15 Highest Paying GPT (Get-Paid-To) Sites Of All Time In 2020

In this comprehensive GPT sites guide, we will discuss exhaustively what GPT sites are and also introduce you to the top 15 highest paying GPT sites of all time. This, we believe will guide you when making a choice on the GPT sites to work with.

How to make money online is among the top searched keyword on google as most people really want to learn about the subject at all cost. Issue is, only a few really ends up seeing the particular ways that suits their skill sets. According to Semrush SEO research tool, about 221,900 persons search for how to make money online monthly. That’s a huge monthly search if you ask me.

search volume of how to make money online

Most of these searches on how to make money online anchores on GPT sites, because there is really no way you can talk about home business ideas on the internet without GPT sites and their commission structures.

Obviously, there are many ways that one can literally make money online fast even without spending a dime. While this is true, finding the right way that matches your skill set could be a tedious activity.

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While most of the ways to earn passive income online are only available for the highly techy guys, a few others are open for anyone who can basically operate a smartphone.

GPT sites falls into the later category as typologized above. It is among the easiest means of making money online in 2020. Just as expected, there are good GPT sites out there that are trustworthy with instant pays, there are also a lot of other shady ones that are only out to waste your time.

In this article, we shall show you the best and highest paying GPT sites in 2020. This, we believe will help you receive your first paycheck online within few weeks from now if you are still new into internet businesses.

But before going any further, its pertinent to introduce you to the concept of GPT sites first, as I reason that this might be your first time hearing about GPT websites.

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What Is GPT (Get Paid To) Websites All About ?

There are different reasons people surf the internet every day with their data and devices. Most people visit the internet daily to watch videos, read articles online, read emails and even play games all without getting paid for doing them.

what is gpt sites all about

What if I told you that you can get paid by simply doing all these activities that you normally do online daily without earning a dime? Sounds crazy right? Well that’s what GPT sites is all about.

Still don’t get it right? Well, GPT (Get Paid To) sites are those websites that allows you to earn by simply performing those functions that you normally do for free online like playing games, sharing your opinions on certain products and services, reading email, watching videos and all that, but this time with the ability to earn some commission by doing those.

Producers naturally want to get insights into the quality of their products or services. This is where GPT websites comes in. Producers pays GPT sites certain commissions to help them get people like you and i to share their opinion on their products and services. At the end of the day, both you and the partner GPT sites get paid for simply doing what you normally do for free.

Features Of Best GPT sites in 2020

There are certain factors that differentiates the best GPT sites from the others. These are the factors that should guide you in partnering with these get paid to sites:

1 – Payment methods: Any good GPT site should have the ability to pay using PayPal, Skrill or Payoneer account. You don’t want to have issues withdrawing your earned commissions right?

If you are in Nigeria, we have written comprehensive articles on how to open a PayPal account that receives money abroad, How to open a skrill account and also how to open and receive a Payoneer masters card all here in Nigeria.

2 – Payment Commission: Another good indicator of a good GPT site is the amount they pay for each completed task. While there are a couple of good GPT sites out there, the pay scale of most of them is really nothing to write home about. Hence, a good GPT site should be able to pay a decent commission for every completed task.

3 – Withdrawal Threshold: A good GPT site gives you the right to withdraw your money once it is up to 5 to 10 dollars. The right to live it there to accumulate should only be made by you.

The above are some of the features of the best GPT sites 2020. To save you from all the troubles of locating these sites with the highest pay commission, we have compiled a list of the best GPT sites that pays highest with PayPal. Read them carefully and select the once that best matches your taste.

Ways To Earn From The Highest Paying GPT Sites In 2020

GPT sites are known to be sites that pays you certain commissions for performing certain tasks online, but which kind of task?

