7 Best Ways To Monetize YouTube Channel Without Google AdSense

In this article, i will show you the 7 proven ways to monetize your YouTube channel without google adsense in Nigeria.

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are looking for the best alternatives to monetize your YouTube channel without AdSense right? If yes, then continue reading below.

YouTube or vblogging is among the top and easiest ways of making money online, but certainly not the only way. To read our complete guide on the other ways of making money online in Nigeria, kindly click on this link here.

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A lot of Nigerians have heard about the possibilities of making money online through YouTube, but the discouraging factor there is the fact that you have to have thousands of subscribers before you can begin to earn with your YouTube account through Adsense.

The fear of the above is the most decisive factor why lots of passionate potential YouTubers end up not venturing into YouTube blogging. If you are among this category of persons, then this article is for you.

In this article, i will show you how to monetize your youtube without 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers.

Sounds interesting right? Before we go into this, its pertinent to first establish what Youtube channel or youtube blogging is generally all about.

What Is Youtube Channel ?

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Youtube is a system of video sharing that is owned by google, which allows users to upload, like or dislike and watch videos for the purpose of entertainment or enlightenment.

The importance of waching videos over reading articles online can never be over emphacised. This is so because with videos on youtube, one gets to see the practical step by step of how a problem is being solved by an expert. This explains why people now watch videos more than read articles online.


A YouTube channel is simply your personalized platform where you upload your content (videos) for your viewers. This is like your TV station where viewers tune in to watch your programs.

You can add, edit and organize your videos in your YouTube channels. To make your channel to be more unique, you can add links and necessary info and description about yourself.

How To Create A Youtube Channel In Nigeria

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Having learned what Youtube is, and the possibility of making money on Youtube without adsense, learning to create your Youtube account the right way becomes pertinent.

This is quite simple but for the sake of beginners, let me talk a little about it. To signup on YouTube, just go to www.YouTube.com or download the App in Google Play Store.

Signup for free and under your profile, select and customize your channel. Isn’t that pretty simple? Drop your question in the comment box if you need more info on this.

How To Make Money On Youtube Channel

How to make money from your YouTube videos is one topic that every YouTuber in Nigeria wants to hear because that’s the thing that lead us into creating youtube channels in the first place.

The most popular way to monetize your youtube channel is through Google AdSense.

But making money with your YouTube channel through Adsense is as difficult as getting a contract from the federal Government of Nigeria; the requirements are suffocating for beginners or YouTube channels with less than 100,000 views per month.


Top YouTube channels in Nigeria like MarkAngelComedy, ChannelsTv, etc can easily earn significantly from Adsense due to their large number of subscribers.

But for a beginner like you, i don’t think it would be wise waiting to get the required 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours before you can monetize your channel.

Trying to learn how to make money on Youtube without subscribers is also difficult. And this is where adsense comes into mind, but don’t worry, as there are many other ways of making money on Youtube without adsense and much subscribers.

That’s what I will be taking us through here today. Hence, if you are ready for a Youtube video without AdSense wahala, lets get started.

Why You Should Avoid Youtube AdSense

AdSense do require that you have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watched hours in the last one year before you’ll be accepted. And unfortunately, not so many persons can boost of having such huge subscriber base or watch hours.

If your viewers uses adblocks or not watching the adverts that often popup, you won’t be paid because AdSense does not pay you for the number of views but rather if your viewers watch the advert for at least 20 seconds or the whole advert if it’s less than 20 seconds.

You won’t be making much if yours is a channel with not too many subscribers because AdSense will only pay you from the revenue that brands pay to put their adverts on your videos; that is if your viewers are even watching the adverts.

The above awareness makes it pertinent to explore other best alternatives to monetize your youtube channel without the issues of Google Adsense. If you are ready, lets dive right into it.

7 Best Ways To Monetize YouTube Channel Without AdSense In Nigeria

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There are better ways to make money on Youtube without google adsense in Nigeria, especially for new youtubers seeking to monetize their channels fast.

At least, if you enjoy making videos, you should also enjoy making money with them. Abi no be so…?

Below is the list of 7 proven ways to make money on youtube channel without Adsense in Nigeria:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Selling Products
  3. Sponsorships
  4. Selling digital products
  5. Sell your knowledge
  6. Get your videos licensed
  7. Video optimization

Affiliate Marketing

You must have heard about affiliate marketing through other platforms like affiliate marketing with your Instagram account. This is similar to that; just that this deals primarily with videos.

Affiliate marketing on YouTube entails advertising certain products in your videos and encouraging your viewers to buy the products.

How informative and relevant your videos are will determine the confidence your viewers will have in your recommendations to purchase certain products.

