a substantial amount of  investment running into millions. Because you’ll have to meet the minimum standard set by MultiChoice in terms of business location, registration, premises, number of staff and operating capital  before you can be made a super-agent.

Before you can become a complete ambassador of DSTV as a super agent and perform all these functions listed above, Multichoice company must train you completely, so that to enable you serve as the face of the company wherever you are.

But the training can only come when you must have fulfilled all the strenuous financial requirements of becoming a DSTV agent in Nigeria.

How To Become A DSTV Sub Agent In Nigeria 2020

dstv sub agents in picture

Many persons that don’t possess the financial muscles required to become a super agent all want to know how to become a DSTV sub agent in Nigeria.

A sub dealer is a DSTV agent that is smaller in terms of operational capacity, duties/responsibilities and area of coverage.

A sub-dealer is usually registered under a super-dealer which means he has limited functions that he can perform directly/independently to customers.

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Unlike the super dealers, becoming a DSTV sub-dealer does not require a huge capital investment.  

You might just be required to pay a certain amount for training after which you’ll be made a sub-dealer subject to the fulfillment of other criteria that will be stipulated by the super-agent you are registering under.

Basic Functions Of A DSTV Super Agent In Nigeria

The following are the functions that a DSTV sub agent performs:

  • Installation of dish
  • Sale of decoders
  • Subscription for existing customers
  • And other technical support services to customers

Becoming a sub-dealer does not require a huge capital investment.  You might just be required to pay a certain amount for training after which you’ll be made a sub-dealer subject to the fulfilment of other criteria that will be stipulated by the super-agent you are registering under.

The Benefits Of Becoming A DSTV Agent In Nigeria

Whether you are a DSTV super agent or a sub agent, there are many benefits associated with being an agent. The benefits associated with being a DSTV agent are numerous in terms of monetary and non-monetary benefits.

The fact that DSTV is a choice brand among cable TV subscribers in Nigeria is an advantage for dealers because it gives them a large customer base immediately they commence operations.

They don’t necessarily spend money to advertise their business because DSTV always advertise its latest products and services to its million subscribers using several advert platforms.

The fact that DSTV has the sole broadcast rights for the English Premiere League (Which is perhaps the most watched league in Nigeria and the world) here in Nigeria is a massive advantage for the company and dealers.

This is because that alone gives the brand a competitive advantage over its rivals considering the fact that Nigeria is a sports loving nation.

DSTV does not have a pay per view package for its subscribers which means they must subscribe their decoders after 30 days- whether they use it or not. So as a dealer, you’ll always have clients coming to subscribe their decoders. And that means more money for you, no matter the season.

Do I Need To Be Trained To Become A DSTV Agent In Nigeria?

Do i need to be trained to become a DSTV agent in Nigeria? Yes, you must be trained if you are to become an accredited DSTV installer in Nigeria.

MultiChoice (Owners of DSTV/GoTV) do carry out trainings for those who intend to become their accredited dealers (both super and sub dealers) to ensure that they have the technical know-how to meet the needs of their eve growing subscribers.

But this doesn’t come at an additional cost, once you have meet with the minimum financial and other basic requirements needed to become an agent.

How To Register As A DSTV Agent In Nigeria

How to become a DSTV subscription agent in Nigeria is simple, yet complex if you don’t know the requirements.

The requirement to become a DSTV agent or distributor in Nigeria is not much for a sub-agent but a bit high for super agents.

To register as a DSTV agent or dealer, simply visit any MultiChoice office in your state/city or visit their website at and download the registration form or send them a mail through

Registration process of dstv dealers in picture for easier comprehension

After completing and submitting the registration form, you’ll be required to attend dealership/installation training courses which are organized by MultiChoice for Super-agents.

Your capacity to become a super-agent will be assessed, and if it’s satisfactory, you’ll be required to pay the commitment fee i.e. buying into the MultiChoice franchise.

But if you’d want to become a sub-dealer, all you have to do is to visit the nearest super-dealer and make your intention of becoming a sub-dealer under them known.

They will take you through the registration process, training and then accreditation as a sub-dealer. Thats pretty straight forward right?


Becoming a DSTV agent in Nigeria is a very lucrative business that guarantees a high returns (ROI) on investment.

Aside the profits made from the sale of decoders, commissions on subscriptions and earnings from other technical services rendered to customers, there are a whole lot of income generating services offered by DSTV/GoTV agents that makes their profit margin very high.

So if you are thinking of a very lucrative business that will guarantee you a steady flow of income, becoming a DSTV agent is definitely that business in Nigeria presently.

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