Below are the major things you can do on the highest paying GPT sites to earn a decent commission:

  1. Playing games online
  2. Review of products and services
  3. Posting on sites
  4. Clicking on ads and watching youtube videos
  5. Referrals
  • Playing Games Online: Most of the highest paying GPT sites pays you for simply playing online games on certain websites. If you are into gaming, how about getting paid for doing just that? in our top highest paying GPT sites, we have identified some of the GPT sites with this feature, do well to explore them accordingly below.
  • Review Of Products And Services: You get paid on almost every good GPT site by simply reviewing products or services. Some of these reviews may require you to download an application, test it and then write a review about the app. The top 15 highest paying GPT sites of all time have been identified below in this article.
  • Posting On Sites: Most of the highest paying GPT sites have the feature that pays you to write posts on websites or comments on peoples Facebook pages or Youtube channels. There are decent commissions attached to each comment you live on peoples websites. Normally, these are things you normally do daily for free without getting a dime. The highest paying GPT sites rewards you with a commission for doing them.
  • Clicking On Ads And Watching Youtube Videos: One of the best ways of making money on GPT sites is by simply visiting certain sites and clicking on ads there, or watching Youtube videos for just 20 to 30 seconds. Your earnings on these sites mostly depends on this.
  • Referrals: All the sites discussed below all have referral commissions on their site model. With this obtional feature, you can earn a decent commission by simply referring your friends into the program and making up to 30% commission on all their earnings.

These are some of the ways of earning commissions from GPT sites. Having said this, lets introduce you to the 15 highest paying GPT sites of all time

15 Highest Paying GPT Sites Of All Time

There are quite a good number of GPT websites out there. Issue is, most of them have very poor payment commissions which discourages a lot of participants. I’m sure you don’t want to partner with such GPT sites right?

Consequently, our team of experts have reviewed over 500 GPT websites across the internet and have come up with the following list of the highest paying GPT sites of all time.

List of 15 highest Paying GPT sites of all time:

  1. Pricerebel
  2. rewardingways
  3. points2shop
  4. Swagbucks
  5. Grabpoints
  6. Get-paid.com
  7. Superpay.me
  8. Clixsense
  9. Grabpoints
  10. Onlinepanel

People naturally tend to associate the word Rebel to something bad. It mostly appears to be so anyways. But in this case, Pricerebel is among the best 15 GPT sites with the highest paying commissions.

Established in 2007, pricerebel has grown to become one of the largest GPT site of all time with a population of over 10million active members and a payout of over $20million. It could not have achieve this without its quality control feature.

This feature monitors the kind of review that one supplies for each question, to determine whether or not you are really paying close attention to the questions being asked or just filling out forms just for the money.

Once your quality score drops and keeps on dropping, so would your commisions. Since producers relies on quality information that the reviewers provide, the quality control feature present in pricerebel makes it the best GPT site 2020.

There are points associated with every completed activity you perform. These points can later be converted to Amazon gift cards, direct bank deposit or Paypal money so you can withraw it at will. However, the minimum withdrawal limit is $5, and the site is open to everybody irrespective of your location. With their commission structure, pricerebel is among the highest paying GPT site of all time. Do well to check it out.

Rewardingways was established in 2011 by 99 ventures limited and has paid over $2.5million to their members. Its among the best GPT site you can think of out there which  gives you a lot of opportunities to make more money online by simply working from home.

With this GPT site, you can earn by engaging in paid surveys, or by watching online videos, downloading and testing of apps or even viewing ads on selected sites. So you see, with these opportunities, there are always many things you can do from the comfort of your home to earn a decent commission.

You equally earn some decent commission by simply referring your friends to participate in this program. Each time you refer your friend, you stand a chance to receive a %25 bonus on every of their earnings. With all these earning potentials, you can simply concentrate on the ones that interest you the most and leaving the rest methods. This is actually one of the best GPT website 2020.

Rewardingways is among the highest paid GPT site in 2020 and one of the best in the industry at the time of writing this article. With as low as $1, you can request a cashout using Paypal, bitcoin or direct bank deposit. If online surveys is your thing, then you will enjoy this platform.