So try as much as possible to put out quality content. You can make more money on youtube without Adsense through affiliate marketing.

To learn more about the top and highest paying affiliate programs for Nigerians in this difficult times, then i recommend reading our comprehensive guide on this via this link.

You will have to put the unique affiliate code of the product you are promoting on your youtube video description.

You will be paid a certain amount as commission each time someone makes a purchase through any of the links in your Youtube video description.

Selling Products

This is another great way of monetizing your YouTube channel without adsense. This method involves selling products to your viewers just as we do on Instagram by creating a store.

Here, you source for products that you know are related to your niche or are in hot-demand and then sell them through your channel.

If you are a producer or manufacturer of a product, you can use this method to boost your sales. Cosmetics, jewelries, adult content etc are just some of the hottest selling products on youtube in Nigeria.

Once you start making money on youtube without Adsense by selling your own products on Youtube, you will never want to go back to Adsense again, even if you have thousands of subscribers then.

Once you are good at this, you may consider importing your own products from foreign sites to sell on Youtube. To learn more about how to start a profitable mini importation business in Nigeria, click on this link 


Sponsorship is another proven way to monetize youtube channel without adsense in Nigeria.

One good thing about this method is that it has the capacity of changing your status in a ‘twinkle of an eye’ if you are able to get a juicy deal from a big brand.

Most YouTubers who are making it big without using Adsense are doing so through sponsorships.

This involves being paid by a brand to promote them in your videos. To get sponsorships, you need to grow your audience/viewers to a significant number and ensure that your channel is very active with quality content.

Before a brand will approach you or agree to give you sponsorship, they must have seen prospects for their business in your channel. So keep pushing it hard and remain original; sooner than later, you will start receiving mails from brands that are willing to work with you.

Sell Digital Products

Our world has changed significantly in the past 20 years and 2020 has come with even a bigger challenge for offline marketplace prompting majority of businesses to completely go online or move 50 percent of their activities online.

Digital products are themselves probably the easiest thing to sell nowadays because more than half of the world’s marketplace has been moved online.

So think about products that your audience can benefit from. Products like Apps, e-books, graphics design templates, images etc. and market them in your videos.

Monetizing your youtube channels through sells of digital products is among the best alternatives to adsense on your channle.

Just ensure that your products are centered on types/things that are essential to your audience. Promoting them doesn’t mean you must over-talk about them; just mention them once in a while in your videos and that will do the job.

Sell Your Knowledge

Do you have a special skill, knowledge or talent? You can convert this to cool cash. Skills like public speaking, content writing, graphics design, web design etc. you can advertise and teach people through your videos and then ask people to buy your course materials or hire you for private classes.

You know say naija no dey carry last oh! If you are very good at what you do, people will request for your course materials, and you can always sell this for a high price and make money on Youtube without adsense.

Get Your Videos Licensed

Though this is not a popular strategy/method in Nigeria considering the loopholes in and poor implementation of our copyright laws but you can use it as a means to monetize your channel without AdSense fast.

You can take advantage of video licensing to make money from your YouTube videos especially if you have original content like viral videos.

Once your licensed videos have gone viral, media houses and advert firms as well as top brands will want to use those videos for commercials hence they will have to pay before using it.

Take for instance the Nigerian comedian, Mr Maccarani who recently called out a Nigerian Bank for using his trade mark slang, ‘ooin’ in their commercial without his consent. There is plenty cash in licensing videos.

Video Optimization

This is not a direct method of monetizing your your youtube channel without adsense, but it will help you make more money with the other methods discoursed above.

Of what relevance will it be if after creating and uploading a video on your channel, you end up being the only person who will watch it?

That’s why there is the need to work on your SEO (search Engine Optimization) in order to ensure that your videos get good ranking on Google for high converting traffic. Secondly, you need to make use of tags and description when creating/uploading your videos on YouTube.

The benefit of using a lot of tags with good descriptions is that it helps your videos to appear in suggestions and pop-ups. Tags and video descriptions were created for a reason so endeavor to make use of them as much as possible.

In choosing other adsense alternatives to monetize your youtube channel,  ensure to take out time to grow your account to a significant level before taking steps to monetize it. As a beginner, choose your niche and focus on it with hard work, quality content and consistency.

Don’t try to be a ‘Jack of all trades’ keep reading and learning new ways to improve. But most importantly, keep visiting this site for more ideas on how to make it big in Nigeria. Its our view that you have also learned amongst others how to make money on youtube without making videos?

If you still have questions concerning how to earn money from Youtube views, free free to drop your comment(s) in the comment box below, and we will respond as soon as we can.

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