Points2shop was opened in 2007, and is considered as one of the top GPT sites of all time by many observers. With over 10million active members, this GPT site has paid a total of over $14million commissions to their loyal participants.

However, with the people living out of the US and canada, the points that you earn cannot be directly withdrawn from the program. What happens is that your accumulated points can be used to purchase anything you like on Amazon. You can later resell this item for the physical cash anytime you want to. If you are living outside America, you will do well by looking for those activities that pays in cash, and not in points.

There are many ways you can earn some point with this GPT site. These includes but not limited to the following: Online paid surveys, playing of games, visiting and signing up on sites, amongst other dynamic ways, which is why many persons consider it the best GPT site in 2020. Completing certain tasks give you up to $2 worth of commission, making it the highest paying GPT site 2020 when compared to other GPT sites.

This GPT site offers the highest paying referral package among GPT sites. You earn $0.50 when you refer your friend to participate in the program (once his email address is being comfirmed)

Swagbucks was established in 2008 by protege LLC. It has over 42million active users globally with over $400million in payout, which officially placed it as the most populous  and best GPT site in the world, as at the time of writing this article.

There are many ways you can earn a decent amount of commission from swagbucks. These are ordinarily the things that you do online daily for free. One interesting thing about this GPT site is that it pays you a wooping $10 for signing up with them, and subsequently pays you huge commissions by either taken part in daily surveys, watching of videos on the playlist menu, shopping on certain sites and getting paid for doing those, etc.

Swagbucks is among the highest paying GPT site in 2020 and among the top 15 best GPT sites of all time, judging by all our indexes of performance. There is really a reason this GPT site is considered the best GPT site of all time. Do well to try it. However, membership is only limited to people living in America and Europe. Other continents are not allowed to participate in this great GPT site.

Grabpoint makes it in our list of best GPT sites of all time due to its many features which makes it outstanding from the rest. Earning from Grabpoints is the easiest when compared with other GPT sites within its category.

While other GPT sites can be a lot confusing, especially for the non initiates to understand how to navigate through the site to get started, grabpoint makes this easy by providing you with a detailed guide on everystep on the way. On this, you still get paid by reading this guides on the site. Sounds crazy right? Well, thats why this Site is considered by many among the best 15 GPT sites of all time.

You can also earn commissions on this platform by simply watching videos and completing surveys, which is really the majoy means of earning in grabpoints. Generally, grabpoints is among the highest paying GPT sites 2020 of all time, even when their referral feature don’t really compete with other GPT sites above.

On how to cashout on Grabpoints GPT site, if you have earned your SB points, you can request for a quick cashout via Paypal, gift cards to shop on Amazon and other emarketplaces and even through direct bank deposit.

Another high paying GPT website 2020 is Get-paid.com with lots of interesting features. The website was opened in 2005 by Sight Media INC and has paid over $300,000 in commission to their active members. This implies that it is among the best GPT sites you can think to joining in 2020. 

Just like other GPT sites, Get-paid requires that you complete certain tasks online, and get rewarded for completing each with digital coins. This amazing site allows you to also earn certain coins by simply referring your friends to join the program, and even from the direct referrals of your referrals. This increases your chances of earning more coins from the system. With as low as $1 earned, you can make your withdrawals easily on this GPT site.

However, the coins that you earn from completing your tasks on this site can always be converted into gift cards for online purchases or deposited into your Paypal account for easy withdrawal. Generally, this GPT site is among the highest paying Get Paid To websites in 2020.

Superpay.me is among the GPT sites that is owned and managed by 99ventures Limited. It was established in 2002 and has paid over $3million commission to their partners for simply doing the things they normally do online for free.

You can earn through a variety of ways in this GPT site. The very first being your signup bonus which is $0.20 free. This will be followed by other interesting commissions you get by reviewing products and referring your friends to join in the program. With all these activities, Superpay.me appears to many to be among the highest paying GPT sites in 2020 and among the best in the industry in terms of efficiency and customers satisfaction.

The points that you earn through this GPT site can be withdrawn through a variety of ways, notably through Paypal, Amazon gift cards, Skrill and even through bitcoin wallets. From online reviews, Superpay is the best GPT site in terms of cashout efficiency

Clixsense is among the highest paying GPT site 2020. It used to be known as Ysense until 2019. In its early days, the only way to earn in this great site was by clicking and viewing of ads. However, the commissions for doing this wasn’t too interesting. Today, clixsense has metamophosed into a full fledged GPT site, incorporating more mean to earn commissions online by doing variety of easy stuffs.

With its huge userbase that runs in millions, clixsense has paid over $45million to their customers. One interesting thing about Clixsense that made it one of the best get paid to site is that membership are open to all nationalities.

There are many ways you can earn bonuses from this site, once you complete a task that worth about $50, you instantly receive a $5 commission for that. Also, you can refer people and receive between 20 to 30 percentage of their total earnings. These and many others is the reason for placing clixsense among the highest paying GPT sites of all time.

Clixsense supports most of the international payment methods available in 2020. You can cash out this huge bonuses through Skrill account, Paypal or amazon gift cards. However, the minimum cash out amoung is $10, and it takes up to 7 days to process your payment.

Grabpoints is also among the highest paying GPT sites of all time because their payment commissions are crazily high. This implies that you earn more with their bonuses even when you haven’t done much of a work.

Any commission you earn can be withdrawn using Paypal and other international payment methods. Just like other GPT sites, you can earn points on this site, which you can later convert into cash, and there are many things you can do to earn the points, including surveys, watching videos and downloading certain apps on your device.

You can also earn by reading articles on some websites. Also, buying from certain online stores that are affiliated with grabpoints gives you even more points to be converted into cash. For this variety of ways to earn points, this GPT site is ranked among the best  GPT sites of all time, even up to this very moment.

Onlinepanel is among the highest paying GPT sites of all time, as one survey can give you as much as $4 worth of points which you can later convert into cash using Paypal or skrill account.

The basic activity that earns you money on onlinepanel is paid surveys online. The more surveys you carry out, the more points you get to earn. However, you can also earn points by downloading apps from certain websites, and even clicking on ads and watching videos. Generally, onlinepanel is among the best GPT sites you can think of joining

How To Get The Most From GPT Sites In 2020

There are certain tips that you should know about if you want to maximize your earning potential in these highest paying GPT sites of all time. In no particular order, let’s dive right into them:

  • Signup for as many GPT site as possible. This doesn’t cost you nothing but can only increase your chances of earning more. However, you must ensure that you use different emails for each of these GPT sites you will be signing up for. Google mail will be a good start.
  • While there are many GPT site that pays both in cash and in reward points, its much better to always join the ones you can easily withdraw your commission using Paypal or direct bank transfer. There are always issues associated with reward points.
  • Before you complete tasks on GPT sites, ensure that you clear your browser cache and cookies, as not doing this may lead to your bonuses not reflecting in your account for withdrawal.
  • Most importantly, since GPT sites deals more with filling of online forms for the surveys, there is an application software for PCs that is called Roboform. These application helps you fill forms online by simply clicking on a single button. This saves you a lot of time going to fill similar forms over and over again. This software can be downloaded here

Conclusion On The Highest Paying GPT Sites 2020

With GPT sites, making money online couldn’t be more fun and easier. We have tried to identify the best GPT sites that pays highest commission rates. It has been proven that GPT sites offers the best home business opportunities even for the non techy guys to start earning online instantly.

What are you waiting for, if you have never earned your first $100 yet online, then try signin up in some of these Highest paying GPT sites as discussed above and see your fortune rise.

If you like this article or you know a person who will be in need of it, kindly use the share button below to share it with the person. Leave a comment or question below using the comment box. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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